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Best Pruning Saws

Best pruning saws for cutting in the garden

Published: January 10, 2022 at 4:51 pm

For cutting through wood, trees and plants, find the right pruner for you with our selection of the best pruning saws.

Pruning saws are all used to the same effect: to cut wood. But there are many varieties of pruners out there, from differences in teeth size, handle shape and blade length. The different variations can provide key features depending on what wood you're using the blade on.


If you're looking to shape your plants, remove dead wood or even remove the plant entirely - the pruners we've chosen below will do the trick. Here are our picks for the best pruning saws to buy.

Best pruning saws to buy in 2022

Samurai ICHIGEKI C-330 Curved Hand Saw

Samurai Ichigeki Curved Hand Saw

Japanese manufacturer Samurai offer a range of impressive garden equipment that are designed to be suitable for professional and domestic use. The ICHIGEKI C-330 is a curved, heavy-duty hand saw that is perfect for a wide variety of pruning tasks, such as cutting through wood and branches.

The saw is said to be versatile and made to withstand the the most heavy-handed of users. A curved blade is ideal for use when working above shoulder height, but the C-330's soft pistol grip handle allows this to be used in a number of ways.

Dapetz 21" Tapered Bow Saw

Dapetz Tapered Bow Saw

Bow saws can be effective for cutting up firewood (or 'bucking-up'), cutting large limbs of trees or cutting down the trees themselves. This is why it's important to have one with gripped and secure handles, as both hands are required to maintain tension while cutting.

The Dapetz 21" Tapered Bow Saw is suitable for all wood types and comes with six additional blades to keep the saw in your shed for longer. There's also a quick release tensioner in the rear handle that allows for easy blade changing.

Spear & Jackson 20cm Cordless Extendable Pole Saw

Spear Jackson Cordless Extendable Pole Saw

If you're looking to cut high-up branches, a pole saw is the way to go. This pole saw from Spear & Jackson takes it a step further by being electrically powered and cordless. The handle can extend up to 2.35m and, with the angled chainsaw head, allows you to cut difficult-to-reach branches. It also comes with a shoulder strap, battery and charger - and a 3 year guarantee from Spear & Jackson.

Fiskars 317mm Pruning Saw

Fiskars 317mm Pruning Saw

With an ergonomically-designed, soft-gripped handle - this fixed blade from Fiskars is a versatile choice for an essential piece of garden kit. The blade is made from precision-ground steel and is said to be fully-hardened. There's also a low-friction coating that helps the blade glide through wood without collecting sap and debris.

Stanley Pruning Saw

Stanley Pruning Saw

Popular brand Stanley are known for their cutting tools, so this curved blade pruner is an exciting prospect. The blade is made from tempered steel with Stanley's 'BladeArmor' coating, which is designed to increase protection to the blade. Plus, with a sheath and belt hook, this can be a trusty garden tool.

Magnusson 330mm Pruning Saw

Magnusson 330mm Pruning Saw

With seven teeth per inch and an anti-friction blade coating, this can be a reliable blade for your pruning needs. The carbon steel saw has precise and ultra sharp teeth to provide a cleaner and more accurate cut.


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