Keeping your garden looking neat and tidy is a lot easier when you have a trusty pair of secateurs. A vital addition to any gardeners' tool box, secateurs can be used for a range of things, including pruning, trimming, deadheading, harvesting and cutting flowers. The nature of the work they do means that secateurs are easily rusted and worn down, so it's important to make sure you're investing in ones that will stay the course.


And don't forget maintenance. Read our piece on the essentials of how to look after and sharpen your tools, or choose a new sharpening whetstone to get started. Don't forget: it's important to keep your secateurs clean after each use: if you're cutting diseased growth back, you don't want it to infect other parts of your garden.

They are handy for those intricate finishing touches as well as those bigger tasks that require heavy-duty cutting. Our list of the best secateurs includes a range of styles with a variety of strengths so you can find a pair that suits you and your garden's needs.

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Best secateurs for 2023

Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Razorsharp Bypass Secateurs

Spear and Jackson Kew Gardens Razorship Bypass Secateurs

A hardy, tough pair of secateurs that aim to cut through lots at a fast pace. If durability and efficiency are your priorities, these razorsharp bypass secateurs could be what you're after. The locking catch ensures they are safe to carry while the soft handle makes them user-friendly. The Kew Gardens collection from Spear and Jackson has been created in collaboration with the Kew Gardens Horticultural team and money from the sale of the tools pays money back to Kew, which is always a good thing.

Darlac Professional Left Handed Secateurs

Darlac professional left handed secateurs

There is no need for left-handed gardeners to struggle with ill-fitting tools that are awkward to use thanks to the range of options now available. These left-handed secateurs are suited to those with smaller hands and the red, non-slip handles have been specifically designed to allow for a comfortable, secure grip to help prevent any accidents. With a cut capacity of 16mm, they are well-suited to light pruning, rather than heavy duty tree pruning. They measure at 21cm. Always clean them after use.

Burgon and Ball National Trust secateurs

Burgon and Ball National trust secateurs

These secateurs have two institutions at work behind them, the National Trust and Burgon and Ball. The latter has manufacturing credentials which date back to Sheffield in the 18th century, and they create tools which last. These are very handsome secateurs, with brown handles finished with brass rivets. It's also possible to get these engraved, so they would make the perfect present for the gardening aficionado in your life.

More like this

Large Felco Model Secateurs

FELCO model 2 secateurs

If you think a small pair simply won't cut it, these large secateurs from Felco could be the pick for you. Renowned for their Swiss precision, Felco promises clean and efficient cutting. There is also a wire cutting notch which can be useful when you're handling stubborn material that requires a particularly sharp blade. The non-slip, ergonomic handle features a cushion shock absorber so these secateurs have been designed with comfort in mind.

Niwaki Carbon-Steel Lightweight Secateurs

Niwaki Gr Pro carbon-steel lightweight secateurs 19cm

If you're happy to prioritise precision over strength, this pair of secateurs could be what you're looking for thanks to their lightweight, slender nature. They would particularly suit a gardener who has slightly weaker hands and are ideal for lighter pruning work. They should also be easy to find when you're rummaging around in the garden tool box which is always a bonus. The hand-forged blades and iconic sleek, Niwaki design make them an elegant and stylish addition to your garden shed.

Spear & Jackson Ratchet Anvil Secateurs

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew by Spear & Jackson Ratchet Anvil Secateur

Practical in both appearance and nature, these anvil secateurs are ideal for cutting chunky, hard branches. The ratchet action feature allows you to prune in four short steps while the PTFE-coated blades help you to make smooth cuts. Unlike a lot of the more traditional designs, these secateurs have a large, spacious handle for added comfort.

These secateurs have been designed by Spear and Jackson together with the horticultural team at Kew Gardens and have been recommended by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew so if you're looking for quality, these are likely to deliver.

Hawkesbury Round Head Pruner

Hawkesbury Round Head Pruner

We love the rustic and charming appeal of the wooden handles on these round headed pruners. Designed specifically for pruning flowers and plants and encouraging growth, this lovely pair are bound to help you keep your garden in tip top shape. These secateurs can also be used for indoor plants so you can look after all of your foliage, wherever it lives.

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Ladies Garden Secateurs for Small Hands

Ladies Garden Secateurs Lightweight Super-Strong Pruners

Specifically designed for women - or for someone with small hands - these fun secateurs feature a high carbon SK-5 Japanese stainless steel blade and have a cutting capacity of 15mm. This pair are 7 inches, but if you like the design but require a bigger size, an 8 inch option is also available. The soft touch grip has been added so they are enjoyable to use and if you find your tool box is looking a bit dull, the splash of pink is sure to liven things up.

Sophie Conran Secateurs Gift Boxed

Sophie Conran secateurs gift boxed

Another great pick for daintier hands, these Sophie Conran secateurs have been designed for women. The rust-resistant stainless steel and brass lock, which ensures the blades remain closed when you're finished cutting, make these a practical and attractive choice. They are 20cm in length and work well for general pruning tasks.

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Sarah Raven Straight Pruning Snips

Sarah Raven Straight Pruning Snips

This pair of Sarah Raven snips are bound to reach those hard-to-reach, small spaces thanks to their slim, pointed blades. Ideal for deadheading and keeping your beloved houseplants as fresh and lively as possible, they are great for more delicate jobs thanks to their lightweight design. The stainless steel blade and non-slip grip ensure they are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Garden Life Garden Snips by Kent & Stowe

Garden Life Garden Snips by Kent & Stowe

Another top choice for deadheading, these snips by Kent and Stowe are ideal for looking after your herbs. They are 12cm, so nice and neat, and they come with a five year guarantee so you won't need to replace them in a hurry. The easy thumb operated locking catch means you can store them safely and avoid any accidental cuts.

Professional Anvil Secateurs by Kent & Stowe

Professional Anvil Secateurs

A very different design from the same brand, this pair from Kent and Stowe have one blade that comes down onto a cutting block with the aim of performing powerful cuts with little effort. This anvil cut is useful if you're dealing with dead wood due to the strength of the carbon steel heat treated blade. They have a cutting diameter of 20mm and there is also a wire cutting feature for those tougher jobs.

Gardening Opinel Secateurs

Blue gardening secateurs

With a cutting capacity of 20mm, a stainless steel blade and a safety locking system, this pair of Opinel secateurs has all the features you'd expect along with a straightforward yet pleasant design. The handle is made from beech wood so it has a lovely light and soft finish. You can even choose to have the handle engraved if you want to give someone a useful and thoughtful gift.


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