Removing weeds is one of the most common and time-consuming tasks in any garden, but also one of the most effective ways to tidy up an outdoor space. Having the right tools will help you tackle weeds efficiently and limit the chances of them reappearing in the future - without turning to environmentally damaging chemicals.


From wire brushes and cultivators to hoes and serrated knives, here are some of the best weeders available to buy online. Combine them with eco-friendly weed control fabrics to keep lawns, patios and borders free of unwelcome plants.

Best weeders for a neat and tidy garden

Burgon & Ball, RHS stainless daisy grubber

Best for quick weed removal

Burgon & Ball, RHS stainless daisy grubber

For young weeds or relatively small plants like daisies and dandelions, you’ll be able to get away with a fairly simple contraption like this hand tool. Made by Burgon & Ball and endorsed by the RHS, it’s a solid option with a high-quality design.

As you’d expect, this daisy grubber is made entirely from durable materials, so it should stand the test of time. You’ll get a strong stainless steel head to protect against rust, as well as a smooth handle carved from FSC-certified hardwood.

There’s also a strong tie attached to the weeder’s handle, making it easy to hang up for fuss-free storage.

Kent & Stowe 3-prong hand cultivator

Best for cultivating soil

Kent & Stowe 3-prong hand cultivator

Cultivating borders and flowerbeds will not only aerate the soil and improve its condition, but also disrupt the growth of any germinating weeds.

To rake the ground, you’ll need a tough tool like this three-pronged cultivator with sharp tines, which should break up even compacted or clay-based soil.

Kent & Stowe takes inspiration from the high-quality designs of 19th century garden tools when creating its products. This one has a carbon steel head and FSC-approved ash wood handle.

Short- and long-handled DeWit corkscrew weeders

Best for removing stubborn weeds

DeWit corkscrew weeder with weed in the middle

A brand with over a century of experience behind it, DeWit has been creating quality tools like this corkscrew weeder since 1898. Able to uproot the entire core of a plant with just a few careful motions, this piece of kit is a practical option for removing established weeds.

Buy this corkscrew weeder and you’ll get a carbon steel head attached to a solid ash handle with a convenient T-grip at the top to help you twist and pull.

Choose between the 57cm short-handled model or the longer 100cm version.

Burgon & Ball long-handled block paving brush

Best for weeding patios and paving slabs

Burgon & Ball long-handled block paving brush

Most garden weeding tools have solid metal heads, but a brush is useful for getting between the cracks in slabs and paving stones. As its angled bristles fit into narrow gaps, you can get away with being a little less precise in your efforts.

Having been based in Sheffield since 1730, Burgon & Ball has almost three centuries of expertise when it comes to metalworking.

Buy this brush and you’ll get three rows of stiff steel bristles, mounted on an FSC-approved hardwood handle.

National Trust, Burgon & Ball patio weeding knife

Best for precise patio weeding

National Trust, Burgon & Ball patio weeding knife

Here’s a fairly unusual design from two trusted brands. The National Trust has teamed up with gardening toolmakers Burgon & Ball to create this expertly crafted patio weeder.

The angled 90° knife and pointed tip make it ideal for scraping moss and weeds out from between paving slabs. And with its dark wood handle and golden detailing, it's a beautiful addition to any tool collection.

Wooden handle manual weeder

Best for cutting through roots

Wooden handle manual weeding knife on a white background

Ideal for cutting through thick roots, a serrated knife or hori hori tool is a useful device to keep in the shed.

This one is particularly convenient, as it comes with several clever features for different gardening jobs. There’s a measuring scale to gauge the depth of the soil, a curved blade to scoop up plants and a small fork at the end to uproot small weeds.

Plus, the blade is made from strong yet lightweight aluminium and won’t rust.

See our pick of the best gardening knives for pruning and more.

Sneeboer long-handled mattock

Best multi-use tool for weeding, aerating and breaking up soil

Sneeboer long-handled mattock on a stone surface

Combining a three-tined fork with a small blade, this mattock is a versatile tool for weeding and other garden tasks.

Use the fork to cultivate and aerate the soil, before switching to the blade to lift weeds and stones out of the ground.

Thanks to the mattock’s long handle, this tool is another useful device for weeding without bending down to the ground. It comes with a hand-forged steel head and an FSC-approved ash handle.

Grampa's weeder

Best long-handled weed puller

Grampa's Weeder tool on a white background

A traditional yet effective choice, the ‘grampa’s weeder’ has been around since 1913. It combines two forks in a multi-functional design to help you uproot tough weeds in even the hardest of soil types. Plus, it comes with a long handle to protect your back and knees; there’s no need to bend over to tackle the weeds.

Made from steel and finished with a 114cm bamboo handle, this weed puller has an attractive, timeless look.

Niwaki hand hoe and fork set

Best large tools for breaking up soil

Niwaki fork and hoe set

With their simple yet robust designs, Niwaki’s Japanese-inspired gardening tools have become firm favourites here in the UK. This is the brand’s hoe and fork set - a useful investment for tackling stubborn weeds.

At almost 40cm in length, these are fairly large for hand tools, so it shouldn’t take long to eliminate weeds and cultivate your flower beds.

The considered design includes birch handles and carbon steel heads to help them stand up to even the toughest weeding jobs. Pair them with the matching Niwaki mini shears if you need the full set.


To find more of the best weeders available online, take a look at our garden hoe buyer’s guide.


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