Finding the right supports for your plants is vital if you want to make sure they grow well - particularly during bouts of challenging British weather. Luckily, there are lots of fantastic options available, from fairly compact domes and hoops to larger, more impressive structures. And you don't have to compromise on looks, as the majority of metal and wooden models feature classic designs with a few beautiful finishing touches.


From shiny pewter supports to aged poles with a rusty finish and even sculptural obelisks, we've found a selection of attractive yet practical plant supports to keep your garden flourishing.

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Best plant supports to buy in 2022

Metal Sculptural Garden Obelisk

Metal Sculptural Garden Obelisk

Uniquely designed and stunningly shaped, these obelisks act as a functional sculpture in any garden. Standing alone, they add a touch of informal elegance to a modern garden setting.

Incredibly versatile, they offer supported to plants during growing months, and can be moved to borders during the autumn and winter months to provide additional height and sculptural form. The base stretches 30cm across, while the obelisk reaches a total height of 1.5m.

Rusty bow plant supports

Plant support

These raw solid steel plant supports are perfect for chic but also discreet ways of making sure your plants get the lift they need. Arriving in a pack of four, they are interlinking, so you can get as many or as few as you need for your particular border.

They are perfect for the likes of peonies, hydrangea, roses and more. The supports are designed to rust as they are left in the garden, so they'll look fresh when they arrive, but will quickly age nicely over time. The fact that the rusting process isn't sped up by using chemicals is a nice touch, and you can be safe in the knowledge that these plant supports are natural.

Peony basket plant supports

Peony basket plant support

Etsy has a really wide array of rusted plant supports on offer, and this is a style we like. Reducing the size of the usual ostentatiously large round balls on the top, this peony basket is a statement of garden design itself. The top hoop is 550mm wide, while its overall height is 600mm. They are very sturdy and should last a long time in the garden, happily making sure your plants are given the support they need.

Charlbury plant restraints

Plant supports: Charlbury

With a lightweight design, this metal support is perfect for moving around the garden or allotment and can easily be placed into the soil for instant support to range of small plants.

It also has a raw metal finish, which is designed to naturally rust, creating a country house feel. These come in a pack of three and are in a bow shape, which is designed to stop larger plants and flowers falling.

More like this

Charlbury grow through plant support

Climb through plant supports

This handsome grow-through plant support allows your plants to grow around it, which makes it all the more discreet and harder to spot when they bloom and flourish. There are two sizes, the small is 60cm high with a diameter of 30cm, while the large is the same height but with a diameter of 50cm. These plant supports are powder coated steel and will look great alongside your flowers.

Fluted peony support

Peony plant support

Designed for peonies, these plant supports can also work really well for the likes of agapanthus, alstroemeria and tall salvias too.

The stylish frame has been designed to ensure plants are kept neatly in place, and galvanised solid steel road and comes in three colours: rustic, sage green or matt black.

Single stem plant support

Single stem plant support

Coming in a pack of ten, these single stem plant supports are great for the likes of lilies, amaryllis, peonies and even narcissus. Coloured green to make them difficult to spot in your garden, the plant supports have a three inch diameter and are 36 inches long.

What's nice about these is that you can also use them for indoor plants too. Ideally you need about ten inches buried in the ground to give the right support to a single stem plant.

Harrod Wrap Around Plant Support

Ideal for single tell stemmed plants that need that extra bit of support, this set of 3 spiral supports is a brilliant buy from Harrod Horticultural. Cleverly designed in a wrap around style, both the leaves and flower head are supported securely.

These supports can easily be moved and transported to different areas of the garden and it’s easy to fasten the support around the plants.

Brambly Cottage Carmody Cage Support

Bramley Cottage Carmody Cage Support

Similar to a bell shape, the Bramley Cottage Carmody Cage provides all-sided protective cover for small climbers like sweet peas or heavy-headed flowers like peonies. The steel frame has a ready-to-rust finish for a weathered look which will happen naturally over time and should offer a long lifespan.

There are four spoke-like legs that can either stand alone or be pushed into earth to give the support a more solid grounding.

76cm Metal Conical Plant Supports - 4 Pack

conical climbing support

Classic features of conical plant climbing frames are the angled legs and broadening width as you get towards the top. This is in part to mirror a plant’s size as it grows and allow additional space for flower heads whilst supporting base stems.

At 76cm high, this set of four climbing plant supports from Primrose are quite a cost effective option if your climbers are going to stay relatively small. All are solid steel and stake directly into the ground.


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