A small handled bulb planter is an essential in any gardener's tool kits for planting small bulbs. From snowdrops to crocuses, a hand-held planter enables easy planting, sturdy grip and efficient digging and filling. We have chosen 10 small planters that are durable, robust, and efficient, helping to provide comfort and good posture when kneeling to plant small bulbs.

Here are the top reasons for using a bulb planter

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The best bulb planters for planting small bulbs

Ideal for snowdrops and crocus

Investing in a quality product with an included lifetime guarantee, made from carbon steel with a solid ash handle. In particular, the sharpened carbon steel rim enables you to slice into the ground with minimal effort. This makes for an ideal tool for tackling lawns, beds, pots, and borders. Specifically designed to dig small planting holes for smaller bulbs such as; crocus, snowdrops and crocsmias. A choice of sizes is available, with the short handle version here measuring at 19cm in length.

Fixed Handle

Featuring, an automatic soil release, the included handy side depth gauge to enable accurate measuring - perfect for bulbs and plants . It's easy to use too thanks to the serrated edges and included gauge which goes up to an impressive 10cm – more than most similar items do. The brand itself is one synonymous with quality, manufactured in Germany, this fixed handle planter has been engineered to perform and last, with an included 10 year guarantee.

Stainless steel

Practical and ideally suited for smaller gardens, this small planter is made from solid stainless steel, and polished FSC hardwood handle. It covers a 6cm diameter core, and the sharp, serrated edges make it simple to press down and cut into soil. The outside of the barrel has included depth measurements printed down the side enabling you to plant precisely with ease. Ideal for a range of bulbs including daffodils and alliums.

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Hand-held, compact and easy to use, this small bulb planter from Suttons will easily fit in your gardening tool box. If you're planting small bulbs and are perched on a garden kneeler, this small planter is ideal as it requires little pressure, therefore minimising bending or stooping. Made from robust materials, simple twist the planter into the soil to remove a uniform core of soil. Then simply release to cover the top of the hole.

Buy now from Suttons (from £5.19)

Carbon Steel

If you are looking to plant larger bulbs and perhaps even some potatoes, then this planter provides the required feature to dig uniform holes. Made from carbon steel which provides added durability, it has a sharpened rim enabling easy slicing into soil. The ergonomic ash handle provides a firm yet comfortable grip, removing soil with minimum friction. The head of the planter coves a width of 10cm. A lifetime guarantee is also included with this product.


If you’re looking to invest a hand held bulb planter, then Sneeboer have a brilliant option. Their small handled planter provides top notch quality and design. Made from robust stainless steel, this bulb planter will prove to be durable and practical to use; measuring 11.5 inches in length. As with all of Sneeboer’s products, they are handmade in Holland with a lifetime guarantee. Meaning that your precious gardening tools can be passed down from generation to generation.

Buy from Peter Nyssn or Sneeboer

RHS endorsed

This hand-held bulb planter really does tick all the boxes. From quality brand Burgon & Ball, endorsed by the RHS, it features a serrated edge deeper than other models – making it easier to dig into tough ground. The planter has a 6cm diameter core and depth indicators make for accurate measuring, up to 4 inches. Plus, it's easy to use: press the bulb planter into soil and twist to remove a core of soil, plant the bulb into the ole and replace the core. Made from stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and sure to last.


Popular brand, Spear & Jackson, have created a small handled bulb planter with a serrated base, making it practical and simple to insert into heavy ground and tough turfs. The chrome plating of the planter provides protection from rust and is also very easy to clean. Plus, the durable handles made from hardwood provide s sturdy grip. This design also boasts a more traditional aesthetic.


Spear & Jackon’s small bulb planter is slightly different design to the typical hand-held planter. This model features a handy leather wrist strap for storage and longer tang to enable better performance, increased leverage and overall ease of use. The planter is a total of 12 inches in length. It’s made from mirror polished stainless steel in the shape of a trowel, enabling it to easily slide into the soil. The waterproof ash handles are made from FSC wood and enable easy gripping and durability.

Automatic release

Gardena have created a small bulb planter that’s designed to help gardeners dig and plant lots of bulbs, quickly and efficiently. Featuring an automatic trigger that releases the soil with minimal effort. There is an included depth scale to help ensure that each bulb is planted correctly. With quality in mind, designed with high-quality steel and coated with Duroplast, protections against corrosion. Also included is a 25 year Gardena warranty for your peace of mind.


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