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9 of the best plant supports

Kit your garden out ready for growing season with our selection of 9 diverse plant supports


Rustic style


Both functional and decorative, a lobster pot provides protection and support to range of small plants. With an added rusted finish, this design blends into the shrubbery and doesn’t stand out in the way that a harsher metal finish might. This design is available in several sizes on Artisan Plant Supports. Pictured is the smaller version.
Rusted Finish Lobster Pot, H 90cm x D 60cm, from £80


Delicate design


For a delicate, cottage garden-style plant support – this elegant set of three panels in a muted sage tone are a quaint addition to any garden. Tipped with arches, the supports are made up of a series of 3 panels providing 1 metre of height for any plants and thanks to the flexible, folding frames this means that they can be positioned diagonally or sideways.
Elegance Pea Frame, set of 3 panels, sage green, H 1m x W 45cm, £49


Wrap around


Ideal for single tell stemmed plants that need that extra bit of support, this set of 3 spiral supports is a brilliant buy from Harrod Horticultural. Cleverly designed in a wrap around style, both the leaves and flower head are supported securely. These supports can easily be moved and transported to different areas of the garden and it’s easy to fasten the support around the plants.
Wrap Around Plant Support, set of 3, rust, £30, Harrod Horticultural,


Modern twist


Add a pop of modern fun to your garden with these beautiful rusted spiral plant supports. Measuring at 1.5 metres in height, these are designed to train sweat peas, clematis and climbing nasturtiums. Not only are they functional, this set of spiral supports can stand alone as a sculptural feature; which provides a stunning juxtaposition with delicate plants such as cosmos and daisies.
Rusted Spiral, set of 3, H 1.5m, £56.50


Wall support


Let your clematis climb and grow freely against a wall or fence with this sturdy tall plant support. Designed specifically for taller climbing plants, such as clematis, there is ample width and diameter to allow your clematis to grow tall, freely. The rusted effect tone blends in perfectly with brick walls and darker coloured fences, adding a chic touch to your display.
Clematis wall support, H 1.5m x W 45cm x D 23cm, £155,




The iconic Grand George Belle was a finalist at the RHS Chelsea in the ‘Garden Product of the Year’ category in 2019. This extra-wide plant support is brilliantly versatile. Offering grow-through support and durable, robust frame to fasten and tie rose stems to. This beautiful and versatile extra-large support is made from steel wire and finished with a rusted tone.
Grande George Belle, H 1m x D 80cm, £62 (back in stock early June)


Functional sculpture


Uniquely designed and stunningly shaped, these obelisks act as a functional sculpture in any garden. Standing alone, they add a touch of informal elegance to a modern garden setting. Incredibly versatile, they offer supported to plants during growing months, and can be moved to borders during the autumn and winter months to provide additional height and sculptural form. Available in a variety of sizes.
Sculptural Obelisk, H 2.4m x D 90cm, £335 to £390


Silver tone


With a gorgeous modern country feel, these raw metal supports can easily be placed into the soil for instant support to range of small plants. Perfect for moving around the garden or allotment, this pair of small supports are lightweight and made from a raw metal which is designed to naturally rust; creating a country house feel and are topped with four classic baubles for a modern touch. Which also gives an additional element to your border displays in the summer.
Barrington Flared Plant Support, small, H60 cm x D 48cm, £40,


Touch of gold


A beautiful fluted plant support made for keeping tulips, peonies and range of other upright plants standing tall and supported. The stylish frame has been designed to ensure plants are kept neatly in place, whilst supported by the sturdy design. This classy support is made from durable steel road and finished in pewter with a clear coat for an added layer of protection.
Bulb/peony support, H 39 x 62cm, pewter, £39.99