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10 of the best new propagation gadgets and tools

Published: February 1, 2021 at 5:08 pm

All the tools, gadgets and essentials that you need for perfect plant propagation

Propagating plants can be a hit and miss affair. Sometimes your seedlings flourish and your pots are soon brimming with life. Other times an identical process can yield lifeless and limp results… So what's the secret?


Consistency is the key. Carefully taking cuttings in the right way at the right place and at the right time. Ensuring your pots are the right size and shape. Your choice of potting mix is the right type for what you're planning to grow and so much more. How much water to use… And how much light you need to deliver… And – should the worst happen – how can you miraculously bring plants back to life?…

Looking for heated propagators? Go here.

So why not take the guesswork out of propagation by using the right tools? Ensure you're making the perfect cut, planting in the right pots and giving your seedlings the best possible start in life?

To help you on your way we've rounded up 10 of our favourite propagation gadgets and tools.

Our favourite gadgets for propagating plants


DeWit Small Propagating Tools & Wooden Gift Box

DeWit Small propagating tools

We love this box of essentials, all identically styled and perfect for handling your delicate seedlings and young plants. They're the perfect tool kit for bonsai too. All the tools are traditionally forged and are built to last from carbon steel then finished off with a solid ash ergonomic handles for a secure, comfortable grip.

The set includes:

  • Greenhouse trowel - suitable for houseplants, seedling trays and potting.
  • Greenhouse 2-prong fork - ideal for bonsai, houseplants and herbs.
  • Greenhouse rake/scraper - perfect for removing moss from pots
  • Greenhouse knife - great for delicate cutting, creating holes, pricking out seedlings.



Lighthouse Beachcomber Ladies Waterproof Jacket

Lighthouse Beachcomber ladies jacket

Working outdoors for any kind of time means wrapping up warm and dry at this time of year. This stylish waterproof – pictured here in meadow green – has classic nautical styling and is cut from a comfortable, soft touch peach finish fabric, that is both waterproof and breathable.

£49.95, 01725 510051,


Burgon & Ball Seed Tray Tamper

Burgon & Ball seed tray tamper

Your soil or compost requires careful placement and the finishing touch to any planting is carefully tamping down the surface to ensure that your seeds and seedlings are comfortably bedded in. Not too loose… Not to tight… But just right. This seed tray tamper allows you to quickly and easily pressure a planted tray to a perfect even consistency all across its surface.



Garland Micro Grow Light Garden

Garland Micro Grow light garden

Winter be damned. Now you can what you like all year long. Perfect for growing delicious salads and herbs or for the early season starting of seeds. Or give a boost to flowering houseplants out of season. Its full-spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate natural sunlight and consume 20% less power than a standard domestic light bulb. NanoTech reflectors reduce heat build up and maximise performance by reflecting 100% of the light towards the plants.

It even comes with four reusable tough growing trays [17cm (12") long x 10cm (4") wide x 5cm (2") high.



Mini Bamboo/Coffee Husk Plant Pots

Mini Bamboo/Coffee Husk plant pots
Perfectly diminutively styled, this set of 5 mini pots will provide a perfect, ecologically sound home for your new seedlings and plants. Suitable for everyday use indoors or out they're made from coffee husk and chaff, mixed with plant fibres to create an advanced biodegradable composite.

£8.99, 01243 769032,


Gro-Sure Perlite

Gro-Sure Perlite

Perlite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic, volcanic rock that has been heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight, micro-porous material with a high surface area. It is then graded to produce a particle size of 2-5mm and becomes an ideal compost additive as it helps to retain air in the compost which is essential for healthy root development. It helps to create an optimum balance of air and water, which makes water logging almost impossible and minimises damage to roots when transplanting.

£8.99, 0344 557 6700,


Galvanised Tray with 12 Growing Pods

Galvanised tray with 12 growing pods

These attractive galvanised steel sets consist of tapered 6cm square bottomless pods which sit neatly in a matching slender deep tray. Perfectly proportioned to make use of narrow spaces, they’re a lovely way to start seedlings off on a kitchen windowsill or a smart and sustainable plastic-free addition to the greenhouse.



Nether Wallop Oak Paper Potter

Nether Wallop oak paper potter
This fabulous Paper Potter, makes biodegradable pots from strips of old newspaper. Economical and eco-friendly, it’s perfect for seeds and small seedlings. Pots are 4cm wide and up to 5cm deep. 

£9.99, 01666 505333,


Nature Steel Garden Sieve

Nature Steel garden sieve

Easily sieve out pebbles and gravel from your soil to give new plants the finest new home. The fine mesh of the garden sieve ensures that only soil or sand can pass through. This garden sieve is made of galvanised steel and has a 12 mm mesh.



Opinel No.8 Garden Knife

Opinel No.8 garden knife

We've all been guilty of opening a bag of compost with a pair of secateurs or stabbing away with a trowel… The Opinel Garden Knife is an evolution of their standard pocket knife. Its 18cm blade shape has been refined for jobs around the garden and is made from stainless steel to handle the damp garden conditions better alongside a varnished beech handle.




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