Every garden needs a go-to blanket and throw, something that will make an outdoor seat especially comfortable, can be used as a picnic blanket on those sunny days, or a snug all-rounder to help you wrap up tight when the evening sets in.


We’ve put together our picks of the best outdoor blankets and throws that will do just that, ensuring you’ll remain cosy and covered wherever you choose to relax in your garden.

Best outdoor blankets and throws to buy in 2022

Active Forever Portable Waterproof Blanket

ACTIVE FOREVER Portable Picnic Blanket on white background

Big enough to accommodate up to 10 people, there should be plenty of room on this outdoor blanket for a garden picnic, or simply relaxing in the sun with family and friends.

Made with a waterproof backing for those days when the weather hasn’t been quite so generous, this blanket should be suitable to use on damp grass thanks to its three-layer fabric which claims to be both moisture-proof and dirt-proof.

The sitting side is layered with suede so you can relax comfortably, and it should all fold up neatly and easily, with two straps to keep it snugly in place and a leather handle so you can carry it back inside.

Ballater Throw

Ballater Throw on white background

Ideal for hanging over furniture or draping over yourself when the cold weather sets in, this ballater throw from Garden Trading will come in handy on frosty, winter days.

Knitted from cotton with a rich dark forest green tone, this would make for a cosy complement to any chair, claiming to be simultaneously lightweight and comfortable to make the perfect accessory when the temperature drops.

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SONGMICS Outdoor Picnic Blanket

SONGMICS Outdoor Picnic Blanket on white background

A colourful cover that can hold up to four people at one time, this outdoor blanket is made from polyester and claims to have special quilting that ensures the materials are both durable and breathable. They also point to their insulated backing which they say keeps cool in the summer, so you shouldn’t overheat while sunbathing or dozing in the sun.

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Although it measures 195 x 150cm it should be easy to fold, with a handle and shoulder strap so you can transport it with ease. In the case of any picnic spillages you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and it’s both washing machine and tumble dryer safe.

Framlingham Picnic Blanket


Relax in your favourite outdoor spot with this ink and grey cotton blanket from Garden Trading. Fitted with a waterproof base to keep the moisture at bay, this cosy cover has a carry handle so you can easily pack up when it’s time to head back inside.

Cato Throw

Cato throw

Claiming to be ideal for those with sensitive skin, the Cato throw from Latitude Vive is designed as a gentle comforter. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile; this can be used as a furniture cover, as layering for a small day bed or as a mini blanket for sitting snugly in the garden. A reversible blanket, it features its vivid colours on both sides.

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Sophie Allport Bees Knitted Picnic Blanket

Sophie Allport Bees Knitted Picnic Blanket on white background

Bring the buzz of summer to your garden with this bee themed picnic blanket. With a water-resistant backing you can take it outside even if the grass is damp, while staying dry and comfortable in the sun. It measures 145 x 145cm so you’ll have plenty of room to relax, and it's fitted with convenient faux leather straps so should be simple to carry around.

Vonshef Picnic Blanket

VonShef picnic blanket on white background

Treat your loved ones to an outside picnic on this family sized blanket designed for the outdoors. Made from polyester that they claim is hard wearing, it retains a fleece-like texture on the surface, with a waterproof PEVA backing to ensure your afternoon isn't ruined by emerging damp stains caused by wet ground.

The faux leather carrier also includes metal buckles so you can ensure it won't roll out of place once you’ve packed it away for the day.

Eco-friendly Throw

Eco friendly throw

Get snug in the knowledge you’re doing your part for the environment with these eco-friendly throws made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which have been shredded into flakes and spun into polyester yarn.


A durable throw, it should be both moth and mould resistant, as well as protected from UV fading which means this could become your go-to picnic blanket without becoming damaged in the sun. Available in a range of pastel shades, this cosy handcrafted throw can be used as a furniture cover or a personal blanket.


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