After all the care and attention you’ve put into growing your plants, make sure you don’t do them a disservice when it comes to their display, by restricting them to an underwhelming pot. This is where pot covers can come in handy.


With pot covers you can choose a design that complements your space without disrupting the plant itself; simply place the original pot inside the new base.

We’ve put together our selection of the best pot covers that will ensure they're beautifully displayed, whether you’re looking to keep them outdoors, bring them inside, or hang them at eye level to really show them off.

Best plant pot covers

YSGLIFE Rattan Seagrass Plant Pot Cover

YSGLIFE Creative Folding Handmade Woven Rattan Seagrass Tote Belly Basket on white background

Available in black lattice, this high-quality, straw flowerpot was created using a careful weaving method for a sturdy and stylish result. Responsibly sourced and eco-friendly, it has been woven with seagrass that is 100% sustainably grown. As it was put together by an experienced weaver by hand, each cover is a little different from the others which means you'll have a unique pot cover for your home or garden.

This cover was also created without the use of chemicals, instead relying solely on the natural colours of the seagrass, which means in time the tone will slowly turn to a yellow, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Turkish Rug Basket

Turkish plant cover

This Turkish rug basket has been handmade using vintage kilim rug and fabric to create a warm and cosy wrap for your plant pots. Available in three sizes (small, medium and large) there should be an option that works for you, whatever the height and width of your plant.

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Off-white Pot Cover

Off white pot cover with enamel interior

This smooth and stylish pot cover has a steel body that has been coated with an off-white gloss to create a sleek appearance. Priding itself on being an eco-friendly option that will stand the test of time compared to plastic alternatives, this cover features a drainage hole and comes with a saucer that can be placed inside or outside of the pot itself.

Thanks to the enamelled interior, any soil spillage should also be easy to clean.

Goodpick Sturdy Jute Rope Plant Basket

Goodpick Sturdy Jute Rope Plant Basket Modern Woven Basket on white background

Available in a range of colours and designs, this plant basket range from Goodpick has been handcrafted from sustainable jute, which has been sown using a specific coiling method to create a texture that is both flexible and sturdy, so it shouldn't lose its shape.

Suitable for indoor house plants, it will fit a pot that is between 20cm to 25cm in diameter, and provide a rustic and homely appearance to the plants you’re most proud of. As these are handmade, each should have a unique element that distinguishes them from others for a stand-out appearance.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

Handmade from cotton, these macrame plant hangers will house your pot indoors or outdoors, helping you display your favourites at eye level.

Capable of fitting both a circular or square pot due to its versatile shape, you can show off your most precious plants in a unique way. The hangers are available in a range of sizes, with the length of the hanger increasing alongside the size of the attached pots.

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Patt Hanging Plant Pot

Patt hanging plant pot on white background

This sleek and sophisticated plant pot from Hortology will complement any space it’s added to, with an understated colour scheme that will make any plant colours pop.

Made from fibreclay (a mix of concrete and glass fibres) it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but you will need to drill your own holes into the base for drainage if you plan on adding it to your garden. It’s also advised you add a waterproof liner to ensure there’s no water damage to the cover itself.

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Aluminium Urb Pot

Aluminium Urb pot

This heavy duty pot cover will be ideal for those larger plants in your home such as a Dypsis lutescens. Made from aluminium it has an additional straight sided saucer at the base to ensure it stays firmly in place. This also gives you the option to tilt the plant pot for a non-traditional look, if you'd like your greenery jutting out at an angle.

As these pots are handmade, each will feature their own distinct properties, which means you’ll have a unique item in your home.

Alice Hanging Plant Pots

Alice Hanging Plant Pots

Designed with a modern deco feel in mind, this set of three plant pot covers were made to house a collection of smaller plants or succulents. Suitable for indoor use only, the ceramic exteriors have been glazed and handmade so every pot has its own character, with a three-point cord rope attached to each to ensure they are stable and steady when hung up.

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Neutral Plant Pot Covers

neutral plant pot

Made to house small indoor plants such as cactus or succulents, these crochet plant covers have been handmade using 100% cotton yarn, which means they are completely plastic free.

Available in three sizes and two colours (beige and grey) they would make a homely addition to your plant collection.


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