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Tipping pail water feature

Best solar powered water features

Bring a sense of calm to your garden with our pick of the best solar powered water features

A solar powered water feature can bring all the sound and beauty of a flowing fountain to your garden, without the hassle of connecting to the water mains and running up extra monthly costs. It’s also a more eco-friendly option and can provide a space for wild birds to hydrate.


If you’d like a sparkling statement for your garden, or want to add some calm to your decking with a smaller fountain, we’ve selected some of the best solar powered water features that will complement your green space. 

Best solar powered water features

Pizzaro Bird Bath Water Feature with Lights

Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature on white background

Ensure the birds feel welcome in your garden with this solar powered bird bath fitted with super bright, white LEDs which means you (and your new feathered friends) can enjoy it after dusk. As soon as the battery has charged enough the fountain will begin automatically and will even function in overcast weather due to the battery backup.

The water is re-circulated within the feature itself so you won’t have to buy a separate reservoir, and due to its highly durable UV and frost resistant polyresin it requires no maintenance. It has three fountain heads so you can switch between them to keep your garden looking fresh.

Wishing Well Water Feature

Solar powered wishing well water feature on white background

Bring a charming countryside scene into your garden, wherever you are, with this wishing well water feature. Easy to set up, simply connect the pump to the solar panel in an area that has direct access to sunlight, and the water will begin to flow alongside the realistic bird ornament. Made from durable polyresin material it should survive outdoors for many years, enduring frost and UV without losing its colour.

Fantaghiro Acrylic Solar Fountain with Light

Fantaghiro Acrylic Solar Fountain with Light on white background

Set the tone of your garden with this solar powered water fountain. While it has an authentic stone look it’s really made from acrylic so it should be light enough to place anywhere in your green space that has direct sunlight, storing the energy before turning on the additional light at night.

Ocean Planet Solar Fountain with Light

Ocean Planet Polyresin Solar Fountain with Light on white background

Watch the water stream down the sphere in the day and listen to the fountain bubble at night, thanks to its solar power charge which creates up to eight hours of operation when the sun has set. With the addition of four LED lights you can enjoy this feature at any time, and create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

Acrylic Solar Fountain with Light

Acrylic Solar Fountain with Light on white background

This versatile two-piece water fountain can be used around the clock, thanks to its solar power properties which provide up to eight hours of battery nightlife. A fitting focal point for a modern garden, the ball element can also be removed and functions separately as a water feature for a pond. 

The pump capacity and fountain height are adjustable, and it comes with an LED light so you can watch the water flow at night.

Ceramic Fish Water Feature

Ceramic fish water feature on white background

A portable water feature, this subtle, ceramic pond can be placed wherever works for you, due to its smaller size. Powered by a low voltage solar water pump it doesn’t require any mains wiring and will essentially take care of itself. 

Whether it’s placed in the back garden, on a balcony or a porch, just ensure it has access to sunlight, and watch the water begin to circulate between the bowl reservoir and the fish’s mouth.

Tipping Pail Water Feature

Smart Garden Solar Tipping Pail Garden Water Feature Fountain on white background

Bring some movement into your garden with this dynamic water fountain featuring a bronze resin boy and girl, tipping water into a pail which swings as the water moves over it. Powered by a low voltage pump while in the sun, it requires no plumbing or wires. However, it does require some maintenance as it’s advised you top up the water in the warmer months and fully drain the fountain during the colder months to protect it from frost damage.

Garden Duck Family Water Feature

Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature

This solar powered display depicts a cheerful scene of brightly coloured ducks gathering as water pours over their umbrella into a birdbath below. Ideal for a garden, patio or balcony, it requires minimum maintenance, simply keep it in sunlight and top up the water when needed.

Serenity Sandstone Sphere Water Feature

Serenity Solar Powered Sandstone Sphere Water Feature on white background

A stylish, sandstone centre piece, perfect for a modern garden. Due to its solar power function this self-contained item can be moved around easily as it’s not tied down to an electricity line or water supply. Just ensure the solar panel has access to sunlight. 

Once you add water to the basin it will then take care of itself, with no concerns that it will rust or crack thanks to its tough polyresin structure.

Two Tier Barrel Fountain

2 Tier Barrel Water Fountain on white background

This two tier fountain comes with a separate solar panel that should be placed in a sunny spot nearby which, thanks to an improved performance, aims to work well even in periods of limited sunlight. The water trickles from the old-fashioned hand-pump into the barrels, creating a constant flow of water in the sun that should create a soothing atmosphere, while giving wild birds a source of hydration in your garden.