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Celebrate the beauty of the Dahlia with 40% off at Organic Bulbs

Published: June 14, 2021 at 12:29 pm

Organic Bulbs are offering Gardens Illustrated readers 40% off their Dahlia collections for a limited time.

Founded by landscape designers Urquhart & Hunt, Organic Bulbs was born of a passion for ecological restoration and a desire to see a fully organic range of flowering bulbs available for sale.


Chosen for their beauty and reliability, this designer curated collection of bulbs and tubers offer exquisite flowers laced with a dual offering of pesticide free nectar and protein rich pollen. These are both essential food sources for foraging pollinators, whose numbers continue to fall as a result of the use of neonicotinoids, climate change and the loss of wildflower habitats.

Now you can get the Dahlia bulb collections featured below at a limited time price of 40% off.

All you've got to do is head to their website and apply the code GIOB2021 at checkout.

The Pale Collection

This is a dahlia collection for tonal schemes that make exquisite cut flowers. Dahlia ‘My Love’ works well at the back of an herbaceous border when used with tall grasses and perennials. It has lovely creamy slightly pointed petals that are greenish towards the centre.

Pale Dahlia Collection

[left to right]

• Dahlia ‘My Love’ (cactus) h-125cm fd-16cm Dahlia ‘Kiev’ (dinner plate) h-90cm fd-15cm

• Dahlia ‘Avignon’ (dinner plate) h-60cm fd-15-20cm

• Dahlia ‘Kiev’ has large creamy white blooms, flushed with rose and Dahlia ‘Avignon’ has quill shaped creamy petals splashed with deep burgundy for front or mid borders and planters.

The Kitten Grayson Cut Flower Collection

Organic Bulbs have partnered with Kitten Grayson Flowers, a floral studio based in London and Somerset, to compile this romantic collection of soft, delicately hued dahlias with complementary forms. All ideal for the cutting garden. Advocates for biodynamic growing and the importance of soil health, the studio’s work is informed by Kitten Grayson's almost synesthetic relationship with nature and commitment to sustainability.

Kitten Grayson Collection

[left to right]

• Dahlia ‘Wittem’ (decorative pompon) h-60cm fd-8-10cm

• Dahlia ‘Larry’s Love’ (decorative) h-50cm fd-7-10cm

• Dahlia ‘Summer Flame’ (decorative) h-100cm fd-15cm

The Single Flower for Pollinators collection

Dahlias bloom from July through to the first Autumn frosts, providing late season colour and a vital food source for foraging pollinators. These open-flowered varieties with their juicy nectar rich centres act as perfect platforms for butterflies and bees to land and feed.

Pale Dahlia Collection

[left to right]

• Dahlia ‘Fantastico’ (single-flower) h 40cm fd-7cm

• Dahlia ‘Hartenaas’ (single-flower) h-80cm fd-10cm

The Carnival Collection

A dazzling selection for those delighting in hot colour schemes and a variety of forms and sizes, the Carnival Collection adds joy and exuberance to any border. Dahlia ‘Menorca’ and Dahlia ‘Sylvia’ also perform brilliantly in pots and all make an excellent cut flower and a fun hot combination of colous for summer flower arrangements that will bloom prolifically right through the season. Remember that the more you cut and deadhead, the more they will flower.

Carnival Collection
[left to right top]

• Dahlia ‘Orfeo’ (cactus) h-120cm fd-15cm

• Dahlia ‘Menorca’ (decorative) h-45cm fd-10cm

• Dahlia ‘Vancouver’ (dinner plate) h-90cm fd-20cm

[left to right bottom]

• Dahlia ‘Sylvia’ (decorative pompon) h-80cm fd-7cm

• Dahlia ‘Duet’ (decorative) h-80cm fd-15cm

• Dahlia ‘Sandra’ (decorative) h-90cm fd-10cm


All of Organic Bulbs collections are 100% certified organic and come in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. Organic Bulbs are also proud supporters of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Buglife and Butterfly Conservation.


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