The Cornfield: An energy efficient home of Larry Went

Gardens from the archive: Lose yourself in our favourites

We delve into the Gardens Illustrated archive to share some of our favourite gardens from the comfort of your own home

Spring is usually one of the peak visiting times for gardens. But gardens around the world have closed their doors in response to the coronavirus social distancing guidelines. So to try to provide you with your garden fix from the comfort and safety of your own home, we’ve pulled together a selection of astonishing gardens featured on the pages of the Gardens Illustrated magazine that the Gardens Illustrated team love. Lose yourself in the images below.

Chippenham Park in Cambridge
© Richard Bloom

Deryck Body’s farmhouse garden in Kent

This gorgeous farmhouse garden appeared in September’s issue of Gardens Illustrated in 2015. One acre in size, it was created by retired farmer Deryck Body, who made pretty much everything on the site, from fences to the jam.

“Anything he needs, Deryck makes himself using bits he has. He believes that progress generally has landed us in a pretty poor predicament but happily lives to work – unlike so many of us who work to live. He gets up with the birds – “How can you not?” he asks – and spends his days outside or, when the weather is bad, in his workshop,” Francine Raymond.

Gardens Illustrated says: ‘A gorgeously joyful cottage style garden. And that photo of the sheep in the garden has to be an all-time favourite.’

Tom de Witte’s narrow garden

Another from 2015, this time May. Dutch garden designer Tom de Witte plays to his garden’s strengths and created a long, narrow space on the edge of town in Southern Netherlands.

“Tom’s own garden occupies a long, narrow strip, averaging about four metres wide – an awkward shape but one that allows for sub division and the creation of different zones, each of which has its own special atmosphere. ‘The garden has an Alice in Wonderland feel,’ comments Maayke de Ridder, who photographed this feature, ‘because each segment is small but seems larger than it actually is,'” Noel Kingsbury.

Gardens Illustrated says: ‘Such a clever use of an awkward shaped garden.’

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Larry Went’s garden around his energy-efficient home