Ston Easton, Bath

Houses for sale with beautiful gardens

While away a little time by perusing this curated list of houses currently for sale, that feature stunning gardens

We all know what’s important in house buying at the moment: gardens. And while we may not all be aiming to buy a stunning house and garden right at this moment, sometimes it’s nice to dream big. We’ve been whiling away time looking at properties for sale in the UK with stunning gardens and have come up with these beautiful spaces. Their one connecting factor? Their gardens are all gorgeous idylls.


If you are thinking of buying, you can head to the original estate agent listings below, or, like us, simply enjoy wallowing in a few examples of some of the most beautiful houses and gardens out there, that could be yours…albeit for a price.

Looking for more garden inspiration? Head to our garden hub page, where you’ll find exceptional examples of unique urban and rural gardens.



Ston Easton, near Bath