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In this early spring issue of Gardens Illustrated we ask five leading designers to choose their favourite plants to grow from seed.

For most gardeners the pleasure of growing from seed is unbeatable. Growing plants from seed offers experimentation on a limited budget, an opportunity to grow plants that are difficult to find and the chance to grow a favourite plant in number. There are plenty of ideas to inspire here.

In the allotment of designer Stefano Marinaz there are not only delicious things to eat but beautiful planting in a trial garden and nursery space for design commissions, as well as a welcome escape from city life.

In a new series of Pots of Style with designer Alison Jenkins we offer a practical guide to creating beautifully planted containers including, this month, a scheme using early flowering woodlanders and diminutive spring bulbs.

And bid welcome to March as Jimi Blake of Hunting Brook Gardens chooses a selection of ten perfectly timed bright bulbs and delicate woodlanders.


There’s all this and the gorgeous garden features we're famous for, all to be inspired by in this month’s magazine.

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Daniel GriffithsDigital Editor

Daniel Griffiths is a veteran journalist who has worked on some of the biggest home and entertainment brands in the world. He is a serial house-renovator and home improvement expert, taking on everything from interior design and DIY to landscape gardening and garden design.