Gardening app Candide has launched Candide Labels, a programme which uses augmented reality to help users identify their plants.


The tool, which is the second of Candide's apps to be launched, is a free way of searching and then tagging plants in your home, office, garden and more.

The original app launched last year as a way of connecting the gardening community and sharing knowledge and experience. This new programme builds on this, taking pictures of your plant area and tagging virtual reality labels to the plants within the photographs.

The Gardens Illustrated team had a go. Here are five things we learnt

  • The app is very easy to use, you just point, take a picture and save.
  • While several of our plants were identified, the app is still not perfect when it comes to offering up the right name for your plants.
  • In the short time we used it, the app did crash.
  • You can save areas - such as your window boxes, boarders and more, and add and build to them.
  • Once you have identified your plant, you can easily learn more about it through a variety of links and further reading.

Candide hopes that by using the app, fewer people will need to use plastic plant labels, thereby benefitting the environment.

Andrew Philbrick, Candide's founder said: "Expanding on our success, ​Candide Labels​ is a really useful and practical tool. You can have your plant list in your pocket to share with others at any time.


" It also means you can avoid having to insert plastic labels into your beds which makes it great for sustainability.”

An in-phone image of the app

Candide plant labelling app