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Apply for a Churchill Fellowship grant in environment, conservation and sustainable living

Published: September 12, 2019 at 12:29 pm

Open to all UK citizens, one of the Churchill fellowships available focuses on the environment, conservation and sustainable living

The Churchill Fellowship is a series of grants given to UK citizens so they can travel the world in search of solutions to the UK's most pressing problems.


There are 150 grants which cover many of the key challenges faced by people today including arts for the built environment, education, emergency response, enterprise and social impact, environment, conservation and sustainable living, healthcare, palliative and end of life care, physical activity for healthier lives, rural living, science, technology and engineering, and suicide prevention.

Above: An eco-home pictured by Jenny Pickerill, a 2010 Churchill Fellow. Jenny travelled to Argentina, Spain, Thailand and USA to explore affordable eco-building. Above top: 2018 Churchill Fellow Josh Sparkes. Josh travelled to Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA to explore sustainable, organic approaches to soil management in public gardens.

Anyone can apply for the fellowships as long as they are a UK citizen and aged 18 or over. Applications close at 5pm on 17 September 2019.

Selected fellows are funded to spend 4 to 8 weeks anywhere in the world visiting experts and projects in their chosen topic. When they return, they are helped to share their experiences and make a difference in professional communities and sectors.

For the application to be successful, the applicant must demonstrate an idea that can make a practical and worthwhile contribution to UK society, and must put forward a reason why the idea should be researched overseas. The applicant must also have the potential to make change happen.


The fellowships were set up in memory of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965. Applications can be made at


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