After conquering creative playtime since 1932, Lego in its countless forms has undergone a ceaseless evolution in pursuit of entertainment, fun and – yes – even beauty. From ever more Technical sets through to Star Wars, Beatles, and Harry Potter-themed spin-offs the genius makers at Lego know no bounds, giving block-obsessed creators of every age the build-fix they need.

And now comes the latest pinnacle of their blocky endeavours – The Lego Botanical Collection.

The perfect floral gift

Yes. If you’ve ever wanted to own a bouquet that you really did put together yourself, and one that’s literally impossible to kill then your flower arranging dream has just come true.

Designed by the (perhaps appropriately named) Anderson Grubb, a Senior Designer at Lego, the set is part of their spin-off Adults Welcome series which already features fiendish and fiddly recreations of world famous landmarks from the Colosseum, to the Burj Khalifa, to the skyline of Tokyo, through to accurate models of classic cars, and even Warhol-inspired portraits of everyone from Monroe to the Beatles.

(BTW: Is the plural of Lego ‘Lego’ or ‘Legos’?… Hotly contested… But easily solved. It’s ‘Lego’… We digress.)

Their new Botanical Collection currently consists of five sets, our favourite of which being the centrepiece Flower Bouquet consisting of three roses, lavender, daisies, a california poppy, two snap dragons and an astrid flower.

Up close. You can almost smell them. Almost…

Planning of delivering a bouquet in time for valentine’s day? Why not book-mark this link and give the gift of gorgeous flowers?

Albeit flowers that the recipient has to assemble themselves. And which come in a box that rattles…

Got some time on your hands? Go for it!

Or simply get the Lego habit yourself and while away your lockdown grappling with 756 pieces of cunningly shaped, colourful Danish plastic.

And if you’re really looking for a statement why not add their optional pair of roses, or a trio of tulips? Or throw in their bonsai tree set too?

Have fun!


Daniel GriffithsDigital Editor

Daniel Griffiths is a veteran journalist who has worked on some of the biggest home and entertainment brands in the world. He is a serial house-renovator and home improvement expert, taking on everything from interior design and DIY to landscape gardening and garden design.