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Free case of wine from Wine52

Published: March 23, 2022 at 10:21 am

Join up to the Wine52 club and get a free case of wine

We’d like to introduce you to your new favourite wine club with a free case! All you need to do is cover the postage costs of £8.95, and you’ll get three beautiful wines delivered right to your door.


Wine52 showcases only the very best independent winemakers on the planet. Each month it visits an exciting new region and brings back a selection of exceptional and unique wines for members. Join and experience a whole new world of wine.

You’ll receive three wines, either red, white or a mixture – your choice. Also included is in-house magazine Glug and a couple of tasty snacks. Simply cover £8.95 for postage and it’s all yours.

After your trial case, you’ll receive all the above with free delivery for just £32/month. There’s no minimum commitment and you can cancel anytime. Each case features a different wine region with a focus on independent wineries and interesting and unique grape varieties. You have the choice of red-only, white-only or a mixture of wines.

Gardens Illustrated Reader Offer

Claim a free case of wine, plus a magazine and two snacks, and just cover postage.

Claim your case


One per household. New customers only. Part of a monthly subscription with no minimum commitment. If you choose to stay, you will be delivered three wines, Glug magazine and two snacks with free delivery for just £32 per month.


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