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Echinacea 'Roze Rood'

Perennial plants: the best for your garden

Perennial plants offer easy colour and little work for the garden. Simple to maintain, they are plants that will keep coming back year after year. Here are a selection of the best perennial plants

Perennial plants is the speciality of the Wildegoose Nursery in Shropshire. Jack and Laura Willgoss founded the nursery in an abandoned walled garden and its restoration was completed in 2016. The walled garden, which is rented on a long-term lease, had not been cultivated in any traditional sense since the 1960s. Instead it had been a tree nursery, a fish farm and a holding pen for raising pheasants. When they moved in, the Georgian glasshouses were derelict. To pay for their restoration, Jack and Laura went back to jobbing gardening, applied for funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund and Country Houses Foundation that was matched by the owners, and started up a tea room. Don’t miss our piece on how to combine perennials with roses and read all about the New Perennial Movement and Piet Oudolf here. 


The best perennial plants for your garden

chosen from Wildegoose Nursery.



Patrinia monandra

Patrina aff. punctiflora
© Jason Ingram

Large rosettes of heavily branched flowerheads covered in tiny, yellow flowers, followed by handsome seedheads adorn this perennial. It has a long season of interest from July to September and grows to around 1.2m. They are perfect for both rock gardens and beds and borders.


Nigella ‘Albion Black Pod’

Nigella damascena 'Albion Black Pod'
© Jason Ingram

A hardy perennial with delicate, white flowers with curly stamens which are followed by large, black, inflated seedpods. Wonderful autumn silhouette or cut flower. Can be sown in autumn for emergence the following year. 45cm.