Sarah Price dahlia container

Container flower pot displays: the best for your garden

Here's a selection of our best container display designs, created lovingly by our gardening experts. Why not make your own?

Gardens Illustrated‘s container planting series is a definitive way of creating impressive, beautiful flower displays using pots. We ask garden designers and gardeners to give us all the tips on how to create the best-looking pots. Here’s a selection of some of the best.

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Make the most of early spring plants to create a container display with the appeal of the wild woodland edge. Perfect for the container gardener or a sunny terrace

Ben Preston, head gardener at York Gate in Leeds, lays out a flower container display using pastel shades


Ben Preston, head gardener at York Gate in Leeds, creates a container combination to add a freshness to early spring. Words Ben Preston, photographs Eva Nemeth

Head gardener Matthew Reese creates an easy display for a pot that will take your breath away using the pink form of the dainty flowered Gypsophila. Photos Andrew Montgomery

If you want your garden to benefit pollinating insects like bees and butterflies this container display has been planted with plants that attract wildlife and suit a garden of any size. Designs by…

Head gardener Thomas Unterdorfer shows how to create a stunning container display with a gently wild style for early summer. Photographs Andrew Montgomery

Designer Jinny Blom created a series of easy-to-achieve planting schemes for containers, so that you can freshen up your garden with instant displays of vibrant plants. Here's her idea for a simple…

Designer Kristy Ramage brings pizzazz to a late summer container combination using plants in lilac tones and a splash of orange. Here's how she did it

Planting combination for a stylish late-summer container display using Dahlias and Panicum grass by designer Sarah Price.

Designer Kristy Ramage plants up a stunning urn with a splash of gorgeous summer flowers. Here's how to recreate the look yourself. Photographs by Andrew Montgomery

Designer Sarah Price uses plants of different form and scale to create an eye-catching, late-summer container display

Head gardener Thomas Unterdorfer regularly changes the mix of pots that greet him each morning in the garden. Here he gives his plant advice and growing tips for a container display that makes a…

Benjamin William Pope creates a stylish display from an old Victorian bird cage. Photographs by Andrew Montgomery

Head gardener Benjamin William Pope brings summer to 
a close with two sophisticated displays that add a touch of easy 
charm and subtle colour until early autumn. Photographs Andrew Montgomery

Head gardener Benjamin William Pope creates a stylish display that combines succulents that can be brought indoors to keep the fresh-green memories of summer alive once frosts threaten. Photographs…