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Rock Garden
Botaniska Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Discover a landscape of biodiversity and beauty at the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg, one of Europe’s largest and most stunning gardens, home to plants from all over the world. With a world-class rock garden just one of the many wonders you’ll find at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, come and explore and take in the sight and smells of plants you’ve never come across before.

The Botanical Garden offers a vast and impressive collection of plants and is a great place to visit all year round. With over half a million visitors a year it’s one of the most popular attractions in the region.

The greenhouses have the largest collection of tropical orchids in Sweden, carnivorous plants and the rare Easter Island tree, which is extinct in its natural environment.

A series of exhibitions are held in the greenhouses every year and the garden has a comprehensive schedule of activities all year round.

At the top of the Botanical Garden lies Håberget. From here you will look over Änggårdsbergen, Linnéstaden, Slottsskogen, Kungsladugård and the harbor with the old fortress Älvsborgs Fästning as a landmark in the west. All this was once the king’s hunting ground, guarded by a gentleman resident at Änggården.


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