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Tjolöholm Castle
Tjolöholm Castle

Tjolöholm Castle is Sweden’s leading Arts and Crafts property

Situated on the west coast of Sweden, close to Gothenburg and built between 1898 and 1904 by James Fredrik and Blanche Dickson, the castle is a bastion of faithfulness to traditional methods of manufacturing. Predominantly in Tudor style, the castle also boasts rare examples of Liberty & Co which was at the forefront of the Arts and Crafts Movement at the time. Modernities from the turn of the century such as electricity, central heating and a circularly flowing
shower were combined to make this castle truly unique.

The castle’s architect Lars Israel Wahlman not only designed the castle, but also the surrounding parkland and Arts and Crafts style garden. The design of was possibly the architect’s most prestigious private garden commission and Tjolöholm has an amazing environment thanks to Wahlman’s apparently economically unrestricted design. The castle gardens are beautifully situated on a peninsula by the sea and gradually spread out, blending seamlessly into the adjoining countryside, giving the impression that the castle has grown from its surroundings. Wahlman used hedges and walls to create individual spaces, and terraces to link the strict garden to the wilder countryside that surrounds it. The castle’s garden is now being restored back to its former Arts and Crafts style, with new flowerbeds and a ‘knot garden’ after Wahlman’s design.

The castle is open for tours daily during the summer and weekends the rest of the year. On the estate you find restaurant, café, shops and there is a lot for children to discover. You can even stay the night in the worker’s village, built in the Swedish ‘National Romantic’ style. The Tjolöholm peninsula is also renowned for its diverse wildlife and breathtaking views of the ocean. Numerous paths and trails run through the forests which have been enjoyed by countless generations of visitors.


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