If you want to make natural handmade Christmas decorations from your garden that are quick and easy, but high impact, this straightforward step-by-step Christmas star make is simple and looks great. All you need is a few twigs and some evergreens collected from outdoors, some ribbon and glue, and you can have unique, homemade but beautiful natural decorations for your home this festive season.


Materials you need to make Christmas stars

  • 3 x 20cm lichen-covered twigs
  • 6 butcher's broom sprigs (Ruscus aculeatus) or other evergreen sprigs
  • 30cm length of 3mm ribbon
  • glue stick
  • glue gun
Natural Christmas decorations
Natural handmade stars using lichen-covered twigs and dried sprigs of Ruscus aculeatus, butcher's broom.
Leather swing

To make the Christmas stars

  • To make the stars, place three lichen-covered twigs across each other to form a star.
  • Tie together at the centre with wire, leaving a long end for a loop to hand the stars up with.
  • Add a spot of hot glue to the centre, and stick six sprays of butcher's broom leaves to radiate out between the twigs.
  • Bind the centre with thin ribbon.

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