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Gardening gift: Niwaki Tool roll

55 best gardening gifts for 2021

Looking for excellent gifts for gardeners? We round up over 50 of the best gardening gifts for 2021

Finding that perfect gift for the gardener in your life can be hard work. Unless they’re a complete gardening novice, your gardening friend or loved one probably has quite a lot of the tools, clothes and seeds that they need. But shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, we’ve done a significant amount of the work for you.


We’ve put together the below list of unusual, innovative, unique gifts for gardeners who have everything. But there should be gardening gift ideas to suit every level of garden knowledge, from people who you want to encourage into gardening, to those who are starting their journey, to those who are experts.


Our list is also a round up of gifts for garden lovers – they don’t have to be into digging and mulching, they can just love the outdoors, appreciate an excellent planting plan and be enthused by the wonders of botany.

These gardening gifts are a real mixture of things we’ve spotted from our favourite brands, but also gifts that surprised us and charmed us too. Some are for entertaining in the garden, some are for the nitty gritty garden tasks, some just have a gardening theme. We’re certain you’ll find the gifts you’re looking for.

The below list is separated into handy sub-headings (see below and click on the links to head straight to them) but we’d also recommend perusing the full gardening gift list, you never know what you might find.

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Best gifts for nature lovers

Bee Brick

Gardening gift: bee brick

If you’re stumped for gardening gift ideas, this Bee Brick would make a fail-safe choice. Designed by Green and Blue in Cornwall, the Bee Brick is an innovative concrete block, created to support the declining bee population. The concrete brick can be left as a freestanding bee home in the garden or it can be built into a wall for an integrated look.

The bee bricks contain cavities for solitary bees to lay their eggs in safety; their offspring emerge the following spring and the cycle begins again. It’s an eco-friendly gift that would be perfect for a sustainable gardener or a bee-lover.

The bee brick comes with high praise too; it won the Soil Association’s 2014 Innovation Award, sponsored by the Duchy Future Farming Programme.

See here for more tips on how to make a bee-friendly garden

Cost from £17.99

Buy from Crocus

Grey Seed Head Jug

Gardening gifts: Grey Seedhead Jug

This daintily decorated, handmade jug is sure to make a lovely addition to any nature lover’s home. Carefully handcrafted by NG Ward Ceramics in Herefordshire, their products are a firm favourite of the team here at Gardens Illustrated as they make the perfect gift for family and friends whilst also supporting a small business.

The jug can be filled with short stemmed flowers from the garden or filled with milk at the breakfast table for morning teas and coffees.
With a height of 12.5cm and a width of 9.5cm, the delicate size fits perfectly into any home.

Cost £28.00

Buy from Etsy

Teal Hare Plate

Gardening gifts: Teal Hare Plate

Now for another beautifully delicate homemade product from NG Ward Ceramics for our gift guide. This time is this gorgeous teal coloured plate with a handcrafted outline of a hare that has the limelight.

These lovely homemade ceramic products are a great gift idea for any nature lover you know and are a brilliant way to support a small business.

The plate size is approximately 17cm in width and 1.5cm in height. It can be used for side and main dishes or even mounted onto the wall as a stand-alone piece of art in any home.

Cost £15.00

Buy from Etsy

Rob Smith Heritage Veg Selection

Gardening gifts: heritage veg

Begone plastic novelty gifts, here’s a gardening gift that connects your loved one directly with the earth. The perfect gardening gift for either a person new to gardening or a pro, this veg collection offers a host of seeds for planting in the coming year, something lovely and very, very tasty, to look forward to.

This gardening gift includes bean seeds, cucumber seeds, pea seeds and squash seeds, the heritage veg harks back to more traditional garden growing times: don’t expect any of these newfangled cucamelons. As such, the selection is bound to excite the gardener or garden lover in your life and what’s more, they aren’t difficult to grow either.

Cost £10.50
Buy from Dobies

Canvas Garden Apron, Khaki

Gardening gifts: Apron

If you know someone that spends most of their time in the garden, often with damp soil on their jeans and hand wipe marks on their top, this waterproof canvas apron from the National Trust Shop is the perfect gift for them.

Designed to ensure that their clothes will stay dry and clean underneath, ready for a full day of gardening, the apron is a practical piece of kit. The waist strap is long enough to tie at the front of the apron for an even better and closer fit. In addition to this, there is a handy front pocket for keeping gardening tools close to hand which is separated into sections for better organisation.

Cost £25

Buy from The National Trust Shop

Ladies Boot Socks

Gardening gifts: Outdoor Boot Sock

These stylish and cotton rich boot socks from HJ Hall are the perfect gift when paired with walking boots for countryside strolls and dog walks for any nature lover.

As a part of their outdoor range, the boot socks are made from a high cotton rich blend for guaranteed strength and comfort which are tested to a high standard. With 135 years in the industry you know that you’re in good hands (or socks!) with HJ Hall’s products.

The socks have a reinforced heel and toe to increase the durability in easily worn areas providing the comfiest cushioned padding for your feet. This style of sock is also available in men’s and they are covered with a six-month guarantee.

Cost £7

Buy from HJ The Sock Specialists

The Urban Forager: Find and Cook Wild Food in the City by Wross Lawrence

Gardening gift: Urban forager

Hoxton Mini Press

Another stylish title from Hoxton Mini Press, this time on the intriguing and enlightening subject of city foraging. If you know any urban gardeners who love nothing more than a day on the veg patch, this would make the perfect garden gift for them. Writer Wross Lawrence, a professional forager, supplies 32 vegetarian recipes, all using ingredients sourced from the city streets and green spaces. Cherry blossom shortbread or nettle ravioli anyone?

With more and more people turning to vegetarian and vegan diets due to the worries surrounding climate change, this is a timely book that would interest many an eco-savvy gardener, or help to reconnect an urban dweller to nature.


Buy from Waterstones

Beeswax Wrap DIY Kits – Nature Lovers

Gardening gifts: Beeswax wraps

These DIY Beeswax wraps are a great, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wraps for food that will keep your produce fresh in a natural way. Created using food grade beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and a cotton fabric, these DIY kits come with everything you need for you to make your own.

A great feature of these wraps is that they are reusable. This would make a fantastic gift for the eco-conscious nature lover who is actively trying to reduce their plastic consumption.

The kit contains a set of detailed instructions, paintbrush and all three ingredients to create the wraps, including the cotton fabric. There are enough materials to make three wraps with the one kit.

Cost £11.95

Buy from Etsy

Apple tree

Gardening gifts: Apple tree
© Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

Give the gardening gift of a lifetime this season, with this apple bramleys seedling – the ultimate English cooking apple. This particular version Is on dwarf rootstock, which means it’s the perfect gardening gift for smaller gardens.

Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to plant a tree, something that we should all be doing much, much more of in order to support the wildlife and local eco system. These apples can be harvested from October, and ideally you’d grow this tree near another apple tree, as it isn’t a self pollinator.

We’d class this as one of the of garden gifts which is good for the gardener in your life, but also nature, birds and bees too. Plus you could also be on the receiving end of some very tasty apple pie. This apple tree needs to be planted in a sunny border in well drained soil. For more on how to plant a tree, head to our guide.

Cost from £14.99
Buy from Van Meuwen

Best garden tools to buy

Metal planters

Gardening gifts: Metal garden planters

While everyone has their own sense of garden aesthetic, giving these metal planters as a gardening gift is a versatile option that would suit the gardener who has everything. The reason being? There’s always space for more planters.

These trough metal planters have a contemporary look about them and are easy to place in the perfect spot in a sunny patch. They are made to last all weathers, in galvanised steel that can be easily washed down if needed. There are three sizes available, to suit all garden or balcony needs.

Cost from £80
Buy from Harrod Horticultural

Upper steps

Gardening gifts: garden Steps

A sturdy pair of steps can be an absolute necessity in the garden. And we’d wager this is the sort of gift the gardener who has everything would love. These are particularly funky, with a see-through design and non-slip steps – for extra safety.

Made from polycarbonate and metal, these aren’t the sort of steps you leave out, however, but could be used for pruning high spots, picking fruit and more. They are available in lots of different colours too, in case you want a particularly unusual gardening gift.

Cost £262

Buy from Heal’s

Copper plated watering can

Gardening gifts: Copper Plated Watering Can

A stylish watering can option for indoors, this copper-plated beauty features a curved handle and long, narrow spout for ease of pouring.
It’s crafted from zinc, with copper plate, and is the sort of can any gardener will get satisfaction from using.

It’s a dinky, space-saving option too, with a height of 17.5cm.

Cost £34.95
Buy from Graham and Green

Niwaki tool roll

Gardening gifts: Niwaki Tool Roll

Niwaki tools are some of the best in the business and we’d recommend this as a gardening gift for the gardener who has everything. It’s a handy tool roll, with five lined pockets for all your essential tools. Made from weatherproof canvas, you could fit anything in it from pruners to cutlery for picnics. The linings are for the sharp items, so you won’t cut through to your clothes and it wraps easily and neatly round the waist for ease of transportation. A perfect gardening gift.

Cost £18
Buy from Niwaki

The Bossy Boot in Tomato Red

Gardening gift: POddy and Black Bossy wellington boots

These reliable welly boots would make a wonderful gardening gift for a practical and style-savvy gardener. Comfortable, stylish and waterproof boots are hard to come by, but Poddy & Black tick all those boxes. Their vegan friendly boots are made from soft yet strong natural rubber and have great flexibility. With a cosy cotton jersey lining, feet will feel warm and snug and it’s mid-calf length allows you to tuck your trousers in neatly and easily. They even come with a Poddy accessory for you to customise your boot.

Great all-rounder boots, The Bossy Boot works just as well as gardening boots as they do dog walking boots and welly boots. It’s a pretty and practical gardening gift that will last for years.

Cost £75

Buy from Poddy & Black

Women’s Iris Jersey Lined Wellington Boots

Gardening gift: Le Chameau wellies

For a higher-end welly boot, look no further than Le Chameau. Their Iris wellington boot is made from the French brand’s famous Chamolux rubber, a durable and weatherproof material which provides the wearer with a flexible rubber boot that can withstand all nature has to throw at it.

These are great transitional welly boots that work just as well in summer as they do in colder months due to the breathable jersey lining and lightweight sole. They come in a range of colours, from green to pink to blue so there’s plenty of choice. The Iris Jersey Lined Wellington Boots would make the perfect gift for nature lovers or for that special gardener in your life!

Cost £100

Buy from Le Chameau

Check out our favourite welly selection here

Burgon & Ball Tweed Gardening Gloves, Medium Grey

Gardening gifts: Tweed Gardening Gloves

Great for protecting every gardener’s most valuable tools, these stylish gloves will not only keep busy hands safe when working in the garden but also warm during the colder months. The gloves have an adjustable strap allowing for maximum comfort and are recommended for people with medium-sized hands. The strap itself is a rip-tape fastener so the wearer will be able to tighten or loosen the gloves with ease.
They feature some padded protection with a soft felt liner in the palms and fingers which won’t stiffen when the gloves are dried. There is also a breathable mesh that will ensure that fingers are kept cool with improved mobility.

Cost £17.99

Buy from John Lewis

Best gifts for gardeners who have everything

The Almanac: a Seasonal Guide to 2021

The Almanac: 2021

An Almanac is something no gardener should be without and as they change each year, it will be unlikely that even the most seasoned gardener will have purchased the latest version. We’d absolutely recommend Lia Leendertz’ Almanac, which compiles all sorts of interesting lore and tales of the natural world, as well as the moon’s phases, tide timetables, sun rises, seasonal recipes and gardening tips.

The theme for 2021’s version is movement, migration and pilgrimage, and you’ll find information on how to navigate using stars, sun or moon. An informative joy.


Buy from Waterstones

Seedlip drinks

Gardening gifts: Seedlip drinks

Seedlip has been busy in the garden developing a new range of non-alcoholic spirits inspired by botanicals. The spirit garden option is infused with the taste of hand picked peas and homegrown hay and will likely transport you to the countryside at first sip. Other flavours include citrus grove, spice and the drinks are sugar and sweeteners free, calorie free, without allergens, artificial colours or flavours.

These could be a tasty, refreshing gift for a thirsty gardener who wants a drink but doesn’t want to be distracted from the job in hand. Perfect for entertaining in the garden. 

Cost 20cl at £8.99
Buy from Holland and Barrett

Sprout Spoon herbal tea

Gardening gifts: Sprout spoon

If you’re looking for gardening gifts with an eco-friendly theme, then this Sprout Spoon could be the perfect option. Made from renewable fibres and non-toxic dyes, this is a spoon/stirrer and tea bag merged into one. An excellent way of having your brew on the go without using extra plastic. Each bag has five spoons and promises tasty blend of tea – there’s black vanilla tea, green tea and ginger and lemon and herbal tea blend. All you do is plonk the spoon in your hot water, stir it, and when it comes to throwing it away, you compost it. The tea bag is made with hand stitched cotton fibre and is fully biodegradable.

Cost £9 for a pack of five

Buy from Amazon

Succulent plant food and atomiser set

Succulent plant food and atomiser

Most of us have built up a healthy house plant obsession over the last year, and succulents, which were absolutely in vogue before 2020 hit, are still high on the houseplant list for many people. Even if your loved one is a seasoned gardener, we’d wager they probably don’t have something as stylish as this food and atomiser set, which will help keep you succulents looking and feeling healthy.

The ingredients are 100 per cent natural and 100ml is designed to last roughly one year. It’s a lovely and thoughtful gift from Norfolk Natural Living for the gardener who has everything.


Buy from Fenwick

Brass cocktail measuring cup

Gardening gifts: Brass cocktail measuring cup

We all know that gardening and cocktails are an exceptionally happy couple. With that in mind, this could be the perfect gardening gift, especially for the gardener who has everything.

Making sure you have your measures right is important for to ensure a proper infusion of flavours. Perhaps you’re using ingredients direct from the garden? Either way, this measuring cup is a stylish addition to anyone’s botanical drinking experience.

Looking for more ideas around cocktails? Why not check out our list of the best botanical gins.

Cost £12
Buy from Curious Egg

Garden birds letterbox biscuits

Gardening gifts: garden birds from Biscuiteers

Biscuiteers specialise in lovingly crafted and very tasty biscuits that can easily be delivered straight to your door. This particular collection could be  the perfect gift for that gardener who has everything: it’s a selection of garden birds in biscuit form. You get four hand-iced biscuits which have a hint of lemon and come in one of the company’s lovely gift boxes. This particular collection is created with Great Ormond Street Hospital in mind and £2 from the sale of each biscuit box is donated to the hospital.

Cost £25
Buy from Biscuiteers

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Monkey 47

We tasted this gin as part of our quest to discover the best gin with botanicals (the results of which you can see here). It’s called Monkey 47 because there are a whopping 47 botanicals listed, including lingonberries, locally sourced near the distillery in the Black Forest.

It has a gorgeous nose and a bottle that we love – think apothecary aesthetic and there’s a great story behind the company, which was originally started by British RAF officer Montgomery Collins who was posted to Germany after the second world war and stayed for good.

Cost £39.70

Buy from Laithwaites

Tula Garland

Gardening gift: Nkuku Tula Garland

We realise we’re a bit biased, but botanical decorations really are the best. And if you’re on the hunt for a gardening gift for a gardener that has everything, botanical decorations may be a good way to go. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re long-lasting too, making them a gift that keeps on giving. This particular Tula Garland from stylish home and lifestyle brand Nkuku would make a great choice for style-savvy gardeners looking for a natural, rustic look for their home this festive season.

This delicate winter garland is a wonderful blend of botanical inspiration and high-quality craftsmanship; it is made up of intricately metal leaves and berries all hand-crafted and hung from a brass wire frame.

The garland measures 130cm in length.

Cost £34.95

Buy from Nkuku

Plant Green Fabric Christmas Tree Decoration

Gardening gift: Oliver Bonas plant decoration

Looking for a gift for a houseplant lover? This dinky, pretty plant tree decoration from Oliver Bonas would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. The plant is modelled after a Prayer Plant, and would definitely be a welcome addition to the home of any plant parent or green-fingered enthusiast.

Much easier to maintain than an actual plant, this plant decoration will add some botanical charm to a Christmas tree, or could be hung up year-round for a daily dose of plant joy. Each plant decoration is beaded by hand, making it extra special.

The decoration measures 14cm in height and 6.5cm in width.

Cost £7.50

Buy from Oliver Bonas

Theodora Pleated Skirt in Pop Petal

Gardening gifts: Pleated Skirt

Guaranteed to brighten up any room is this gorgeously chic pleated skirt from Boden. Paired with some tights and boots in the autumn or a pair of strappy sandals in the summer, this skirt will see you through all seasons. Finishing at mid-calf and sitting at a natural waist it is a flattering shape for any size or shaped body and ranges from a size 6 to 22. The skirt is 100 per cent cotton with an 100 per cent polyester lining and is machine washable with a concealed side zip.

The best part about this skirt, as every gardener will agree, are the hidden pockets in the side seams.

Cost £85

Buy from Boden

Stoneware Flower Pot

Gardening gifts: Stoneware Flower Pot

If you’re looking for a smaller gift to accompany a larger one for an avid gardener who already has all the tools, this lovely little stoneware flower pot from Arket may be what you’re looking for.

The flower pot features a matt surface with a lovely glossy glazing on the inside and a unique scalloped design on the outside. It can easily be styled alongside other neutral colours for an industrial yet elegant look that’ll fit perfectly onto any indoor shelf.

The pot itself is 113mm in height with a 100mm diameter, great for planting small succulents or a prickly cactus.

Cost £12

Buy from Arket

Gardener Man Illustration

Gardening gifts: Gardener Illustration

A beautiful and unique illustration, hand drawn digitally using an iPad Pro by artist Emily Lou Holmes, her print ‘Gardener Man’ is a wonderful piece of art that will make a brilliant gift for a gardener who already has everything.

The illustration print is available in sizes A2 and A3, but also as a greeting card and can be gift wrapped if desired.

It is part of a series of illustrations by the artist where she found inspiration from British gardeners and lovers of the outdoors. We think that it’s a lovely piece or art that would make a brilliant gift for any passionate gardener. There is also a female version of the print called ‘Gardener Woman’ available to shop on Etsy.

Cost £25.00

Buy from Etsy

Kikkerland Shovel Bottel Opener

Gardening gifts: Shovel Bottle Opener

Perhaps a gift for the gardener in your life who likes to round off a hard day’s work outside with a refreshing drink. A subtly themed and beautifully designed item which could also be classed as an essential tool.

With a copper plated finish, this is 17.4 cm in length and is part of John Lewis’ smart copper’ series. A great novelty gift for a gardener.

Cost £10
Buy from John Lewis

Best gifts for new gardeners

Merino Wrist Warmers

Gardening gifts: Merino wrist warmers

An autumn and winter staple gift for new gardeners is this pair of 100 per cent soft merino wool wrist warmers from Genus. Designed not only with warmth in mind but with comfort too. It can be tricky finding warmers that fit under your gardening gloves without crinkling or bundling up underneath, but these wrist warmers will avoid just that.

They can be worn over a long-sleeved jersey or t-shirt, ensuring that the gap between the end of your sleeve and the start of your gardening gloves is kept insulated from the cold. They are machine washable and come in two sizes – small/medium and medium/large.

Cost £30.00

Buy from Genus

Tree Vision: Know Your Trees in 30 Cards by Tony Kirkham and Holly Exley

Gardening gift: Tree Vision cards

Laurence King Publishing

If you’re looking for gifts for young gardeners or just gardeners wanting to know more about trees, look no further. Both a gardening gift and an educational gift, the card game format will help players learn about a tree’s leaves, seeds, flowers and more in an accessible and fun way. Ash, beech, birch, cedar, hornbeam, juniper, lime, maple, oak, pine, spruce, sycamore, yew are just a few examples of trees that players will soon be able to recognise in a flash!

Each card is beautifully illustrated by Holly Exley and the text is written by Tony Kirkham, Head of Arboretum, Gardens and Horticulture Services at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, so you can rest assured that you’ll be learning from an expert.

Cost £14.99

Buy from Waterstones

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Subscription

October Gardens Illustrated

An absolutely necessary gift for the intrepid gardener, a year’s subscription to Gardens Illustrated will be absolutely worth you while. Yes, we’re biased, but we are confident that gardener in your life will love the mixture of beautiful photography, inspiring gardens, practical advice and plant expertise. Make sure they never miss a copy by getting it delivered direct to their door each month.

What’s more there’s always a fabulous offer or two available…

Buy from Gardens Illustrated

Seasonal vegetable calendar 2021

Vegetable calendar 2021

A celebration of all things vegetable and growth in the form of a handy yearly calendar. Each month is decorated with a beautiful linocut and features tips on what to sow and harvest in the garden and when. There’s also a growing chart at the back of the calendar which will be infinitely helpful when it comes to planning out your vegetable patch.

Sisters Isla and Bryony Middleton a Lino cut artist and head gardener at Sharpham Trust in Devon, who manages their 19th Century Walled Vegetable Garden organically and the ornamental grounds, so you’re in good hands.


Buy from The Bristol Artisan

National Trust membership

Visitors walking through the grounds of Fountains Abbey
© Chris Lacey

2020 was, to put it mildly, a tumultuous year. But one of the key things many people took away from the last few month was a greater appreciation of nature, open spaces, trees and greenery. What better way to continue the connection throughout 2021 than by investing in a membership for the National Trust, which does vital nature management work up and down the country and conserves historic, fascinating buildings and gardens for the country.

The charity, as with many charities, suffered during lockdown, having to content with decreased visitor numbers, so supporting the organisation goes some way to helping with that.

From £72 a year
Buy from the National Trust

Become an RHS member

Gardening gifts: RHS membership

The vital work the Royal Horticultural Society does throughout the UK is a huge part of the country’s world-beating reputation in horticulture and gardens. There are four RHS gardens, soon to be a fifth, alongside 218 RHS partner gardens, all of which have something unique and exciting to offer.As the world continues to change and understanding about nature, wildlife, the earth and growing becomes vital to all of us, the RHS stands as a place for experimentation, research and education.

From £48.75
Buy from the RHS

Hunting Brook Gardens

Hunting Brook Gardens
© Jason Ingram

There are, of course, a host of online courses and garden memberships you can gift to your gardening friend or loved one. So it’s difficult to choose, but we couldn’t not go for Jimi Blake’s Hunting Brook Garden membership. Hunting Brook a stunningly planted space, created and cared for by Jimi himself, which can be read in the excellent book A Beautiful Obsession. With one of Ireland’s largest collection of plants, Huntingbrook is also an excellent place to learn and Jimi also hosts plantsperson’s courses, which run throughout the year.

Membership: from € 80
Plantsperson course from € 900

Multi tool

Gardening gifts: multi garden tool

A gift for gardeners who have everything. This is a 12 in 1 pocked sized tool that works a little like a pen knife, but with more of a gardening focus. Included in the multi tool is a pruner, a knife blade, a Phillips head screwdriver, a can opener and a ruler.

This product is designed by Kikkerland Design, a New York based company with a functional and practical focus. It’s the perfect gardening gift for either a beginner or a pro and fits easily away into the gardener’s pocket for easy of transportation. The gardener in your life may have all these tools separately, but do they have one nifty tool that acts as each? A space-saving gardening gift idea.


Buy from Trouva

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces by Harry Ades and Marco Kesseler

Gardening gift: London Green Spaces book

Hoxton Mini Press

Did you know that half of the area of London is made up of green spaces? With a staggering 3,000 parks, London is one of the greenest cities on the planet. In this beautifully photographed book, Harry Ades breaks down the city’s top 50 hot spots when it comes to natural, green areas. Urban parks, canals, woodlands and stately gardens are just a few examples of what London has to offer.

This aesthetically pleasing and informative book would make a fab gift for style-savvy urban gardeners or for those wanting to discover more about city gardens and beneficial public green spaces.

Cost £9.95

Buy from Waterstones

Great Trees of London Map by Blue Crow Media

Gardening gift: Great Trees of London Map

We are slowly understanding more and more about the wonders of trees; Judi Dench’s documentary My Passion for Trees and Richard Powers’s book The Overstory are just two recent examples which have contributed to society’s rediscovered fascination for them. If you know a tree-lover, this specialist tree map would make a fab gift choice for them. It focuses on 50 trees throughout our nation’s capital, from magnificent English oaks to delicate cherry trees.

Each tree has a description from Paul Wood, the founder of the Urban Tree Festival and Tree Talk. The map is printed on recycled paper and comes with a protective band, helpful for when you are carrying it out and about.

Cost £8

Buy from Waterstones

Indoor herb growing kit

Gardening gifts: Indoor herb kit

One of the best gifts for gardeners, especially those who don’t actually have much space outside. This zesty herb kit from Plant Theory comes with everything you need in order to grow your own herbs. The seeds and compost are organic and vegan and the kit is 100 per cent plastic free.
There are five classic cooking herbs in the kit, basil, chives, oregano, parsley and thyme, alongside biodegradable bamboo pots, wooden plant labels, vegan, peat free compost, a pencil, tweezer, jute bag and instructions. A whole series of gardening gifts in one, and even those gardeners who have everything will likely put these to good use.

Cost £29.99
Buy from Primrose

Most unusual gardening gifts

A Bee Grow Bar

Gardening gifts: bee grow bar

No, this isn’t something to help your grow bees, instead it’s the gardening gift for people who care about wildlife but aren’t expert gardeners. Grow Bars makes planting extra easy and curates a series of seeds around themes. This one is catered for making bees happy – and who doesn’t like doing that?

All you do is put the bar in a container, keep it watered and place in a sunny position and eventually the seeds should start to germinate. Once they’ve grown up a bit, you can plant them around the garden. Easy.

The seeds include hyssop, verbena and lavender. A perfect gift for garden lovers and an unusual gardening gift too.

Cost £12
Buy from Anthropologie

The Botanist’s Sticker Anthology 

Botanist Sticker Anthology

Published by DK

Gardening is one of the most mindful activities you can do, but over the winter we have to find other activities to keep us busy. If you’re looking for a gift for a busy gardener, a young gardener, or just an arty, nature lover, this sticker anthology should tick your box. Mindful and pleasing on the eye, this sticker anthology is packed full of vintage, intricate botanical drawings; including flowers, ferns, exotic plants and fungi.    

Perfect for scrapbook lovers, or gardeners in need of some plant escapism during the colder months, this is a gardening gift that brings nearly as much joy and mindfulness from the act of gardening itself.


Buy from Waterstones

Sprout Pencils

Gardening gifts: Sprout pencils

If you’re looking for an unusual gardening gift that they won’t expect, these plantable graphite pencils from Sprout are a great gift idea.

Once the pencils are worn and too short to use, you plant them upside down in soil and wait for them to grow. The pencils can grow into luscious flowers, fragrant herbs and even fresh vegetables.

They are made from sustainable and certified wood and are 100 per cent natural and non-toxic. This packet of eight pencils features a range of seeds, with each pencil indicating what plant it will grow. A brilliant and unusual gift for the gardener who has everything.

Cost £10.95

Buy from Amazon

Wool Flowerpot

Gardening gifts: Wool Pot

These stylish pots from Arket are 100 per cent wool and will make a great addition to any houseplant jungle. The grey ombré colour is the perfect contrast to any green house plant or even a pretty purple Oxalis. The pots can also be used for storage at home, perhaps in an office or bedroom environment.

Also available in a trendy yellow ombré effect, these storage baskets are created from felted wool and are designed by Swedish brand Aveva and handmade in Nepal. The pot measures in 19cm diameter by 19cm in height, making them the perfect size for any shelf or side unit indoors.

Cost £19

Buy from Arket

Felt Koala Decoration

Gardening gift: Kenny the koala decoration

This charming decoration would make a fab garden-themed gift and will definitely be a winner as a gift for nature lovers. Handmade in Nepal from fair trade felt, Kenny the Koala looks nice and content with his generous helping of eucalyptus.

Hung either as a decoration or a pram-pleasing buddy, it’s hard not to warm to this adorable Koala decoration, particularly if you’re a wildlife lover. You could even hang him from a eucalyptus wreath or amongst a botanical garland for a full, nature-filled scene.

Kenny the Koala measures 9cm in height and 5cm in width.


Buy from Camperdown Lane

Terrarium bottle and extending tool set

Gardening gift: Terrarium set

Terrariums may be all the rage, but there’s a reason for that: they’re beautiful and easy to maintain too. If you know someone who’d be great at experimenting with growing their own this 5 litre glass bottle terrarium is an excellent place to start.

There’s a telescopic shovel and rake for you to help adjust your curated ecosystem, but note: this gardening gift doesn’t come with the soil, pebbles or plants themselves. Those will need to be sourced separately. For tips on how to plant a terrarium, head to our guide.

Cost £39.99

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Best gifts for the garden

IvyLine Outdoor Kew Fire Pit

Gardening gift: Kew firepit

If you really want to splash out on a garden gift for a loved one, a fire pit is a good way to go. Combining style and practicality, this IvyLine garden fire pit from Amara is made from iron, frost-resistant material (making it usable all year round) and has an elegant flower design that will easily complement a range of gardens.

Fire pits let you make the most of your garden as the nights draw in earlier and the days get colder. You can wrap up in a blanket and enjoy a drink (or a toasted marshmallow!) with your nearest and dearest.

The Kew Fire Pit measures 30cm in height, 52cm in width and 52cm in depth.

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Cost £160

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Lexon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Gardening gift: Bluetooth speaker

A wireless bluetooth speaker may not seem like an obvious choice when it comes to gifts for gardeners, but these handy gadgets are a joy for those working outside for long periods, wanting to listen to music or a podcast hands free and without the faff of earphones or headphones.

When the weather is warmer, they’re also a great accessory for garden parties and entertaining in the garden. This particular bluetooth speaker has a battery life of three hours, and takes only an hour to charge. Simply stream your music, podcast, audiobook or radio station via your smartphone or tablet.

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Cost £30

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Rifle Paper Co. x Corkcicle Tumbler

Gardening gift: steel tumblers

Flasks are an essential item for gardeners; they keep us cool and hydrated in the summer and warm in the winter. This tumbler from Anthropologie is a great gift for gardeners as it does two jobs in one: it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 25 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Better yet, it has been beautifully designed by American stationery company Rifle Paper Co., known for its striking floral designs, and Corkcicle, a clever brand creating innovative barware and sustainable drinking vessels.

A practical and pretty gift, this would be a welcome addition to a gardener’s essential kit.

Each steel tumbler takes up to 12 oz.

Cost £28

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Matchbox Seat Pads

Gardening gift: Matchbox cushions

Garden seating doesn’t have to be dull. And thanks to these bright, retro-inspired cushions, you can really liven up dark or outdated garden furniture. If you know a gardener who loves to entertain, these would be an ideal gift for them.

Taking inspiration from retro matchboxes, these handmade cushions come in a range of quirky designs including lovebirds, parrots and cockerels – a great gift for gardeners and for nature lovers alike. The pads can be used both indoor and out too, making them a great transitional item.

Each seat pad measures 5cm in height, 40cm in width and 40cm in depth.

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Cost £35

Buy from Graham & Green

Eucalyptus & Laurel Wreath