Renting a Christmas tree has grown in popularity over the last few years, and the trend looks set to continue with consumers' increasing concerns about their festive waste. The debate over whether buying a real or a fake Christmas tree is more sustainable has been going on for a while, but now renting a tree has also been added to the mix.

The benefits of renting a Christmas tree include:

  • The tree can be reused year after year
  • The tree is usually grown and delivered or collected locally, minimising transport emissions
  • The trees are usually pot grown, allowing for direct and tailored care
  • You get to enjoy a real Christmas tree in your home without the worry of disposing of it responsibly

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We chatted to Caleb, from Green Elf Trees, who told us why he and his business partner Matt decided to set up a Christmas tree rental service. 'We wanted to make a positive impact on a typically wasteful time of year' he told us.

At Green Elf Trees, they replant all their rental trees in the wild in the South East of England after collection to continue to grow.

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Rent a Christmas tree: everything you need to know

How does Christmas tree rental work?

The system for renting a Christmas tree varies depending on the company you use, and at the moment, not all areas of the UK are covered by a rental service. However, most of the providers will take a deposit along with your payment that will be returned to you when the tree makes it back to them undamaged and all of them will provide you with detailed care instructions including a watering schedule to keep their tree happy while its in your home.

Where to rent a Christmas tree

Festive Tree Hire, Berkshire

Festive Tree Hire offer Christmas tree rentals across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey and delivery is free within a 5-mile radius of their site in Reading.

London Christmas Tree Rental, London

London Christmas Tree Rental offers pot-grown trees that can be collected from one of their hubs in Dulwich or Barnes. Delivery can be arranged for returning customers renting a 'rollover' tree, the same one they rented last year.

Green Elf Trees, within the M25 ring-road

Man carrying a christmas tree

Green Elf Trees offer a Christmas tree rental delivery service to postcodes within the M25 ring-road. Delivery is free and the cost of the tree also includes a £3 charity donation.

The Eco Christmas Tree Company, Sussex

The Eco Christmas Tree Company offers a delivery and collection service within 20 miles east or west of their hub in Portslade.

Love a Christmas Tree, Leicestershire

Love a Christmas Tree offers delivery to a handful of locations around their base in Kirkby, Leicestershire, where they also allow pick-ups and returns.

Rental Christmas Trees, Stroud

Rental Christmas Trees offers delivery around Gloucestershire. You can order online or visit their Christmas tree store.

Rental Claus, Gloucestershire

Rental Claus offer Christmas tree rental services from their shop at Primrose Vale. You can order online for delivery in the local area.

Ali and Joe's, Bristol

Rent a Christmas tree in a pot from Ali and Joe's. They offer a delivery service in the Bristol area.

Greenies Green Christmas Trees, Cheshire

Greenies Green Christmas Trees offer Christmas tree rentals with delivery and collection services as well as click and collect.

Rooted Christmas Trees, Yorkshire

Christmas trees

Sara Tomkins, the founder of Rooted Christmas Trees, wants to enable people to have a more eco-friendly Christmas by renting a tree. Rooted offers some delivery within the local area (Walsden, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge) or collection from a local pick up point.

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