What to get the dad who has everything on Father's Day? If he's a garden enthusiast, or even if he's not, then horticulturally-themed presents are a good place to start. Satisfy his love for all things green by choosing something like a seed subscription for Father's Day, or what about a new garden trowel?

And for the Fathers Day gifts for dads who aren't that green fingered, there's lots of options too: what about something he will love to use in the garden, like a fire pit, or thermometer?

Below are the best Father's Day gardening gifts for your dad.

Father's Day gardening gifts

A terrarium kit

A terrarium-making kit for Father's Day

A terrarium can be a fantastic horticultural challenge and a hugely satisfying one at that. If you're looking for a Father's Day gardening gift your dad will remember, this essentials starter pack is an excellent option. Included in the pack is cactus soil, drainage pebbles, activated charcoal, moss, decorative grave, and tools. The guide has all the information you'll need to begin, including the art and science behind terrariums and the ecospheres they create. You will need to buy a terrarium and a selection of cacti or succulents separately though!

For suggestions of our favourite terrariums, head to our terrarium round up. And don't miss our piece on the history of the terrarium (or Wardian case).

Triple Stratton Wall Pots and Farringdon Holder

Perfect for your dad's shed or conservatory. A chance to display work in progress as it grows and helpful to free up valuable space below by mounting your creations on a wall in these three stylish non-fussy plant pots.

These pots are available in three classic Stratton colours of Carbon, Stone and Warm Stone, pot up with succulents, herbs and small plants in the kitchen, shed or above outdoor potting tables. Your dad will likely love this helpful and stylish gardening gift, which he could use outside or in.

Here are our favourite indoor plant pots in case these aren't perfect, but are along the right lines for your dad.

Seed subscription

Seed subscription for Father's Day

Why not spoil dad with a regular arrival of seeds for the garden? The Floral Project's seed subscription offers one-off floral kits, or The Flower Club, where a seasonal package is sent out straight to your letterbox each month.

If you're looking for more flower subscription gifts then you can't go wrong with our flower subscriptions round up, or our round up of the best plant subscriptions too.

Burgon & Ball RHS Transplanting Trowel

Transplanter to measure the depth

Chances are, your dad has had his trowel for a very long time. Perhaps this Father's Day is a perfect time to replace it? We love the fact that this trowel has the depth marked in inches, is stainless steel and is designed ergonomically. What's more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

In terms of gardening gifts to last, you can't go wrong with this option, which is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. The handle is 100 per cent FSC certified wood and the overall length is 30cm.

More like this

The perfect Father's Day gardening gift.

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Niwaki Carbon-Steel Lightweight Secateurs

Niwaki Gr Pro carbon-steel lightweight secateurs 19cm

Only the best will do for dad, and when it comes to gardening tools, the best is always Niwaki. These slender secateurs are easy on the eye and light to handle. They are ideal for pruning and are in a fetching colour, so easy to spot in amongst all the rest of the gardening tools. These are secateurs to have for a lifetime, and a beautifully thoughtful Father's Day gardening gift.

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The Gardener's Bag

Make sure your dad doesn't loose bits and pieces all around your garden. Get him this handy gardening bag which will keep everything in one place ready for work anywhere. Made from canvas with a strong padded handle, this bag has pockets on the side for secateurs, plant markers or twine. He can load it up with his garden favourites and get the job done faster. There's even a generously sized central compartment for gloves, bulbs and hand tools. Height 28cm. Width 26cm.

Baksaver Wheelbarrow, 80L

A grey wheelbarrow mid-tip on a white background.

It may be that back in the day, your dad was a deft hand at lifting and shifting garden rubbish, compost and plants. Now, we expect he needs a little more help at transportation around the garden. If that's the case, then the ‘Baksaver’ is one of the best wheelbarrows you could buy. It's perfect for anyone who has trouble lifting things or just wants to take the hassle out of their gardening projects.

There's a foot-operated catch, and a way of pushing down on the handlebar that tips up the wheebarrow's contents. It's sturdy as anything, and very unlikely to topple to the side while you're driving your heavy load across the lawn.

We've rounded up the best wheelbarrows here.

Iris Hantverk Outdoor Bristle Scraper

Best Boot Scraper Iris Hantverk

We particularly love this doormat bristle scraper from Swedish company Iris Hantverk. It has been so carefully designed that we just can't imagine your boots or shoes having an ounce of dirt left on them once you've used it.

If your dad is something of a clean and tidy person, then this could be the perfect inside-outside gardening gift. It's a contemporary option, and looks stylish on your doorstep too.

Here are a few more boot scraping options too.

Barrington Fire Pit

Everyone loves toasting marshmallows on the fire, and the long summer nights wouldn't be the same without a garden fire pit. Make his gardening year perfect with the addition of this fire pit. It's intended use is for logs, and it has a lovely, traditional basket-design, and will rust in the elements over time.

It's available in two sizes and can be detachable from its stand too. We love the idea of this as a Father's Day gardening gift, and if you're on the look out for some different designs, head to our fire pit round up.

Brushed Brass Seed Tray

Every gardener needs a lovely seed tray made from solid brushed brass. This beautifully designed seed tray will look perfect on a sunny windowsill anywhere from the kitchen to the potting shed. You can plant whatever you like in it, but we like the suggestion of microgreens. Make sure your dad has his snips nearby. Supplied with a lifetime guarantee. Length 30cm. Width 20cm. Height 7cm

  • £25.19

Buy the Brushed Brass Seed Tray from Crocus

ClimeMET digital min/max thermometer

The ClimeMET digital min/max thermometer has a large LCD screen which will tell you the min/max temperature readings, along with the current temperature. If your dad likes to keep track of the whether - and make sure he's got the right temperature to plant out his seedlings, then this could be the perfect Father's Day gardening gift. It need batteries, but is made from durable plastic coating.

A Gardens Illustrated Magazine Subscription

June Gardens Illustrated
June Gardens Illustrated

Of course, we couldn't finish our gift selection without suggesting that you give the gift that lasts a whole year long – a subscription to Gardens Illustrated magazine. Best of all you can do this right up to the last minute... No need to worry about tardy delivery drivers making it in time for Sunday. Simply pass on the gift confirmation and wait a few of weeks for their first issue to land. Then continue to arrive, effort-free through their door for 13 issues more.

Get all the details of our latest subscriptions offer here.


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