Getting young ones involved in bird watching can be a great way to become more in touch with nature, and it's a rewarding way to get the kids away from screens for a change. There are some fun bird watching kits out there designed for kids, rather than paying the premium prices for kit aimed at seasoned bird watchers.


And with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2023 coming up 27-29 January, it's the perfect time to get out there and start spotting.

Attract birds to your garden by putting out supplementary bird feeders, as well as bird boxes and water for drinking and preening – here are 14 of the best bird baths.

We've chosen some of the best bird watching kits to get your children outdoors. We've also listed some essential gear if you're looking to make your own kit.

Best bird watching kits – ideal for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Flights of Fancy Bird Watching Nature Kit

Flights of Fancy Bird Watching Kit

Flights of Fancy promote the importance of getting in touch with nature and finding passion in old-fashioned hobbies. The Flights of Fancy bird watching kit includes everything an aspiring ornithologist would need. Included in the kit are 24 identification cards showing 72 common British and European birds, along with folding binoculars, a notepad and pencil, feeding recipes and a helpful guide.

This would make a perfect gift set for a young one hoping to discover more about birds and the natural world.

Look and Learn Birds

Look and Learn Birds

A fun and simple way to get kids involved in bird watching, this kit includes a basic pair of binoculars along with a fully illustrated introduction to birds, a checklist and an interactive poster. The 64-page book provides a clear, easy-to-read reference for young readers with large pictures and simple text. It can be used as a guide to the most common birds and it even includes the most interesting things to notice about them.

The guide also includes some fun tips on how to become more involved with birds, such as making a hummingbird feeder and homemade bird treats.

Uong Outdoor Explorer Kit

Uong Outdoor Explorer Kit

This kit goes further than regular bird watching kits. It's an 11-in-1 explorer set that's perfect for accompanying outdoors exploration. Included in the kit is a pair of binoculars, compass, headlamp, butterfly net, whistle, bug viewing container, magnifier, bug catcher, pair of tweezers, and a carrying bag. Perfect for everything your kid would need in the outdoors.

More like this

Celestron UpClose G2 7x35 Porro Prism Binocular Birder Kit

Celestron Birder Kit

For something a bit more refined, the Celestron Birder Kit includes a decent set of binoculars that have a magnification of up to 7x and are water-resistant. This would be ideal for an aspiring bird watcher who maybe already has a footing in the bird world, or is perhaps too old for the kits aimed at young children.

The Guide to Birds will provide a helpful reference for the common birds found in the UK and in Europe.

Make your own bird watching kit with this gear

A good bird watching kit usually includes binoculars, a notebook and maybe something to wear. We've found some of the best items if you're looking to create your own kit, so feel free to customise to find the combination that suits you.

Viking Badger Cub 8x21 Binoculars

Viking Badger Club 8x21

This child-friendly pair of binoculars would make a great central piece of any bird watcher kit. The lens has a magnification of up to 8x and is packed into a lightweight, compact design. It also comes with a wrist strap and carry case, ideal for how reckless kids can be!

Sebi Binoculars Parent and Kid Set

Sebi Binocular Set

If you're looking to venture out and bird watch together, try this parent and child-specific binocular set. The child binoculars are designed for kids, with soft eye cups and anti-slip grips for child safety. The larger set is slightly more sophisticated, but both have a magnification of 8x.

i-SPY Birds: Spy it! Score it!

i-SPY Birds

The i-SPY Birds book is a fun, interactive way to get your kids into bird watching. With more than 140 varieties of birds to find, kids can score points by going outdoors and searching for them. Plus, if they score 1000 points, they can claim their i-SPY certificate and badge!

The Collins Garden Birdwatcher’s Bible

Collins Garden Birdwatcher Bible

Full of detailed visual profiles and colourful images, Collins Garden Birdwatcher's Bible is a comprehensive book of the birds of the world. It includes handy tips on how to attract birds, and guides on how to identify them by their calls, colours and behaviour.

Bird Watching Notebook

Bird Watching Notebook

A notebook to track the birds you find is an essential piece of any bird watcher kit. This bird watching notebook is specially designed for this purpose, with 100 log pages with spaces for important details, like weather and habitat conditions - and even space for pictures or drawings.

Kids' Warm Waterproof Camo Jacket

Kids Warm Waterproof Camo Jacket

If you want to go that extra mile and immerse yourself in the bird watching, then why not equip your young one with a camo jacket? This wildlife disguise will allow a careful and patient youngster to get up close as the birds move freely around them.

It's warm and waterproof too. Great fun for bird watching and ideal for hide and seek too!


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