Adding a bird box to your garden can bring your green space to life with the sound of chirping and birdsong, while creating a safe habitat for our feathered friends to nest away from predators. It can also become a stylish feature in its own right when fixed to outside walls and trees.


Whether you want to create a habitable zone for smaller birds such as robins and wrens, or have the space to protect a bird of prey from the elements, there are a variety of bird boxes to choose from.

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Bird boxes to buy in 2023

Bird Nesting Box

Bird nesting box for blue tits on white background

Conforming to the standards set out by the RSPB to protect birds, this nesting box states it’s made from responsibly sourced wood with non-toxic, water-based wood preservatives. Aiming to provide shelter for blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits it has a hole that is at least 125mm from the base to prevent cats scooping out any chicks inside, and wood that is 200mm thick to keep the nest warm in cool weather, and keep things cool when it heats up.

With a design inspired by the beach huts at Southwold in Suffolk, the nest roof has been painted with Yacht Varnish to give it a longer life, so birds can ideally return when they need it.

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Apex Classic Nest Box

RSPB Wooden Apex Classic Wild Garden Bird Box on white background

Designed to house a wide variety of birds, this nest box has a classic look with a 32mm entry hole. Made from FSC certified timber, it's insulated to protect birds from the elements and should keep the heat in. It also has a useful side panel that can be pivoted open at the end of the season for cleaning.

There are two hanging tabs at the back of the nest box which should allow for a secure fit when attaching to a wall.

  • £17.99

Buy the Apex Classic Nest Box now from RSPB

Open Front Apex Nest Box

RSPB Open Front Apex Nest Box on white background

Give small birds such as robins, wrens and pied wagtails a place to rest and roost in your garden with this classic styled nest box. Featuring an open front made with smaller birds in mind, it’s deliberately designed without perches to stop predators from having a place to grip and access the same area.

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Approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, it has specific dimensions that allow space and ventilation for those nesting inside, with holes in the base that act as drainage. Made in the UK with thick FSC timber, it should provide a strong and durable home for nesting birds.

  • £17.99

Buy the RSPB Open Front Apex Nest Box now from RSPB

Sparrow Terrace Nest Box

RSPB Sparrow terrace nest box

With three times as many entry holes you can hopefully provide shelter for three times as many birds in this FSC certified timber terrace that should last for several years without the need for wood preservatives.

It features 33mm entrance holes that would ideally house birds such as a house sparrow, nuthatch or a lesser spotted woodpecker.

  • £35

Buy the Sparrow terrace nest box now from RSPB

Robin and Wren Diamond Nest Box

RSPB Robin and wren diamond nestbox

This diamond shaped nest box is an ideal resting and nesting spot for robins and wrens. The roof has been treated with a non-toxic, water-based preservative which means it’s safe, with two hanging tabs on the back so you can ensure it’s secured tightly in place, with an open front that should be inviting to wrens and pied wagtails as well.

  • £14.99

Buy Robin and Wren Diamond Nest Box now from RPSB

Swift Nest Box

RSPB Swift nest box

This bird box has an internal nest cup that should encourage passing swifts to take a peek inside, with an entry hole that’s 28 x 65mm big to give them ease of entry, while keeping starlings out.

It should fit nicely beneath an eave thanks to its compact size and sloped roof, which will also help keep predators away as they have nothing to latch on to.

  • £42

Buy the Swift Nest Box now from RSPB

National Trust Woodstone Nest Box


You can place this in your garden safe in the knowledge it will keep predators such as cats, woodpeckers and squirrels away from nesting birds, thanks to its solid concrete and wood fibre structure. These materials should also keep the insides warmer and more insulated than a regular wooden box, creating a more inviting environment for nesting birds, and giving them a greater chance of survival in the breeding season.

  • £22.99

Buy the Woodstone Nest Box now from CJ Wildlife

National Trust Aspen Larch Nest Box


Suitable for birds such as tree sparrows and blue tits, this sloping roof box has an opening at the side that will allow you to check inside so you can ensure the area is clean enough to attract new birds. This will also let you check if the nest is in use so you don't disturb any new occupants.

  • £18.99

Buy the Aspen Larch Nest Box now from CJ Wildlife

Tawny Owl Nest Box

RSPB Tawny owl nest box

Bigger birds also need a safe place to nest, so if you have the space for it you may be considering a tawny owl nest box. This owl house comes equipped with a long perch which can be removed, as well as a cleaning hatch so you can ensure they have a comfortable space to rest.

Just keep in mind that tawny owls are typically woodland birds so this nest box should be placed in a suitable area, and birds of prey should be left alone while nesting.

Conservation Bat Box

Wildlife World CSVBB Conservation Bat Box on white background

OK. Not a bird box… But something else entirely… Wildlife World have created this hideaway for bats, which has been approved by the Bat Conservation. The inside features grooved panels which should provide easy access, with multiple chambers within so different bat species can find their own space to hunker down.

To ensure the bats are safe and in good condition there’s also a hinged roof so licenced bat inspectors can take a look inside and check on their status without disturbing them. The lovely green design makes it a stylish garden accessory too!


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