A long handled bulb planter is an absolute must over autumn, when you're getting all your spring bulbs lined up and planted. Below we pick out nine of the best long handled bulb planters, ideal for when you have a large number of bulbs to plant and don't want to spend hours on your knees. A long handled bulb planter makes the big job of planting bulbs that much easier. The important elements of every bulb planter tool is ease of cutting, comfortable handles and rust free. And a guarantee would certainly not go amiss, especially as you'll be using your bulb planter tool in the autumn, and likely with a high volume of planting all at once.


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The best long handled bulb planters


Cut-away head bulb planter

The honed edge on this long handled bulb planter makes it so much easier for cutting. It creates quick, easy holes for bulbs or potatoes and will save your back in the process. The head is made from carbon steel, making its cutting action even more efficient and it leaves a hole that's 6cm wide and 10cm deep.

The long handle on this bulb planter tool means you can exert maximum force, while you make a series of holes and plan your bulb display carefully. This bulb planter will help you create a neat and tidy bulb display with minimal effort. The planter comes with a lifetime guarantee too.


Bulb planter from Faithfull essentials

This long handled bulb planter has heavy duty all over it. It's sturdy and ready for to to plant as many bulbs as you need to, come wind or shine. The handle has a T-grip and there are foot treads too which will help grip generally and help to make sure you have the maximum control over your technique. The total length of the bulb planter tool is 960mm, and the handle is 83mm. There's a one year warranty with the planter, which has been manufactured from heat-treated steel. Designed for professional gardeners, the T-grip has a polypropylene coating, which should make sure it's comfortable to use.


Long handled bulb planter

A lovely-looking wooden long handled bulb planter, crafted from FSC-certified ash and rust-resistant stainless steel. The T-handle has been designed to make the bulb planter easy to grip and to move from one area of the garden to the other. The handle itself is 1m long and the stainless steel head is 6cm in diameter. It should make for a smooth and easy hole, for any sized plant you need. The weight is 1.7kg plus it comes with a 15 year guarantee.


Long handled bulb planter good for turf planting

An absolute classic in the long handled bulb planting arena. Sneeboer are known for their perfect garden tools, and if it has been created for Great Dixter, then even better: their stamp of approval means this is not a bulb planter to be ignored.

More like this

Well balanced, lightweight, this is a bulb planter that also has history, as it was modelled on on Nathaniel Lloyd’s historic bulb planter. This planter allows you to take plugs out easily. If you're looking for beautiful design edged with a nice nod to history, then this is probably the bulb planter tool for you. Comes with a ten year steelwork guarantee and measures 100cm overall. The plug depth is also 9 cm and the handle comes with a one year guarantee.


Burgon and Ball RHS endorsed bulb planter

There are a few unique features which make this long handled bulb planter an excellent option, not least the carefully angled foot bar, and the angled blade which makes cutting into the soil all the easier.

The handle is made from FSC certified hardwood and the T handle has an overall width of 28 cm. The planter is overall 110 cm long and it removes a plug of 6cm in diameter. Is a strong, sturdy option that will make your bulb planting so much simpler, without the back strain. If you buy this from Crocus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. What's more it's endorsed by the RHS, which is an absolute sign that this is a good option for your bulb planting regime.

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Carbon steel bulb planter

A smart looking bulb planter tool from DeWit which comes with a sharpened steel cutting edge that will make the cut into the ground infinitely easier. Uniform hole size (11cm) makes for a strong display and this long handled planter will make your bulb planting much simpler. DeWit is a Dutch company with an excellent reputation for its garden tools, which are made from boron steel with a black colour that emulates traditional Edwardian tools. The handle is FSC certified ash and has been oiled for protection. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Traditional bulb planter

This Spear and Jackson long handled bulb planter features an extra long handle that should take some of the back pain out of bulb planting. With mirror polished stainless steel, it is protected from the elements and should have rust resistance as well as allowing minimal soil to get stuck on the head. The overall length is 1000mm and the handle is 475mm including socket. It comes with a ten year guarantee.


Lifetime guarantee bulb planter

Bulldog's long handled bulb planter is a classic, in chic green and no-nonsense yellow. It's solid forged, for extra strength and is made from American and German FSC ash wood. The bulb planting tool goes to a cutting depth of five inches and is 28 inches long overall.


Kent and Stowe long handled bulb planter

This Kent and Stowe long-handled bulb planter is built to make sure it's comfortable, but it's other bonus is great rust-proof credentials. With a handle made from ash (as sturdy a wood as they come), this stainless steel planter should stay intact and without rust for as long as possible. It comes with a guarantee of 15 years and has a diameter of 6cm.


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Sorrel Everton is deputy editor of Gardens Illustrated.