What is a garden trug?

An indispensable tool for gardeners, trugs are compact, shallow and easy-to-carry baskets used primarily for carrying garden produce. They're handy for gardeners growing flowers, fruit and veg, or gardeners just looking for an easy way to carry their tools around. For kitchen gardens, and gardeners with a glorious harvest on their hands, they can't go without a trug.

Here's how to choose a garden trug

Trugs don't have to be used just for transport though, you could get inventive and use them as a container for a succulent plant display, keep a bouquet of dried flowers in them, use it as storage for seed packets or go the extra mile and learn how to make a trug yourself from scratch!

From classic Sussex trugs to modern, multi-purpose garden trugs, there are plenty of options below, for all your gardening needs. And while we're on the topic of gardening needs... If you're on the hunt for a gardening gift for a gardener who has everything, take a look at our Garden gift guide here.

The best garden trugs to buy in 2023

Colander trug

Colander trug, Crocus

For gardeners specifically wanting a trug that will carry their veg, this option is a great choice as it comes with a built in colander. Once you've finished collecting your harvest, you can easily wash it all clean under the tap without having to move it all into a separate colander. It would also work well for weeding as well as collecting muddy plants or flowers that are in need of a rinse.

The colander garden trug is lightweight but has plenty of room, so you can fill it up with plenty of produce.

L56xm x W31cm x H12cm

Kitchen garden trug

Crocus Kitchen Garden Trug

Inspired by garden trugs from the 1950s, this metal trug from Crocus would be a great choice for retro-loving gardeners. The trug is made from tough, galvanised steel, making it durable and weatherproof. The lacquered surface keeps it safe from rust and scratches, and it's lightweight and comfortable to carry too, so you can collect your harvest with ease.

And with plenty of space for delicious apples, learn how to grow apples from scratch and be inspired by our Baked apples with maple syrup and cinnamon recipe. It's a perfect recipe for autumn.

L45cm x W32cm x D11cm


Burgon & Ball Large Hip Trug in Poppy

For busy, on-the-go gardeners with plenty of jobs to do and produce to pick, this hands-free hip garden trug from Burgon & Ball is a great investment. The hip trug simply clips on to a belt, pocket or waistband, making it easier for you to get on with your gardening tasks.

The hip garden trug may also come in handy for older or disabled gardeners, as it saves the need for having to bend down to drop and collect produce. When the trug is full, it can be emptied by slipping it out of its red sleeve. The trug is easy to clean, and is safe to put in the dishwasher.

More like this

The hip trug comes in a small and large size, the large being best for collecting harvests.

3 litre capacity

Rattan forage basket

Rattan Forage Basket, Grace & Glory

Named the forager basket, this is a garden trug with plenty of space for plants and produce. Its multi-purpose design makes it usable indoors as well as out, but for gardening it would be great to carry larger fruit and veg such as apples and potatoes and root vegetables like squashes and pumpkins. Its length and depth would also make it a good log carrier.

This trug is made from thick Kubu rattan and has a strong, twisted handle, making it strong and sturdy. Due to its natural materials though, it's best to not use in rainy weather.

H32 x W50 x D35cm

Sussex garden trug

Sussex garden trug

For a reliable, traditional garden trug, look no further than the classic, famous Sussex trug. This Sussex trug from Crocus is the real deal; it is handcrafted in the village of Herstmonceux, East Sussex, the home of the iconic Sussex trug.

The rectangular trug is made from sustainable birch aircraft ply which is a sturdy, rot-resistant wood - ideal for using outdoors. It's also covered in a thin coat of sunflower oil to keep it looking and performing its best.

The Sussex trug is both long enough to hold flower stems without breakage, and strong enough to carry the heavy veg, win, win!

L53cm x W28cm

Galvanised gardener's tool trug

Galvanised tool trug, Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball

This stylish, galvanised steel garden trug, designed by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball, comes with two compartments, handy for gardeners wanting to separate their produce or plants when transporting them. It would also make a great tool carrier and would come in use for garden parties, BBQs and dinners, for example, carrying cutlery and napkins, as pictured above. You could even use it as seed storage or as a herb container.

Each trug is handmade and aged giving it a characterful appearance and the smooth handle is made from waxed beech wood.

L33.5cm x W21cm x D13.5cm

Willow trugs

Will trugs, Sarah Raven, Photography © Jonathan Buckley
Photography © Jonathan Buckley Photography © Jonathan Buckley

These wicker trugs from Sarah Raven are a darker, more rustic style of garden trug. Perfect for autumn, these garden trugs work just as well as display baskets for veg and flowers as they do as practical carriers for produce. Each trug is made from strong, long-lasting unpeeled willow and have smooth curved handles for comfortable carrying.

With plenty of depth, these trugs could fit a substantial amount of produce, enough for a winter feast! Check out our warming, home-grown recipes here if you're in need of inspiration for the coming colder months.

L47cm x H30cm (medium trug), L56cm x H35cm (large trug)

Garden trugs are versatile and practical tools that can be used for a wide range of gardening tasks. Whether you're harvesting fruits and vegetables, collecting weeds, or transporting tools and soil, a garden trug is an essential accessory for any gardener. Not only are they functional, but they can also add a touch of rustic charm to your garden. You can also check out our best garden trolleys that would work for bigger harvesting tasks.


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