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Contemporary Log Holders Kubu Large Rattan Basket

11 contemporary log holders for indoor log storage

Keep your fireside tidy with our pick of the best log storage options, from willow carriers to iron holders

In the colder months, there’s nothing quite like resting your feet in front of a roaring fire. But you’ll need somewhere to put that stack of firewood – and you’ll also want something to carry your fuel in from storage to fireside.


There are a wide variety of different products available for indoor log storage – you’ll find everything from baskets to carriers to log rings out there. Of course, you’ll want to find fireside storage that looks right for your home, whether that’s contemporary and cool or timeless and traditional.

You might want to go for a centuries-old material like willow, rattan or even hand-forged steel; alternately, you may prefer a lighter material like canvas or felt. Just as important in choosing the right log storage are the practicalities: you’ll want something that’s durable and well-constructed.

Unsure where to start looking and stuck for ideas and inspiration? We’ve put together some indoor log storage ideas for you – read on for our pick of 11 of the best examples of indoor log storage out there.

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Contemporary fireside log holders and baskets


Cox & Cox Willow Log Holder

Contemporary Log Holders Cox & Cox log carrier

This willow log carrier from Cox & Cox has two high sides, each with a carry handle. The other two sides are exposed, meaning that this fireside log storage option keeps your wood on clear display. We particularly like the elegantly understated design: the willow has a natural, unvarnished finish. 

  • £75

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Cox & Cox Rattan Log Trolley

Contemporary Log Holders Cox & Cox Rattan Trolley

Since it is intended to be pulled rather than carried, this rattan trolley, again from Cox & Cox,  has a very large capacity and is 95cm high. This log basket  has two caster wheels at the base along with a handle that doubles as a prop that the whole carrier can rest on, as well as two larger pulling handles at the top. It also looks particularly fetching while upended in a static position.

Rattan Log Trolley

  • £140

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Lodge Round Log Carrier

Contemporary Log Holders Lodge Round Carrier

If stylish and minimal is more your aesthetic, take a look at this sheet-metal contemporary log holder, available from Garden Trading. Looks take precedence here – although that semi-cylindrical body isn’t  particularly functional, this log holder would be a lovely striking addition to a contemporary fireside. Take note: the manufacturers state that since this product is handmade, there are welding marks on the inside of the carrier, although they are not visible when it’s filled with logs.


Carrier Company Classic Log Carrier

Contemporary Log Holders Linear Folding Basket Carrier Company Classic Carrier

Wood and metal indoor log storage might be too hefty and space-consuming – a fabric log holder, by contrast, can be folded up and put away in the warmer months when your fire is not in use. This canvas container from the Norfolk-based Carrier Company is made of a tough, hardwearing jute, and is intended just as much for general garden use as it is for log storage. 

Classic Carrier

£38, Carrier Company

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White Company Log Large Basket

Contemporary Log Holders Kubu Large Rattan Basket

A large-sized fireside log basket made of rattan that is hand-woven in Indonesia. The washed-black colour of the rattan gives it a stylishly modern edge, meaning it is a log holder that will likely look just as good in contemporary as well as country homes. We love how it looks, – although we suspect that two people will need to take a handle each if the basket is completely filled with firewood.

Log Large Basket

£100, The White Company

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Life of Riley Leather Log Basket

Contemporary Log Holders Life of Riley Large Leather Basket

If you’re looking for fireside log storage with some serious character, this leather carrier from Life of Riley might be for you. Made of hand-crafted, embossed premium leather, the design of this contemporary log holder is pleasingly unique. But the real reason we love this basket so much is the extra option available when you order – you can get a personalised message embossed on a leather tag attached to one handle. The perfect Christmas gift for someone?



Cox & Cox Large Iron Log Holder

Contemporary Log Holders Lodge Round Carrier

This wrought-iron contemporary log holder has a design that feels almost sculptural  – and is probably a log carrier for storing firewood only. Given its heft, the makers recommend that you put felt pads on its feet if you have hard flooring that might get scratched. There’s also a small version available for £85.

  • £145

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Hand Forged Jacobean Log Basket

Contemporary Log Holders Jacobean Hand Forged Log Carrier

This log ring is similar in rough design to the Cox & Cox log large iron holder, but is far more ornate in style, with its four arms tapering upward to beautifully finished turned metal nubs. Since this contemporary log holder has been hand-forged by blacksmiths, each item in this range is subtly unique: nobody out there will quite own the same log ring as you. Although the steel is made in a traditional process, it’s coated in a clear protective lacquer to ensure it stands the test of time.

Hand Forged Jacobean Log Basket

£238, Cast In Style

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Graham & Green Linear Folding Log Basket

Contemporary Log Holders Linear Folding Basket

This log basket from family company Graham & Green is another contemporary log holder made of metal – black iron metal – and another that is semi-cylindrical in design. But what stands it apart is the fact that it’s foldable via a central hinge, so this needn’t take up space in your living room when your fire isn’t in regular use in the summertime. 

  • £110

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Oval Felt Basket With Wooden Side Handle

Contemporary Log Holders Oval Felt Basket

Here’s another soft fabric option: an indoor log storage option made of grey-coloured 4mm felt. This contemporary log holder is certainly a much tidier option than the more decorative log rings, and is a good shout for those who are looking for something that can be tucked away easily, versus something that needs to take year-long residence beside your fire.

  • £77

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