Larger and often more easily manoeuvrable than the humble wheelbarrow, garden trolleys are useful when it comes to moving heavy items or large quantities of material around your outdoor space. They usually come with four durable wheels on a turntable mechanism, and many even have tip-up systems, so depositing the load is quick and painless.


Garden trolleys vary in size and design, and the right one for you depends on the way you’ll be using it. Large push carts with mesh frames are ideal for holding loose materials or taking garden waste to the compost bin, for example. Just make sure you choose one with flip-down sides if you’ll need to carry wider loads too.

On the other hand, slimline trolleys with a single flat platform come in handy for transporting large, heavy items like pots. You could even use them when growing fruit and vegetables, moving them round the garden to follow the sun.

We've rounded up the best ones on the market, covering a variety of different designs.

Best garden trolleys and carts

LiftMate Heavy Duty Garden Trailer

This 350kg capacity trolley is large and lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre. All the sides of the trolley can also be folded down making this the best garden trolley for moving heavy or awkward items around with ease. The strong construction of this trolley means that it is built to last, and it has bigger wheels than a standard garden trolley. This is a great trolley for clearing away garden waste, can also be used for agricultural and industrial work and is even popular with festival goers.

Garden Pride Folding Wagon

This folding trolley from Garden Pride is a great affordable option if you're looking to haul things around in the garden but are short on storage space. As it folds up this trolley is more compact than some of the other options making it easy to store in a garden shed or porch. The all-terrain wheels make it really handy for moving garden waste across uneven ground and the inner surface is washable and water-resistant. This trolley can hold up to 68kg, so though not as heavy duty as some of the other options, would be perfect for the removal of most garden waste.

VonHaus Mesh Garden Trolley Cart, 500/600kg capacity

A black trolley with plastic liner on a white background.

A versatile choice, this mesh garden trolley has a detachable inner lining to keep loose materials together. So, it’s great if you want to move items like sand, gravel or grass clippings. Attached to the strong steel frame are four sturdy wheels, which help the trolley carry loads of up to 500kg in weight when in motion - or 600kg when stationary.

Greenworks G40GC 40v Cordless Garden Cart, 100kg capacity

An electric garden trolley on a white background.

Probably the most high-tech garden trolley you’ll see today, this push-cart from Greenworks has a battery and moves on its own to save your back. It’s a great choice if you have lots of heavy items to transport or if you find it difficult to do manual tasks around the garden. Just charge up one of the two batteries included and it’ll run for around half an hour. When you’re done, you can use the spring-assisted handle to upend the tray and tip out the contents.

More like this

The Handy Poly Body Garden Trolley, 200kg capacity

A grey garden trolley on a white background.

The Handy sells a range of different garden trolleys, carts and sack trucks, and this is one of its simplest designs. A rust-resistant polycarbonate container sits on a steel frame with a handy tipping mechanism. You can either pull or push the cart from its handle, or hook it up to a motor vehicle, thanks to the useful tow hitch. This trolley will keep your lawn in great condition, as it’s got large profile tyres and a turntable steering system to make manoeuvring easy.

VonHaus Platform Truck, 150kg capacity

VonHaus folding platform trolley on a white background.

A platform trolley is a useful bit of kit to have in your shed, as it’ll help you transport large items easily. While these types of push carts don’t have sides to contain loose material like garden waste, they’re convenient to store, as most fold in half to be tucked away. This garden trolley is made with a steel frame and has an integrated non-slip rubber mat to keep your items in place when you’re on the move. Once you’ve finished, just push the handle forward to pack up the cart.

Mac Allister Platform trolley, 300kg capacity

A blue and black platform trolley on a white background.

For a platform trolley with a high load capacity, opt for this Mac Allister cart. It can take up to 300kg of weight, twice the 150kg limit of the VonHaus option above. This robust trolley has a powder-coated handlebar, grippy platform and four wheels, which are designed to avoid making marks on the ground. For maximum convenience, the handle is spring loaded, so you can quickly fold it up when you’re done for the day.

The Handy Multi Purpose Garden Cart, 300kg capacity

A garden cart with lid on a white background.

At first glance, this garden trolley might appear to have an unusual design, but it’s a versatile piece of equipment. Included with the cart are fold-down side panels for transporting bulky items and a removable plastic tray, which you can use as a liner or lid. The durable frame has a powder-coated steel construction and tips up to deposit the load. Plus, the whole tray rests on four puncture-proof tyres and you can transform the handle into a tow hitch.

The Handy Large Garden Trolley, 350kg capacity

A grey garden trolley on a white background.

For particularly large or heavy loads, opt for the Handy 350kg-capacity garden trolley. The frame and walls are made of steel, and there are puncture-proof tyres on ball bearing wheels. This cart is also easy to use, as it has turntable steering and you can remove all four sides if you want to transport long or awkwardly shaped items. You can even attach it to a motor-powered vehicle, as it has a tow hitch too.


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