A push mower isn’t just an eco-friendly alternative to the petrol powered mower, it can also be more suitable for smaller patches of grass due to its lighter weight and manageable size.


Due to the fact they’re powered by nothing other than your own strength they’re also significantly quieter than motor powered mowers, which means you can tend to your lawn at any time without disturbing your neighbours.

There are plenty of advantages when considering a manual cutter, so we’ve put together our picks of some of the best push mowers below.

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Best push mowers to buy in 2023

Einhell GC-HM 300 Hand Push Lawn Mower

Combining five blades made from high-quality steel with a cutting width of 30cm, this mower will be able to take care of green areas that are around 150 metres in size.

It has four different levels to help you tackle the grass, which can be set anywhere between 13mm and 37mm to find whichever height works best for you. It also has a collection box attached to the back which is capable of holding up to 16 litres, however this can also be detached if you prefer, which also makes emptying the cuttings especially easy.

The curved handle has also been ergonomically designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower

Ideal for taking care of smaller patches of land that may need a quick tidy, this push mower from Bosch should be simple and easy to use.

It features five helical blades made from hardened steel that should have no trouble taking care of long grass, and the mower weighs just 6.8 kilograms so should be light work to push around.

It has a cutting width of 38 centimetres and should deliver a clean cut, ensuring the surface is nice and even.

The attached grass box also has a capacity of 25 litres which means you can tackle the area in one go without having to stop your progress to keep emptying your haul.

Sovereign 3cm Push Mower

Sovereign 30cm Push Mower

Boasting a neat finish that should make the grass appear as though it's been precisely cut with a pair of scissors, this push mower has an adjustable height that can manage everything from 18 to 38 millimetres. It also has a sizable grass box capacity with 23 litres of storage.

If you'd like to replicate the striped effect on your lawn for a final flourish this may be the ideal mower for you as it also has a rear roller that can do just that.

Webb WEH30 Push Lawnmower

Webb WEH30 Sidewheel Manual Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

Perfect for manoeuvring around tight corners and small spaces, this push mower from Webb should be especially good at turning circles, making sure the awkward spots on your lawn are not overlooked.

Boasting a reliable design that won't let you down halfway through the job, this traditional styled mower should also be nice and silent so you can tend to your garden at any time without disturbing your neighbours.

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It comes with a collection box that can store up to 17 litres, however it also promises a fine cut so the glass clippings can be left behind on the grass to help give your lawn an extra nutrient boost.

Challenge 30cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

Challenge 30cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

Fitted with five metal cylinder blades that should cut cleanly through your grass, this is an ideal garden companion for keeping your lawn looking pristine.

The mower has a blade width of 30 centimetres and an adjustable cutting range of between 1.8cm to 3.8cm so you can slightly customise the device to get the desired result.

It has two main wheels as well as a rear roller for smooth movement, with a grass collector that carries a capacity of 23 litres.

Webb 45cm Contact Free Sidewheel Lawnmower

Webb 45cm Contact Free Sidewheel Lawnmower

This versatile mower has a fairly expansive cutting range with nine different heights to choose from that can be aimed from 25mm right up to 76mm. It has two sturdy side wheels to help you move through the taller grass as well as a roller that will give your lawn a striped finish if you opt to use it.

The blade also has a contactless design which should make it last even longer, making this a durable and reliable mower with 22 litres of space in the collection bag to store all your cuttings.

Spear & Jackson 40cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

Spear & Jackson 40cm Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

Featuring five cylinder blades that will chop and trap the grass for a clean finish, this push mower from Spear & Jackson also has a sizable cutting width of 40cm.

It has a decent cutting range of between 1.5cm and 4.2cm as well, alongside a 30 litre capacity which means there's plenty of storage to take on your garden without having to make frequent trips to the compost bin.

MCMP38 Hand-propelled Lawnmower

MCMP38 Hand-propelled Lawnmower

Made with a durable steel that will see the mower through many cutting sessions, this push mower has a cutting adjustment level that can sit anywhere between 15mm to 40mm, giving you plenty of scope to work.

The grass box has a capacity of 25 litres and can be collapsed when not in use, helping to free up space in your shed or garden, with a fold down handle attached to make transportation especially easy.


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