Traditional greenhouses are fantastic long-term additions to any garden. But if you’re after a temporary solution or a structure you can move around in the future, you can’t beat a growhouse or polytunnel. Nine times out of 10, they’re cheaper and quicker to install than your average greenhouse, thanks to their simple metal or wood structure and flexible plastic outer.


We’ve scoured the web to find the best growhouses available to buy now.

Best growhouses and polytunnels for your garden

Christow Grow Tunnel Greenhouse

Christow Grow Tunnel Greenhouse

If you’re after a sturdy polytunnel with plenty of space inside, you can’t go wrong with this one from Christow. It’s 60cm across and 50cm tall, so there’s enough room to nurture a wide variety of plants.

You’ll have the option to choose how many sections you buy. Two compartments will reach 130cm in length, three will stretch to 195cm and four covers 260cm. Once you’ve set up your growhouse, you can tend to one section at a time, thanks to the individual zipped doors, which you roll up and secure at the top.

As for the construction, the frame is rust-resistant, powder-coated steel and the thick cover is made with two layers of polyethylene and a durable internal grid.

VegTrug Wooden Growhouse

VegTrug wooden growhouse nursery & cover

Upright growhouses like this are popular choices, as they’re compact yet your plants remain easily accessible on stacked shelves.

This one is a particularly great option, as the internal structure is made with sustainable, FSC-approved wood. There are four adjustable shelves, which you can move up or down to accommodate tall plants or other bulky items.

The cover is made from durable PE and has a convenient zip-up door, designed to be secured with a tie at the top.

Keder Cold Frame

Keder Cold Frame with plants inside on a black base sheet

The Worcestershire-based brand Keder has been creating growhouses for three decades. The company has proven its sturdy products can survive on remote islands and even on top of mountains.

This 2m x 2m cold frame is Keder’s smallest product. It’s ideal for compact gardens or patios, and you can mount it on a brick foundation to raise it up above the ground.

Despite its small size, the growhouse can provide a stable internal temperature and doesn’t cast any shadows.

First Tunnels 6ft Wide Domestic Polytunnel

First Tunnels 6ft Wide Domestic Polytunnel on a lawn

For the chance to customise your polytunnel, try this high-quality option. Every version is 6ft across, but you can select your preferred length from 8ft all the way up to 32ft.

Next, choose your cover type, fixings and base options, depending on whether you’ll be placing it on soil, wood or concrete. Then, you can modify other elements, including ventilation and irrigation.

No matter which version you choose, it’ll come with hinged wooden doors and a 200 micron Super Therm Polythene cover.

Woodside Outdoor Wooden Cupboard Growhouse

Woodside Outdoor Wooden Cupboard Growhouse on a patio with a potted plant

If you’re willing to move away from the flexible covers included with most growhouses, greenhouse ‘cupboards’ like these can offer an attractive, long-term solution. Like mini greenhouses, they come with sturdy panels, which diffuse the light inside.

This model is 110cm tall, 76cm across and 57cm deep, and has three slatted shelves to provide plenty of storage space.

One of the best aspects of this wooden growhouse is its ventilation system. You can easily prop up the hinged lid to access plants on the top shelf and let air circulate.

Classic 4 Tier Grozone With Extra Fleece Cover

Classic 4 Tier Grozone With Extra Fleece Cover on a patio

Choose this growhouse for its protective fleece cover, finished with reinforced PE for waterproofing. The frame and shelves are also robust, made with powder-coated steel.

Included in the design are four sturdy shelves, which you can move up and down to suit your plants and equipment.

Even when the cover is completely closed, two ventilation holes allow air in and out. But you can unzip the front panel, roll it up and secure it at the top with ties if you need to tend to your plants.


Sunbubble growhouse with plants and woman inside

Here’s something a little bit different - a dome-shaped structure you can use as a greenhouse or conservatory.

The clever design means part of it is always at 90° to the sun’s rays, so it makes the most of their light and heat during the day.

The Sunbubble is designed to be used as a temporary growhouse; you can fold it down in one piece to be stored in a bag when you’re not using it. Buy it and you’ll get flexible fibreglass rods and a UV-stabilised PVC cover.

Giant Easy Fleece Tunnel

Giant Easy Fleece Tunnel on soil

Opting for a fleece tunnel gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to protecting your plants, as you can easily move it around the garden. This one is 3m long and 60cm across.

Although the cover is crafted with heavyweight polypropylene fleece, it’s still light enough to easily rearrange once in place.

Also included in the design are rust-resistant hoops made from galvanised steel, which give the tunnel its shape.

Garden Gear Heavy-Duty Portable Greenhouse

Garden Gear Heavy-Duty Portable Greenhouse in a garden

A neat and tidy growhouse, this model features smooth ‘easy flow’ outer panels and an apex roof to stop rain puddling.

The sturdy frame should stand up to poor weather conditions without chipping or peeling, thanks to its powder-coated steel construction. And the cover is made with waterproof, triple-layer plastic.


You can roll up the large door flaps to get in and out, or keep them securely tied down with the metal ratchets.


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