If you want the added benefit of growing under glass but don’t necessarily have the space for a full-sized greenhouse, tiny greenhouses offer possibilities within a much smaller footprint.


Glasshouses are designed to be practical protection for plants that fare better when not exposed to the elements. Light is allowed to reach inside whilst wind and rain are kept out. The result is a mild, often warm microclimate that’s perfect for all kinds of potted garden plants, from brand new seedlings to tomato vines.

We’ve collated a list of some of the best mini greenhouses on the market, from table top glass terrariums to 6ft wooden and metal glass houses, available to buy online in the UK.

For more inspiration on growing with greenhouses, discover some of the best Victorian greenhouses for your garden.

The best mini greenhouses to buy in 2023

Outsunny 3-Tier Outdoor Garden Wooden Greenhouse

Outsunny 3-Tier Outdoor Garden Wooden Greenhouse

If you're looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the traditional glass-pane Victorian greenhouse, this fir-wood edition uses anti-UV PC board as a durable protective barrier.

Two slatted shelves offer space for stacking seedlings. A hinged roof can also be left open to give plants an extra boost of sunlight. There's a latch at the bottom to keep the door securely shut which is handy for exposed gardens.

This mini greenhouse is 110cm in height, so it's a super way to show off your plants whilst protecting them. At just 47cm in width, it should be ideal for narrow spaces.

Forest Garden Mini Greenhouse

Forest garden mini greenhouse
Garden Chic

The props to hold up the glass roof of this Forest greenhouse are a nice feature, as are the two front doors hinged at the side for easy access. Thanks to styrene-insulated walls, this mini greenhouse offers great plant protection during winter months.

There are also two internal shelves and a space at ground level for storing bags of compost, plant pots or garden tools. A 15-year rot guarantee comes as standard.

Juliana Vertical Greenhouse

Juliana Vertical Greenhouse

Make the most of your space with this ‘vertical greenhouse’ from Juliana. As well as a plant store, it also has a handy cedar worktop and a trellis to support climbers.

As part of this smart, multipurpose greenhouse, you’ll get an aluminium frame, sliding glass doors and wooden shelving and worktop details. Plus, the whole structure is on castor wheels, so you can easily move it around your garden, patio or balcony.

More like this

Victorian Grow House - Rectangular

Victorian grow house - rectangular

There can’t be many miniature greenhouses more attractive than this one. With Victorian styling and robust, steel construction, it’s a beautiful yet practical option for anyone limited on space.

The clever design makes this mini greenhouse a versatile product. All the elements simply stack on top of each other, so you can easily remove the lid, sides and handled base tray to access your plants. You can even detach the upper parts to use as a garden cloche in your flower beds.

Rowlinson Hardwood Mini Greenhouse

best mini greenhouse, rowlinson hardwood mini greenhouse
Garden Chic

Twin walled polycarbonate glazed panels form the panes of this two-tier mini greenhouse.

It's recommended that you use a good quality wood treatment on the FCS certified Eucalyptus frames to keep them weatherproof for long periods, but this mini greenhouse is made of sturdy stuff. It should provide well insulated shelter to all your little plants.

The two lifting lids have separate lid stays, so this lovely garden feature offers varying ventilation options. The lids should also make it easy to reach into the top shelf.

Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse by Forest Garden

Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse by Forest Garden

This three-tiered wooden mini greenhouse is designed to stand flush against a wall and has a sloping roof to channel rainwater away from its contents, making it a good option if space is at a premium.

Its tongue-and-groove construction is made of pressure-treated wood and designed to be watertight, whilst protected by a 15-year guarantee against rot for good measure.

Juliana Balcony Greenhouse

Juliana Balcony Greenhouse

This is the optimal of a space-saving mini greenhouse, designed to hover above the ground and be attached to sturdy railings or barriers.

Indoor and outdoor space can be at a premium, particularly in city settings. So a greenhouse that doesn’t take up any floor space like this Juliana Balcony Greenhouse provides glasshouse protection in an unobtrusive package.

Hampton Mini Greenhouse

If you have a wall or fence that could do with some cheering up, the Hampton Mini Greenhouse is designed to stand against them and comes with fixings for attaching it securely.

Its aluminium structure comes with a 25-year framework guarantee and 4mm toughened glass lets the light in whilst keeping wind out. Particularly nice are the rung bars that make up the shelves. The spacing allows excess water to drain. Plus if you have plants that like to hang down, they're allowed to freely do so.

Mini Wooden Greenhouse

Mini wooden greenhouse

We love this diminutive greenhouse from Homebase, which is a great option if you have a collection of small to medium plants.

Whether you’re keen to harden your seedlings or have simply run out of space for pot plants indoors, this small wooden greenhouse should offer much needed protection.

4ft Aluminium Tomato Grow House

Tomato House, best small greenhouses

An aluminium grow house which comes with a 25-year guarantee; a fair indication that it has been designed to last.

It’s purpose-built for tomato plants and offers unobstructed room for vines to grow upwards without being vulnerable to the elements like wind. There’s no base, which allows for good plant drainage and means it can be sat on the patio or anchored into gravel or soil.

Halls Wall Garden Mini Greenhouse

Halls mini greenhouse
Garden Chic

Another upright option for protecting your plants is this aluminium finish small greenhouse. The slim frames mean plants within get almost unobstructed sunlight without having to withstand wind.

The shelving is optional, which is good if flexibility is something you’re looking for when it comes to a mini greenhouse. There’s also a roof vent for climate control.

Halls 6ft x 2ft Greenhouse

Halls 6 x 2 mini greenhouse
Garden Chic

The bigger sibling to the 4ft x 2ft Halls greenhouse above and gives you an extra 2ft and another movable set of shelves.

Its charm arguably lies in its simplicity - built for easy assembly and minimal faffing. Horticultural glass conducts heat and allows UV rays to reach your plants so you can count on this mini greenhouse being a slightly warmer environment for keeping your plants in.

Patio Glasshouse by Hartley Botanic

This quality Patio Glasshouse from Hartley Botanic is an ideal option for balconies, small gardens and patio areas. It's made from BS6206 toughened safety glass and measures 138.4 x 127 x 73.5cm in total.


Hartley Botanic specialise in bespoke glasshouses to suit your design needs, so you can customise this small glasshouse with a choice of stylish colours such as, Ruby Red, Forest Green, and Verona Stone.