Your garden is a fabulous space for Halloween decorations, as trick-or-treaters and neighbours can enjoy the wicked delights and enter into the spirit.

You might not want to go for an all-singing-all-dancing, gory display, so we've put together a selection of subtle and elegant outdoor Halloween décor to celebrate in style. From rattan pumpkins and wooden toadstools to metal fence toppers and cute signs, we've got garden Halloween decorations for every outdoor space.

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Best outdoor Halloween décor ideas for 2022

Lights4Fun Real Wax LED candles

Lights4Fun LED candles

Building a candle arrangement is a simple way to create a mysterious atmosphere on your doorstep, and LED versions are a convenient and safe option for your porch set-up.

These designs from Lights4Fun have a realistic look, thanks to their flickering LEDs and real wax exterior complete with drips - perfect for spooky Halloween displays.

As the lights are LEDs, you can nestle these candles among other decorations and foliage without fear of starting a fire. Plus, they won't go out when a gust of wind comes along.

As these candles aren't limited to Halloween use, you could bring them out all year round. They'd make a lovely dinner table centre piece when you're hosting guests.

Mercury Gold Light Up Pumpkin Decoration

Mercury Gold Light Up Pumpkin Decoration on a table

No list of the best outdoor Halloween décor ideas would be complete without an illuminated pumpkin.

Lights4Fun is known for its stylish seasonal decorations, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Halloween. The retailer sells a selection of beautiful, pre-lit pumpkins, including this glass version with a golden crackle-effect finish.

You can set the lights inside to turn on automatically for six hours a day, so it’ll create a cosy look on your doorstep when night falls, especially when combined with other autumnal décor. Why not pair this pumpkin with the matching squash decoration or the black tinted version?

Rustic "Trick or Treat Here If You Dare" Sign

Rustic Trick or Treat Here If You Dare Sign on grass

Few decorations are more exciting for trick-or-treaters than an ominous warning sign in front of your home. Pair this carved wooden board with other spooky décor to complete the look and lure intrepid visitors to your front door.

Just get in touch with the seller if you’d rather display a different message or personalise the board with the names of your family members.

Wire Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkin wire decorations on pumpkins

For a different take on pumpkin decorating, why not try these quirky wire embellishments? Not only are they eye-catching, but they’re also quick and easy to install - a good option if you’re stuck for time. Just press the wire into your pumpkin and you’re good to go. Plus, you can reuse the decorations every year.

The wire is made from strong aluminium, so it’ll survive outside, and it comes in four colour options: black, silver, gold and rose gold.

Bat Metal Tree Spike

Bat Open Wing Metal Tree Spike on a fence post

If you have a tree, fence post or shed in your front garden, this outdoor Halloween décor piece could be ideal for you. It creates the illusion of a lone bat hanging in the dusk; just hammer it into a wooden surface to instantly make your home seem more foreboding.

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Alternatively, you could pair it with the matching ‘closed wing’ bat, for extra impact. Each decoration is made in Suffolk, UK, from solid steel, so it’ll stand up to the elements when left outside.

Set of 3 Halloween Twig Pumpkins

Halloween Set Of Three Twig Pumpkins

Pumpkin decorations are a popular choice when it comes to outdoor Halloween décor, and this set is a great option if you want to go for a more unique design. We love the rustic appearance of the rattan, which looks right at home on the porches of cottages and country houses. They'd look lovely on your doorstep, or you could nestle them at your garden gate or the edge of your vegetable patch or flower beds.

These cute pumpkins come in a set of three, so you can create your own small patch. Thanks to the lightweight nature, they should be easy to move around.

Fun Halloween Gravestones

Halloween Fun Gravestone Set of 2 on grass

If you really want to give your garden a chilling atmosphere, transforming it into a spooky graveyard is a fun option. These eerie graves are made from real stone, stained to give them an aged look. They come complete with a spot for a flickering tea light to illuminate the lettering on dark nights.

Each gravestone weighs just under 5kg, so they should stay put on your lawn or driveway.

Set of 3 Wooden Toadstools

Set Of Three Wooden Mushrooms Toadstools For Garden on grass

Not everyone loves terrifying Halloween decorations, so if you’d rather keep things simple, try these large wooden toadstools. They’ll help you turn your front garden into a magical fairyland.

You’ll get three toadstools in a set and you can choose between two different size selections. The largest mushroom available measures 60cm in height, so it’ll instantly make an impact in your garden.

Cluster the three toadstools underneath a tree or next to your garden path using the 7cm metal spikes at the end of each wooden stalk to secure them. You could also keep them out all year round as a sweet garden decoration.

Black Cat Coir Doormat

Cat Doormat

This doormat is a quick and faff-free way to decorate your doorway this season. Like much of the best outdoor Halloween garden décor, this mat is by no means restricted to use in October.

It's made with tough coir pile and has a PVC backing, making it a durable choice, but it's best suited to porches with a small roof for protection from the rain.

Grab the doormat to make sure your porch remains clean after a busy night of trick-or-treaters, and keep mud from entering the house after a day in the garden!

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Autumn Twig Wreath

Autumn Twig Wreath on a white door

Placing a wreath on your door is an effective way to decorate your outdoor space and it requires very little effort, so it's a solid choice if you're too busy to make or set up your own decorations.

This gnarly twig wreath is ideal if you want to add some gothic eeriness to your doorway. It measures 30cm in diameter, so it makes for a fun statement piece that's sure to attract your neighbours' attention. It would also work well over a fireplace or as part of a spooky shelf display.

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Halloween Spider Micro Fairy Lights

Spider Micro Fairy Lights on some logs

While garden fairy lights create a welcoming atmosphere, these creepy lights are ideal for adding a Halloween-themed twist to any outdoor space. The creepy crawlies have orange LED lights underneath, so this decoration should look particularly effective when it's pitch black outside.

You can select the six-hour timer to save you switching them on and off every day, and you'll get 2m of lights with a 50cm lead cable, so you can have fun deciding where to put them!

You'll need to keep these string lights out of the rain, so we recommend using them in covered porches to add a creepy extra touch to your decorations or potted plants.

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Bat Fence Post Topper

Bat Fence Topper

If you're looking to give your garden fence a sprinkling of Halloween magic, this bat post topper could do just the trick. Its understated steel design gives it a sleek look, and it would look especially eerie in the early evening against an orange autumnal sky.

As well as on top of your fence, you could place it on your garden shed, log store and bird table. It has a small base plate and it comes with screws and plugs so you can easily attach it to a structure of your choice. It's fairly slender with a thickness of 3mm and it has dimensions of 12cm x 8.3cm.

"Trick or Treat" Halloween Door Sticker

Trick or Treat Door Sticker

Displaying this stylish door sticker is a sweet way to greet your guests and any disguised visitors going door to door on Halloween. It's made from high quality matt vinyl and the stickers have been made with precision to ensure a sharp outline. With dimensions of 24cm x 5.5cm, the design is likely to fit on any door. The font style is a lovely mix of chilling and glamorous.

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Halloween Black Wire Wreath

Black wire wreath

A contemporary wreath with a stylish touch, this crafty piece of outdoor Halloween décor is simple yet adorable. You can choose between 'Happy Halloween' or 'Trick or Treat' and if you'd like to opt for a jazzier version, you can add green foliage, black and orange roses and a pumpkin rattle. The wire decoration also comes with a black ribbon so you can hang it up wherever works best, whether that's on an outdoor wall or from a garden tree.

Make sure you're careful with the wreath to make sure it maintains its shape. Each one is handmade, so you know you're getting a unique product with a homely touch.

Halloween Door Corner Sign

Wall Corner Pumpkin Decoration

Another doorway item that's bound to be admired by visitors, this pumpkin door corner sign is quirky and fun. The handmade product made of metal and steel is available in six different sizes ranging from 6 inches to 30 inches, so it's likely you'll find the ideal fit for your door frame. It can withstand rain and sunshine, making it suitable for outdoor use, but you'll need your own hanging equipment. Hooks and screws should both work well.

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