Autumn tidying: the kit you need for the garden

Discover all the tools and kit you need for the autumn tidying tasks in the garden

As autumn sets in, much of the gardening that’s left to be done is about tidying up. With the wind and rain against you, it’s best to be properly prepared. Below are a few suggestions of tools you’ll need in the garden for autumn to help you tidy and prepare for the coming months.


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Tradewinds Leaf Wagon


You’ll be needing an excellent trolly for the mountains of leaves, branches and more that you’ll be moving from place to place throughout the garden in your autumn tidy-up. This leaf wagon from Tradewinds is a very nifty little mover, and not to heavy to boot. It can also be used in various other guises, as it will fold up easily into your car boot.


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Leaf Grabber from Spear and Jackson

Leaf grabber

A fairly obvious addition to this list, but an absolutely vital one nonetheless. A good leaf grabber can turn an endless job into a quick and easy job, helping your back in the process too. This leaf grabber is a no-nonsense option, with 500mm blades and non-slip grips. Spear and Jackson has been around since 1760 and so expect the years of experience to have helped honed their products.


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Leaves Picker

Leaves picker

Dutch company Sneeboer are classics of garden tool design and this leaf picker is no exception. Again, this is a way of clearing up your plentiful leaves without breaking your back and what’s more, you can get it engraved too, for the personal touch. The total length of the tool is 102 cm and the handle is made from ash wood.


Buy from sneeboer.com


Chelwood Modular Log Store

Log store

Autumn is the time of year where your log store comes into its own. We’d suggest investing in this lovely outdoor log storage option to make the most of the rustic country wood aesthetic. This particular store offers a modern take on the traditional version with weatherproof blackened spruce. It has raised feet to avoid any puddles and a reliable roof to keep the logs dry.


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Food Flask

Food flask

We love this nifty, beautifully designed food flask, suitable for all sorts of food transporting options. It’s perfect for days out on the allotment, or if you can’t quite bring yourself to waste time by going indoors and heating up your stew, soup or brew. It has a vegan leather strap and comes with a handy ladle spoon and will keep hot things hot for up to six hours and cold things cold for up to eight. It takes up to 400ml.


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Hand Rake

Hand rake

If you’re working with a small garden, then the last thing you need is a huge rake. This hand rake is a nice alternative, offering compact, efficient design which aims to pull up weed, small stones and more. It also comes with a handy leather handle loop for easy shed storage after use. Made from ash and stainless steel.


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Heritage Log Gloves

Log gloves

These classic log gloves will protect your hands very nicely throughout autumn and winter and avoid painful splinters. Shropshire-based Bradleys specialise in handmade products and these heavy duty gloves can be used for a selection of different tasks, including log moving and carrying, but also general garden tidying work. The leather offers a nice, rustic feel and the gloves come in only one size – 10.


Buy from bradleysthetannery.co.uk



Denim Cropped Wide Leg Dungarees

Dungarees for the garden

Overalls are a must throughout the muddy autumn and winter months in the garden. These dungarees offer ease of movement for all the manual bending, lifting and reaching you’ll be doing while also looking super stylish. They are cropped, making them perfect to wear big boots and socks, or even in warmer weather too. The dungarees are 100 per cent cotton and easy to wash.

Cost: £59.95

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Palmyra Fibre Broom

Fibre broom

An exceptionally hard-wearing fibre, palmyra is one of the old traditional materials for brooms. This one is perfect for clearing snow, leaves, mud and more. Made from red beech, the overall length of the broom is 1.42m and it weighs only 1kg.


Buy from manufactum.co.uk


Hedgehog House

Hedgehog house

Whilst autumn is time for clearing up, it’s also time to think carefully about what you can do for the wildlife in the garden. Hedgehog numbers are declining in this country and so providing the perfect home for one could be vital. The house offers a retreat for hogs from nasty strimmers, predators and more and is so much safer an option than their usual under the bonfire. This is big enough to accommodate a whole family of hedgehogs too.

Looking to get creative with your hedgehog house? Here’s our piece on how to create your own. 


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Women’s Refined Slim Fit Low Heel Ankle Boots: Black

Slim fit angle boots

Whatever work you need to get done in the garden over autumn, some waterproof, sturdy boots are vital. Why not also look stylish in them too, with this pair of black boots from Hunter. Made from natural rubber, they are easy to pull off and on, thanks to a tag at the back of the ankle.


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Jute Hessian Leaf Sacks

Leaf sacks

Avoid using plastic in the garden by investing in these jute bags, which will hold a remarkable amount and won’t cost the earth. Nutscene is a company based in Scotland that specialises in traditional manufacturing methods. These are perfect for leaf composting and will biodegrade 100 per cent. The only thing you need to do is fill them, then leave them in a corner somewhere and you’ll get nutritious soil conditioner a year or so later. For more on compost, don’t miss our compost guide. 



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