Whether they are for gardening or walking, a reliable pair of wellies are essential for anyone who spends lots of time in the great outdoors. Especially in autumn, as the weather gets colder and wetter and the ground becomes muddier underfoot, and a pair of lighter shoes simply won’t do.


A good-quality pair of wellies will be waterproof, breathable, not too loose or tight around your calves - and perhaps just a little stylish too. We’ve picked out 13 of the best wellington boots below, so whether your priority is comfort, durability or style, you’ll find the perfect pair for you.

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How to choose the best pair of wellies

  • How much do you plan to wear your wellingtons? Spend accordingly: a budget pair will probably suffice for a weekend-long festival, but be prepared to spend more if you’re planning to do lots of walking and gardening
  • If walking in your boots is your main aim, consider buying a pair with shock-absorbent cushioning in their heels. The best wellies for walking are usually higher in price, but are a wise investment.
  • Our feet and legs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you have wider calves, consider buying a pair with a strap so you can adjust them to fit you comfortably.
  • Concerned about animal welfare in rubber production? Keep an eye out for vegan-friendly wellington boots.

Best wellington boots for gardeners and walkers

Evercreatures Raspnavy Tall Wellies



These women’s wellies from Evercreatures might be the cheapest on this list, but they are of a quality that makes them excellent value for money. Navy in colour, the Raspnavy wellies are brought to life with a fun raspberry-red gusset strap, and they are made of 100 percent natural rubber. Best of all, they come with a 12-month warranty, if you are concerned about their longevity. A solid and reliable choice for those spending on a moderate budget.

Barbour Bede Wellington Boot

Bede Wellington


A pair of mid-range wellies from Barbour. As you would likely expect of the brand, these rubber boots are simple and timeless in design, and showcase the company’s reputation for quality and style right down to the signature tartan lining. Ultimately, the Bede boots offer exceptionally good value for money, and are available in navy, olive green and black.

Jameson Le Chameau Unisex Footwear

Jameson Leather boot


These wellington boots from Jameson are made of premium leather, which means that they are not only more flexible than rubber but more durable too. Leather also ages far more gracefully too, with the scuffs of prolonged wear-and-tear giving them a satisfying patina. They even showcase another world-famous brand: take a look at the soles, and you’ll see they are made of Michelin rubber.

More like this

Joules Printed Wellies

Joules Printed Wellies


Whoever said wellies shouldn’t be a fashion statement? Those who want something fun on their feet should take a look at these boots from country-inspired fashion company Joules. This particular pair are patterned with birds, but you’ll find other sets with cats, dogs and ladybirds in the same range. With the style comes substance too, fortunately: the back gusset is adjustable to ensure they fit comfortably around your calves.

Printed Wellies With Back Gusset

Buy from Joules

Aigle Parcours Wellington Boot

Slip resistant sole wellies


These slip-on rubber wellies from French company Aigle are marketed as ‘the first anti-fatigue’ boot, and are one of the best wellies for walking. The heels in the Parcour contain a cushion that absorbs the impact of walking - something you will likely appreciate if you’re on your feet outside for hours at a time. They have even been put to the test by a panel of farmers, hunters, environmentalists and rangers - in other words, they are expert-approved.

Dubarry Longford Knee High Boots

Longford Leather Boot


Like the Jameson wellies, this pair from Dubarry are made of leather, so they offer all the same advantages over those made of rubber. The Longfords also boast a Gore-Tex lining that will ensure that your feet aren’t just kept dry, but warm too. Of particular note are touches like the inner hook that allows wearers to pull them on and off easily, as well as the double buckles that will ensure they can be fitted with extra precision around your calves.

Muck Boot Womens Arctic Wellies


Those worried about the cold should give these wellies from Muck Boot consideration. The Arctic Adventure boots have snug, fleece-lined interiors that are designed to offer warmth and protection in temperatures as low as -30C. The 2mm thermal foam insoles will provide additional insulation, while the neoprene cuffs will keep the boots close to your legs, without letting any cold air inside. The ideal choice if you’re about to brave the most unforgiving of elements, or plan to spend long hours gardening in the cold.

Fitflop Wonderfully Tall Wellington Boots

Fitflop Wonderwelly Wellies


These wellies are ideal for buyers looking for a pair in the classic, featureless, rubber tradition - but are also looking for some guaranteed quality. Fitflop’s Wonderwelly boots certainly don’t try to reinvent the wheel in terms of style, but tucked away inside these wellies is some seriously innovative design. The soles are contoured to ensure the wearer’s body weight is distributed evenly, while the heel features a honeycomb-like series of cavities that will absorb the impact of walking. There are also high-rebound springboards at the front of the boot to give you a bit of extra bounce.

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Women’s Fairweather II Wellingtons

Regatta Fairweather II wellies


These rubber boots from Regatta are one of the cheapest on this list, but will still offer the levels of comfort and sturdiness that you will need in a pair of wellies. Like other wellies in this round-up, these feature a cushioned footbed, and are made of leather that is vulcanised (strengthened through a chemical process). However, the Fairweathers label this process as completely vegan-friendly.

Poddy & Black The Bossy Boot

Poddy & Black wellies


A bright pair of wellingtons from a British garden lifestyle company that prides itself on products that are comfortable and practical, but also fun and cute with it. They feature a removable latex foam insole to give your feet the necessary comfort, while the strap on the hem is there for you to decorate your wellies with a cutting from your garden. And bright tomato red isn’t your thing, the Bossy Boot is also available in ‘bish bosh black’.


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