Bringing water into the garden is a must, whether you’re tending your plants, cleaning off homegrown veg or simply rinsing down your gardening shoes before coming back indoors.


While a handy watering can is absolutely essential, a direct link to an outdoor water source makes things much easier and will be a more effective way of managing the water supply to your garden.

Here we’ve picked out twelve of the best garden taps that get the job done and, far from compromising on style, can become an additional feature in your garden.

The best garden taps to buy in 2023

Arjan Metal Garden Water Column

silver garden water column on white background
The minimalist design of the Arjan water column is perfect for those looking for a clean look Arjan

Made from aluminum with a chromed brass faucet, this stylish water column comes in one piece, requiring no additional assembly. You’ll simply need to attach your hose to the top connector to begin watering your garden.

In keeping with the minimalist design there’s a featured bracket on the back for hanging up your hose when you’re done, maintaining the sleek look and keeping your garden free from clutter.

  • £73.99

Buy now from Wayfair

Double Garden Tap

Twice the convenience with a hose connection and outdoor tap

With two water outlets, the double garden tap is twice as convenient. Just one quarter turn will divert the flow of water from a hose connection to an ordinary outdoor tap, so you can easily switch between tasks.

Made from marine grade stainless steel, you may have to perform some minor maintenance to keep the stylish silver gleaming.

  • £149

Buy now from ingarden

"Forever Diamond" Garden Tap

A stand-out piece for a bright, modern garden

This uniquely styled garden tap is most suitable for those cultivating a modern garden, with a statement diamond shape as the handle, and an ornamental backplate.

The “Forever Diamond” is handmade from brass, with a bright, chrome finish, ensuring the tap will stand out on dull or sunny days.

  • £52

Buy now from Black Country Metal Works

Free Standing Garden Tap Station

This free standing outdoor tap doubles as a high-quality focal point

For those who want to make their outdoor tap a focal point of their garden, this free-standing station will keep the water flowing while holding your attention. The shelf, mid-column lets you rest buckets and cans while filling.

Crafted with high-quality, powder coated aluminium this water feature is weather-proof, stainless and rust proof, so there’s little risk of the matt graphite appearance fading over time. Some basic upkeep with warm water is all you need.

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  • £329

Buy now from ingarden

Free Standing Stainless Steel Outdoor Tap

A minimalist free standing tap ideal for larger gardens

With a modern but understated look, this free-standing tap can be placed anywhere in your garden within reach of your water supply, particularly ideal for larger gardens where dragging your hose to the furthest plants might be an issue.

Made in Germany from high quality materials and workmanship, there are two access points on the tap which means the water supply can come from underneath or in the rear.

  • £349

Buy now from ingarden

Garden Standpipe

Despite the stone appearance this tap is light enough to move around your garden

Available in a variety of convincing stone effects you might easily believe this was carved from the real thing, and not high-grade Polyethylene which is the true manufacturing ingredient. With options ranging from dark and light granite to sandstone, this outdoor tap was created with UV protected plastic meaning the natural stone effect will last for a long time without the colours fading in the sunlight.

This free standing garden tap has a solid appearance with the benefit of being light enough to carry around and place in the perfect position that complements your green space.

  • £69

1/2 Inch Lever Outside Tap

A simple and effective garden tap that will blend into the background

If you’re looking for a simple, classic design, this is the one for you. With a subtle look that will help it blend into the background, this outside tap will do the job without taking attention from the rest of your garden.

A very affordable price, easy to use, and minimum fuss required.

  • £4.99 + p&p

Buy now from Stevenson Plumbing

Kingfisher Ornamental Garden Tap

An ornamental Kingfisher tap with a green effect finish

A charming focal point for any garden, the ornamental Kingfisher will look over your work as you tend to your watering.

Made of brass with a green effect finish, this garden tap is available in the standard garden thread tap size, so it will be very easy for you to swap any additional taps. Just unscrew the hose union to fit any adaptors.

  • £20

Buy now from Garden Products

Laorus Fountain Wall round rotundifolia

The Laorus fountain wall provides a modern take on a traditional water fountain

Inspired by traditional water fountains, the rotundifolia has a modern look, with the goal of bringing some character to your garden without compromising on function.

Whether you have a small city space to tend to, or a vast countryside expanse, this will be fit for a variety of activities ranging from regular watering duties to playing with the kids. Available in a wide range of colours, there are also add-ons available that can attach to the fountain, such as a bowl that will help collect and save water.

  • from £300

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Myrtifolia Garden Fountain

Welded for durability, this fashionable fountain is made from laser-cut steel

Easy to install, this free-standing fountain has an industrial design that would be a bold addition to a modern garden.

Made from laser-cut steel and welded for durability, the fountain boasts very high resistance to outdoor use. This garden tap comes with a variety of smart features including perforations on the base which prevent water from stagnating, and the option to fix the fountain to the wall for greater stability. There's also an option to hide the hose on a support behind the fountain, keeping the minimalist feel intact.

  • £412.50

Buy now from Laorus

Polished Brass Robin Garden Tap

This polished brass tap has been realistically crafted into the shape of a robin

Crafted from brass and etched with life-like features, this polished Robin will add some subtle character to your outdoor tap and should help make the necessary task of watering your garden a little more interesting.

You can keep it pristine with regular maintenance or let the wind and rain weather the material for a more rustic look.

  • £52

Buy now from Black Country Metal Works