Watering cans are an absolute essential whether you are gardening inside or out. Because we use them all day and every day, they can tend to blend into the background, but it's worth investing in a style and design that you like, not to mention making sure the pouring action on your watering can is perfect. Make sure you're getting the spray exactly how you want it, while also ensuring you have something nice to look at in the potting shed, garden, or bathroom.


The below watering cans range from the traditional to the downright futuristic and we think they'll be an asset to any garden space, whatever the size.

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Best watering cans for outdoors

6.8L Haws watering can

2 Haws watering cans

With a history stretching back over 130 years, Haws is the oldest watering can manufacturer in the world. The brand launched in 1886, and has become one the UK’s most trusted retailers for gardening products.

We’ve chosen the brand’s Cradley Cascader (left), a plastic model with a capacity of 1.5 gallons, or 6.8L. The design includes a ‘long reach’ spout, so it’s perfect for watering large flower beds or hard-to-access areas. It also comes with a brass-faced plastic rose, which produces a fine spray to protect delicate plants and seedlings.

If you’re willing to shell out a little more on your new watering can, you could also consider the Bearwood Brook Green (right). It has a galvanised steel construction with a powder coated finish for rust protection. The rose allows for a fairly coarse spray, ideal for quickly watering large patches.

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9L Heritage Blue & Copper Metal Watering Can

9L Heritage Blue & Copper Metal Watering Can

This attractive option updates a timeless design with striking blue and copper colouring. The watering can doesn’t compromise on durability either, as it’s made with galvanised steel for strength and rust protection.

In total, the can is 38cm in height but the handle folds down so you can store it in cupboards and shelving units just 24cm tall.

You’ll get 9L of capacity inside, and you can detach the rose for quick watering jobs.

1.5L Watering Can

1.5L Watering Can

You can always rely on Garden Trading to sell practical yet stylish garden accessories. This is the retailer's 1.5L outdoor watering can, ideal for small watering tasks like caring for plants on balconies. It’s also a handy size for seed trays, small pots and seedlings on potting benches. When you're done, you can easily slot it into small spaces for tidy storage.

As for construction, you get a powder-coated steel can with brass detailing. And as with all the best watering cans for seedlings, this model comes with a fine rose to produce a gentle stream of water.

9L metal chic watering can

Putty watering can

The understated design and interesting putty colour of this watering can make it an appealing purchase, and it should fit well into any garden shed. It is made of metal and has a detachable rose.

It holds 9L of water, which is enough to help you get through lots of plants in one go while not weighing you down too much.

10L watering can

10L Watering Can in Carbon

This 10L watering can is not messing around; it holds a hefty amount of water and it’s sturdy, created with powder-coated steel. It's also easy to fill up and has a removable rose that makes pouring easy.

The aesthetic is simple and traditional and looks great in any setting. It comes with an off-black finish with a touch of midnight blue, which contrasts beautifully with the smart brass rose.

9L metal watering can

Crocus gold band watering can

Thanks to the reflective silver outer and golden trim, this watering can from Crocus is a striking option. In fact, the colouring makes it a handy eye catcher if you’ve left the watering can somewhere in your borders.

Plus, it's rust resistant, thanks to its powder-coated finish, and it has a detachable rose. It holds 2 gallons, or 9L, so it's a handy one for getting large beds watered.

2.5L Eva Solo Globe Watering Can

Globe watering can from John Lewis

With a move away from the traditional watering can shape, the Eva Solo Globe will set your garden apart. It holds 9L and it has two watering options – gentle spray and clean jet, so it's a versatile option for any gardener.

The watering can measures 38cm in height and is made from plastic and stainless steel, so it should stand up to tough gardening jobs.

9L Long reach watering can

9L Long reach watering can

For a stylish yet practical design, you can’t go wrong with this striking watering can. With its stainless steel construction and copper trims, it has a timeless look and should stand up to general wear and tear in the garden.

But the standout feature of this eye-catching watering can is its long-reach spout, which makes it easy to care for plants in hard-to-access places. The rose is slightly angled to make watering even simpler.

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Best watering cans for indoors

0.7L Burgon & Ball Indoor Watering Can

0.7L Burgon & Ball Indoor Watering Can

With its slim, angular spout and wooden handle, this indoor watering can has sleek, modern styling. So, it should look great in most homes.

Thanks to the narrowness of the spout, this can allows for precise watering to minimise mess in your home.

It’s also a hardwearing product, as it’s made with moulded, powder-coated steel, and the handle uses FSC-approved beech wood. Pair it with this sweet indoor plant mister in the same colour.

Or, if this stone colour isn’t quite right for you, why not get the green, grey or blue version? They’re all available at Farrar & Tanner.

1.1l Indoor Watering Can

1.1l Indoor Watering Can

Another stylish option from Garden Trading, this indoor watering can features an all-white exterior and a smart hooped handle. The narrow spout should make it easy to direct the flow of the water in small pots and terrariums.

It’ll hold up to 1.1L, but you can get the larger version, which has a capacity of 1.9L. Alternatively, why not go for the silver watering can instead of chalk white?

1L Haws Copper Indoor and Seedling Watering Can

Haws copper watering can

Here's another traditional option from Haws - this time for indoor use. The watering can holds 1L of water and has a detachable rose, which gives you the option of switching between different watering jobs.

While the rose is made with brass, the body of the watering can has a copper construction, which means a bit of polishing will be needed to maintain its sheen.

1.7L Burgon & Ball Watering Can, Buttermilk

Sophie Conran watering can

With a comfortable, well-balanced handle and a smooth pouring action, this Sophie Conran-designed indoor watering can holds 1.7L. It's a chic and charming option for your potted plants and is made from galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish. This one is 'buttermilk' in colour; a neutral option to suit almost every home.

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8L Garden Glory Diamond Watering Can

Garden glory diamond watering cans

Garden Glory is a great brand to check if you’re into quirky outdoor accessories and tools. This is the luxury retailer’s diamond watering can with its striking geometric design.

It’s marketed as both an indoor and outdoor product, but as it doesn’t come with a rose, we’d recommend reserving it for inside use and steering clear of delicate seedlings. This one holds 8L of water, but there is a smaller 4L version available as well.

1L RHS Indoor Watering Can, Flora & Fauna

RHS Burgon and Ball flora & fauna indoor watering can

This RHS watering can will brighten up your home no end. The fun, colourful design features a host of birds and plants and is part of the RHS Flora & Fauna collection.

The 1L watering can is made from galvanised steel and works well for both herb pots and houseplants.


The right watering can will not only make your life easier when watering the garden, but can also serve as an attractive display ornament. We hope you've discovered the perfect choice for you in our roundup, but if you want to spare yourself the effort, why not explore the best self-watering planters for your home and garden?


Daisy Bowie-Sell is digital editor of Gardens Illustrated. She has previously worked as a journalist for publications including the Daily Telegraph, WhatsOnStage and Time Out London