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Haws copper watering can

The best watering cans to buy

Nine stylish watering cans for the garden which will help you keep on top of watering duties

Watering cans are an absolute essential whether you are gardening inside or out. Because we use them all day and every day, they can tend to blend into the background, but it’s worth investing in a style and design that you like, not to mention making sure the pouring action on your watering can is perfect. Make sure you’re getting the spray exactly how you want it, while also ensuring you have something nice to look at in the potting shed, garden, or bathroom.


The below watering cans range from the traditional to the downright futuristic and we think they’ll be an asset to any garden space, whatever the size.

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The best watering cans for your garden



Long reach watering can

HAWS Indoor Plastic Watering Can

There’s a reason why Haws watering cans have been around for 130 years. This mini version of the classic Haws watering can holds a pint of water so it’s particularly handy for watering seedlings. 

There is a removable brass faced round rose which produces a fine spray and it is made of recyclable plastic so it’s nice and light. 


Metal chic watering can

Putty watering can

The understated design and interesting putty colour of this watering can make it an appealing purchase that would slot well into any garden shed. It is made of metal and has a detachable rose. 

It holds 4.5 litres which is enough to help you get through lots of plants in one go whilst not weighing you down too much. 


Super sized watering can

10L Watering Can in Carbon

This ten litre watering can is not messing around. Holding a hefty amount of water, it’s sturdy to say the least. Created in carbon, it is easy to fill up and has a removable rose that makes pouring easy. The aesthetic is simple and traditional and looks great in any situation.

Comes in several colours in powder coated steel.

Cost £40 

Buy from


Copper care can

Haws copper watering can

Another traditional option from Haws. This copper indoor and seedling watering can holds 1 litre of water and makes pouring very, very exact – don’t expect pools of water on your window sill with this can. The rose is detachable and is brass, while the can itself is made from copper, which means a bit of infrequent polishing will be needed to maintain its sheen.

There’s a 12 month guarantee that comes with this watering can, which is also a perfect gift for someone horticulturally minded.


Sophisticated watering can

Crocus gold band watering can

Add a splash of decadence to your watering can with this option from Crocus. The metal watering can has a band of gold trim which is a handy eye catcher if you’ve left the can somewhere in your borders.

The can is rust resistant as its powder coated and it has a detachable rose. It holds two gallons, or nine litres, so is a handy one for getting some large beds watered.


Light and bright watering can

Sophie Conran watering can

With a comfortable handle that’s very well balanced, and a smoth and easy pouring action, this Sophie Conran-designed indoor watering can hols 1.7 litres. It’s a chic and charming option for your potted plants and is made from galvanized steep with a powder-coated finish. This one is buttermilk and offsets well against the colour of your plants.

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Slim profile watering can

Ernst Watering Can

The perfect watering can option for tucking into a corner somewhere. This Ernst Watering Can comes in black and has a high handle, making its overall height 49cm. It’s a simple, sleek, modern design that will look perfect amid any pots and plants. This one is black, but there is a beige option too.

Cost £30 

Buy from Nordic Nest



Futuristic watering can

Globe watering can from John Lewis

With a move away from the traditional watering can shape, the Eva Solo Globe Watering Can will set your garden apart. Holding nine litres, it has two watering options – a gentle spray or clean jet. Made from stainless steel and plastic, the watering can is an easy fill and is 38 cm high.

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Fun with birds

RHS Burgon and Ball flora & fauna indoor watering can

This RHS watering can will brighten up your potting shed no end. The colourful, fun design features a host of birds and plants and is part of the RHS Flora & Fauna collection. 


The one litre watering can is made from galvanised steel and works well for both herb pots and houseplants.