Water butts are a perfect way of being environmentally sustainable and helping to reduce your water bill. They also make beautiful garden features and certainly don’t need to be eyesores due to their decorative and subtle designs.


If you’re looking to capture rainfall while adding to your garden’s stylish image, you are in the right place. Here are a selection of the best water butts, from contemporary to more subtle designs with alternative functions.

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Best water butts to buy in 2023

Harcostar Water Butt Kit - 227 Litres

Harcostar 227 litre Water Butt Kit on white background

Made from recycled plastic this water butt should blend subtly into your green space while storing plenty of rainfall to help with garden tasks.

Standing at just under one metre, this unit is 60 centimetres wide and comes with a stand and diverter kit included so you can collect the water straight from your drainpipe.

The tap is positioned at the bottom so you can easily fill a watering can to hydrate your plants or a bucket if you have a larger job in mind like cleaning your car or washing wellies.

Garantia Linus 2 in 1 Water Tank - 220 Litres

Grey water butt

This smart water butt harvests rainfall from both the plant-cup top and your downpipes. The planter top lifts out so you can easily personalise the butt with plants of your choice. This also makes the cleaning of the tank an easy process.

It is 120cm in height and collects 220L of water so a great choice if you’re looking for a statement piece for your patio.

Cadix Rain Barrel Black - 130 Litres

Black water butt with stand

Perfect for a modern garden, this striking water butt from Capi is both stylish and practical.

There is a built-in filter which stops leaves and unwanted foliage from blocking the water flow. The metal stand is particularly useful as it allows you to place larger vessels under the tap.

If you want to add a splash of colour and plant some flowers on the top, that is entirely possible thanks to the integrated planter.

Barrique Water Tank - 250 Litres

Wooden water butt

We love the realistic wood effect finish of this water butt that's been designed in a classic barrel shape, bringing some additional flair and function to your green space.

There is a brass connection point for a screw in tap as well as a second outlet which drains the water.

The barrel comes with a brass tap and holds an impressive 250L of water, standing at a height of just over one metre. It would be a delightful addition if you’re interested in adding some character to your outdoor space.

Garantia Woody Wall Tank - 350 Litres

Garantia Wooden Wall Tank 350L

If you want to store a large amount of water, but save space in your garden, this is a great option. It stores 350L of water and sits nicely against a wall.

The tap allows for easy extraction of water and despite its decorative nature, this item is robust enough to withstand all sorts of weather.

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Wall-mounted Water Butt - 100 Litres

Black wall-mounted water butt

This sleek water butt holds 100L of water and can be conveniently mounted to the wall of your house, easily slotting into neat spaces.

The tap can be placed on either side of the butt which is handy when you’re looking for the perfect spot in your garden. It works with all standard round and square down pipes and the butt tops up when it rains thanks to the built-in overflow system.

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Antique Amphora Water Butt - 360 Litres

Grey Water Butt 360 Litres

If you are keen to add a Mediterranean touch to your outdoor space, this could be the one for you.

The large vase-shaped design has a removable planter on the top so you can fill it with your favourite flowers to make it even more attractive.

The chrome tap is included and set-up should be straightforward as it comes with a pre-fitted seal and tap connector so you don’t need to worry about drilling.

Madison Water Butt with Fountain - 185 Litres

Water butt from waterbuttsdirect

Pebbles can be added to this fun water butt to make it a lovely garden feature.

The water barrel holds 185L of rainfall and there is an emptying hose attached for convenient draining.

Water filters through the screen guard into the barrel, making this as functional as it is pretty.

Rainwater Terrace 3 Tier Water Butt With Planters - 200 Litres

3 Tier Water Butt

The Rainwater Terrace not only helps you save water but also helps with plant growing.

With a top planter as well as a set of side planters, grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and striking trailing plants and transform this simple water butt into an eye-catching display.

The water you save is used for the plants thanks to the integrated plant growing system so this is a multi-functional water butt.

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Water Butt Bamboo - 110 Litres

Green Bamboo Water Butt

The gorgeous dark green colour and durable nature of this water butt makes it an appealing purchase. It has a capacity of 110L and should last for up to 10 to 15 years. It comes with a matching stand, rain diverter, tap and lid.

It is ideal if you’re watching your budget and the bamboo-effect is a nice touch.

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