Gone are the days when heating your outdoor space meant lugging bulky, inefficient heaters around your patio. Today, you can choose from a vast selection of beautiful designs, using innovative heating methods like infrared technology to keep you toasty warm outside.


Most of the patio heaters in our list use infrared as opposed to older heating techniques. Rather than warming up the air, infrared transfers heat directly to objects and people, helping you feel instantly warmer.

Infrared heaters tend to be more energy efficient than other devices, as they use a lower wattage and convert almost 100% of its electricity into heat. Plus, they don’t use gas or emit any pollutants, unlike open flames.

8 stylish and sustainable patio heaters

Heatlab Table Top Infrared Heater

Heatlab Table Top Infrared Electric Outdoor Indoor Patio Heater on a grey background

Not all patio heaters are large, freestanding models; if you’re after something small and portable, try this one. It’s designed to sit on the table to warm guests during al fresco dinner parties.

Despite its small size, this compact patio heater can heat an area of up to 9m². There are three heat settings, allowing you to get the perfect amount of warmth, and you can even take it indoors, so it’s a versatile option.

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We also love the smart brown rattan finish on the base.

Check the Heatlab store for more patio heaters in a range of different sizes.

Faro Freestanding Gas Heater

Faro Freestanding Gas Heater on a grey background

We couldn’t write a list of the best patio heaters without including one of these eye-catching designs. Commonly seen in restaurant and pub gardens, these gas heaters with four glass panels and a steel hood are a stylish choice.

They’re also highly efficient, capable of burning for up to 55 hours with a standard 11kg gas bottle. Plus, there’s no smoke or smell.

The four castors on the bottom make it easy to wheel this heater around your patio or terrace, and you can buy a fitted cover to protect it during bad weather.

Kettler Kalos Terrace Freestanding Patio Heater

Kettler Kalos Terrace Freestanding Patio Heater on a grey background

Kettler’s electric Kalos patio heater uses a halogen element to provide warmth and light as soon as it’s turned on.

They say your garden should be an extension of your home, so why not opt for this sleek heater in the shape of a floor lamp? It’s made with aluminium and steel to reduce rusting.

You can change the settings using the touch controls on the lamp or the remote control. You’ll have a choice of three heat modes, and there’s an automatic cut-off mechanism for safety.

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Charles Bentley Hanging Patio Heater

Charles Bentley Hanging Patio Heater on a grey background

If you’ve got a parasol or gazebo, a hanging patio heater could be a smart choice. This one is made from aluminium and steel in a completely waterproof design, so you can leave it outside all year round.

It’s another infrared heater, and can warm an area up to 9m² in size. Like all the best patio heaters, it has three heat settings, so you can adjust the temperature to suit your requirements.

Gtech Infrared HeatWave Patio Heater

Gtech Infrared HeatWave Patio Heater on a grey background

Gtech may be best known for its power tools and vacuum cleaners, but the brand also sells this efficient infrared patio heater, which you can mount on the wall.

The heater is completely weather-proof, so it’ll survive the elements throughout the year. Plus, it weighs just 1.5kg, which should make it fairly easy to mount.

As you’d expect from Gtech, the brand has also created a smart casing for the infrared heat lamp. We love the sleek matt black finish, which should look great in modern gardens and outdoor spaces.

electriQ Mushroom Style Infrared Patio Heater

electriQ Mushroom Style Infrared Patio Heater on a grey background

Patio heaters in the style of indoor floor lamps are a stylish choice, and this one features a sleek aluminium finish.

Three strength modes make this patio heater a practical option, and at its highest setting it can cover areas of up to 15m² - perfect for groups of up to six people.

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Heat1 Under Table Patio Heater

Heat1 Under Table Patio Heater on a grey background

Anyone who suffers with chilly legs and feet will love this clever little infrared patio heater.

It fits underneath the table to heat between four and six square metres of space. Accidentally knock it over and it’ll automatically turn off to keep you safe.

You can even use it indoors for extra warmth on chilly days.

Heat Outdoors Empire ECO Infrared Patio Heater

Heat Outdoors Empire ECO Infrared Patio Heater on a grey background

For a sturdy, freestanding patio heater with infrared technology, try this model. It’s got an in-built motion sensor to automatically turn on when people are around and save you fiddling with the settings - although you can of course use the remote control.

The casing is waterproof to survive rain showers, and there’s a felt grill to stop you getting burnt as you walk past.


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