When used inside or out a plant stand, or plant theatre, can be a brilliant way of using space and making a dynamic display to some of your pot-grown plants.


Plant stands vary in height and levels and go from the Scandi-style to the out-and-out frilly. Whatever your design preference, always think about what plants your planning to place on your stand before you make your purchase. There's no point in going for a stand based solely on its good looks: it needs to look right with whatever you want to place on it. Are the plants tall? Are they wide? Do they trail?

Container display of chillies and ornamental plants on a ladder
A plant stand display from Jenny Barnes © Richard Bloom

Plant theatres are often used as the term when referring to auriculas, which has come from the fact that auricula growers have traditionally displayed auriculas on tiered plant stands, in beautiful terracotta pots.

Of course, plant stands don't need to just be for auriculas and these days many people choose to display their plants with the help of theatres, or plant stands.

Below are our selection of some of the best plant stands out there.

Metal six tier plant stand

Metal plant stand

Think of this plant stand as a harking back to the classic Victorian house plant displays, where the bigger and more ostentatious the better. This plant stand has the option of spots on six different areas, at varying levels. It's durable, is made from metal can be used inside or out. It's tall, at 29 inches, so this is a plant stand for impact. You need a special area for this stand to really stand out, if you can excuse the pun. Great for use on balconies as well as patios and each layer can hold up to 10 kg in weight. There is an element of self-assembly, but it doesn't need extra tools and so shouldn't be complicated to put up.

Como tiered plant stand

Plant stand shelf

This lovely metal plant stand has a straightforward, utilitarian aesthetic, but as such, will look really great in a country cottage, abutting a brick wall. It has a slightly distressed finish and should make a perfect stand for your pots, whether big or small. Each shelf can hold up to 20kgs and the height is 153 cm.

Green plant stand

Green plant stand

We love this green step plant stand which can put put against a wall to offer a great use of space. Perfect as a mini herb garden, inside or out, this plant stand is easy to clean and easy to assemble. Measuring at 48 cm high, it is 61 cm in length and 43.5 cm in width.

Metal plant stand

Shelf plant stand

A classic aesthetic which would look brilliant housing your collection of auriculas. Or any other plant for that matter. If you use these outside they have a charming book shelf feel to them, which will give any little corner a lift. This plant stand is made from powder coated steel, which means it should withstand the weather. You can fold this plant stand too, so it should be easy to transport and it has a guarantee of 12 months. The dimensions are 98 cm height by 30 cm width and 56.5 cm length.

Indoor plant stand with plant pot tray

Single plant stand

Here's a great option for that one plant in your life that needs a boost. This indoor plant stand is for one only, but it is a great option for bringing a lost, forlorn green friend back to life. The bamboo tray is 7 inches in diameter and so would be suitable for several different sizes of plant. It will support up to 25 kg, and it is very easy to adjust its height. You will need to put this plant stand together, but it's not too much of a fiddly process.

Plant rack square black

Ornate plant stand

A square plant stand with patterns and four shelves that measures at 153 cm high. Made from steel, this plant rack should be rust-proof and again, offers a nice bookshelf aesthetic which can look great in a conservatory, garden patio or inside the house too.

Corner plant stand with four levels

Plant stand

Fill your annoying corner with this beautiful black corner plant stand from Mano Mano. Great for balcony gardening, or gardening in a smaller space, this plant stand has four tiers for little plants, or, if you want bigger plants, you can remove some of the tiers so that you have more space for larger plants. It's a very unassuming option for a little corner of a room, and a great way of displaying your plants inside or out.

Wire plant stand

Basket plant stand

This wire rack basket plant stand from Sarah Raven has a lovely cottage garden aesthetic and the size of the baskets tapers as you get higher. You can cluster pots around the base to make more of a display, or have this standing alone in a little spot. It measures as 1.2 metres, with the bottom layer measuring as 50cm diameter.

More like this

3 tier folding plant stand

Tiered plant stand

A great Scandi-inspired plant stand, made from planks of acacia wood in a foldable design. The plant stand is weather-resistant, and is suitable for indoors or outdoors. We can just see this in a living room, with plants, books and ornaments side by side. Or what about a bathroom? It's a way of being useful and beautiful. It's 63 cm high with a width of 40 cm.

Rowlinson garden creations plant stand

Wooden barrington plant stand

A natural tinber finish plant stand that is ready for your heaviest plants. The shelves are all at different depths, so you would pick the size most suitable for each platform. If you have a few climbers, or climbing plants, then this could be a great option, as the back screen offers great support for plants that need it. This plant stand is a tall option, coming in at 1.8 metres high and 900mm wide.

Multi-tiered rubberwood plant stand

Wooden recycled plant stand

A great standalone plant stand option, which will make a feature of any nook or cranny with the help of your plants. This stand has five tiers in total, and is made from recycled materials. It can be used inside or out and measures at 70 cm high, with a length of 70 cm. We love its versatility and its straight talking aesthetic.

Barrington plant stand

Plant stand

A classic in the canon from Garden Trading, the Barrington range are a great, versatile design collection. With their metal balls on top of metal poles, and their steel veneer, they are great as a feature, or just something to disappear into the background to let your plants come through. This plant stand has three shelves, the bottom rung jutting out much further and offering more space. You can use this stand inside or out and it measures at 73 cm high.

Nkuku Jara Terracotta planter stand

Metal frame plant stand

A riff on the usual plant stand, this iron plant stand offers a great way of displaying herbs or whatever plants you fancy in terracotta pots. The stand comes with the pots, so all you need to do is fill them with seeds. It measures at 65 cm high and weighs 3.7kg.



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