Owning a bee hive is a lovely way to help pollinate your garden. They range in style and size so we’ve put together a list of the best bee hives so you can find the perfect fit for your garden.


Encouraging the bees in your outdoor space by providing a home for them not only benefits the environment and your plants but it’s such a treat hearing the natural buzz as the bees work away!


The best bee hives to buy for your garden

Solitary interactive bee hive

Interactive solitary bee hive

This fun beehive is a neat size so it’s perfect for smaller gardens. A particularly appealing feature is the lifting roof which allows you to take a peek inside and witness the action. This is great for children who are keen to explore the garden and learn more about the workings of bees.

The beehive has been designed to attract non-aggressive solitary species so if you’re keen to have red masons and leafcutter bees in your garden - both of which are born pollinators - this could be the hive for you.

The timber beehive measures 20 x 20 x 22cm and is best positioned no more than 1.5m from the ground, preferably in a South or South East facing area, in order to catch the early rays.

Bee Brick

Bee hive from Green and Blue

This bee brick is ideal if you have an urban space that lacks natural nesting spots for bees. It would also work well in an allotment and there is even the option to build the brick into an existing wall if you’d like the bees to have a permanent home.

The cavities in the brick give the red mason and leaf cutter bees space to lay their eggs. It’s best to keep it one metre above the ground, keeping the space in front of the holes free of plants and vegetation so the bees have easy access.

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At such an affordable price, this would also make a lovely gift for bee lovers! For more present ideas, check out our gift list for gardeners.

Cedar bee hive

Easipet National Bee Hive Cedar with two supers

This National bee hive arrives flat packed so you get the joy and satisfaction of building it yourself.

It is made from cedar and comes with a brood box, two super boxes, metal runners and a Queen excluder. It measures 54.6 x 53.8 x 20.2cm so it’s a decent size but it won’t take up too much room if you’re worried about space.

Bee house

Bee hotel

An alternative to the bee hive - but another way to encourage the bees in your garden - is a bee hotel.

This one in particular can be used by solitary bees such as Mason Bees, which are great to have if you’re a keen fruit grower. As well as providing a space for a range of insects and pollinators, it’s a beautiful garden feature which can hang on the wall, creating a striking and interesting display.

Shetland Rectangular Bee House

Bee hive from Garden Trading

This is a sweet and subtle bee hive house that would easily slot into any garden, whatever size or layout.

The Shetland bee hive house promises to help bees thrive by allowing them to nest and keep cosy. It’s another design which can hang on a wall making it pretty discreet.

You should be sure to keep this house in sunlight and in an obvious location free of plants and flowers so it can be easily spotted and accessed by the residents.

WBC Hive Empty Kit

Bee hive from National Bee Supplies

A traditional beehive with a classic look, this WBC hive is double-walled and would make a lovely garden feature.

You can have this one delivered pre-assembled which is a bonus if you’d rather not have the hassle of building the hive yourself, but the option of purchasing it flat packed is also available if you’re keen to roll up your sleeves.

Beehaus Beehive

Bee hive from Omlet

The Beehaus beehive is a great option if you have a rooftop space and fancy providing your bees with a modern pad. It is straightforward to use so it’s ideal if you’re new to the world of beekeeping.

There is space for as many as 22 frames and the hive comes with four supers. For easy handling and lifting, the super boxes are supposed to be lighter and smaller than more traditional bee hives.

The bright and cheery yellow colour works well if you want to add a vibrant splash of colour to your garden.

Cornish Top Bar Bee Hive

Bee hive from Heather Bell Honey bees

To give your bees a high-rise living space, bolt on legs can be added to this bee hive.

The kit includes a varroa mesh floor and inspection tray as well as a gabled roof that can be lifted off with one hand, so this hive has been created with beekeepers in mind.


If you fancy jazzing up the hive and tailoring it to your needs, you have the option of adding an observation window. You can also choose from a variety of paint colours from sage green to poppy red.


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