Whatever coating you put on your shed, it'll likely stay there for years to come. So it's important to choose a paint that not only looks good, but also provides adequate protection. Shed paints and exterior wooden finishes can have UV and weather resistance, anti-aging effects and water repellence, among other features.

Make sure you choose the right paint for the type of wood you're coating and if the wood already has a finish, it's important to thoroughly clean or even lightly sand it before overcoating. It's best to do a trial application to make sure the paint is suitable for the wood and the weather, but if that isn't an easy option, most of the paints listed specify the type of material they work best on.

So, here's our selection of the best paints to colour and protect your shed. We've also got you covered for the best fence paint too.

Best shed paints to liven up your garden

Slate Grey Garden Shed and Fence Paint 5L

Slate Grey Garden Shed and Fence Paint 5l

For a trusty shed coating in a classically minimalist slate grey, try this paint designed for exterior wood. King of Paints claim that their Shed & Fence paint offers a 5-year protection and weather shield, so this could be a good choice to keep your shed looking fresh for as long as possible.

Use a brush, roller or sprayer to coat your shed in this shimmery-looking paint. The paint formula is manufactured, using a water-based system, with algaecides and fungicides to help prevent mildew and mould from developing.

Ronseal Antique Pine Satin Wood Stain 2.5L

Ronseal Antique pine Satin Wood stain 2.5L

This quick-drying paint from popular brand Ronseal can protect, colour and waterproof exterior wood. The antique pine woodstain has a satin finish and is said to be rainproof in 30 minutes. It can be applied using a brush with a recoat time of four hours.

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The 2.5l paint can cover up to 18m² and it's said to be UV-resistant, to avoid yellowing over time. This is a great fit if you're looking to update your shed's coating while keeping those natural wooden tones.

Cuprinol Ducksback 5 Year Waterproof for Sheds and Fences 5L

Cuprinol Ducksback 5 Year Waterproof for Sheds and Fences

For rough sawn sheds and fences, you can't go wrong with Cuprinol's Ducksback paint. There are a number of different colours available, such as rich cedar and woodland moss. The formula is wax-enriched to help repel water, and is said to be showerproof an hour after applying it.

The paint is specially designed to be reliable and long-lasting, with Cuprinol claiming it can colour and waterproof your shed for 5 years. It's a quick-drying, low-odour formula that can cover up to 10 fence panels (6' x 5').

Ronseal Deep Mahogany Gloss Wood Stain 250ML

Ronseal Deep Mahogany Gloss Wood Stain 250ml

If you're hoping to preserve the wooden grains of your shed's exterior, this wood stain from Ronseal can provide colour and protection without hiding the natural effect. The paint can cover up to 18m² per litre (so around 6m² for this 250ml pack) and will create a glossy, deep mahogany finish. It's said to be rainproof in 30 minutes while providing UV-resistance.

Bedec Multi Surface Paint Satin Anthracite 750ML

Bedec Multi Surface Paint Satin Anthracite 750ml

This quick drying, heat-resistant and multi-surface paint can make a great all-purpose paint to coat your shed in. It covers a range of surfaces from interior to exterior, and it can be found in a wide variety of colours - from black to jade silk to magnolia. It's water-based and alkali-resistant, and designed to be microporous enough to be a breathable coating for the shed.

Treatex Classic Colour Collection Opaque Wood Finish 1L

Treatex Classic Colour Collection Opaque Wood Finish 1L

Working best on unfinished timber, Treatex's Classic Colour Collection is said to be a durable finish. The collection has been tried and tested by Treatex in locations like the coast and the mountains to make sure of its protective qualities. It's made from natural materials like sunflower oil and beeswax, and is said to be UV-resistant and highly water-resistant. There are a range of colours available in the collection, from a simple opaque battleship grey to a lively fresh lemon.

Cuprinol Ultimate Golden Cedar Matt Preserver 4L

Cuprinol Ultimate Golden Cedar Matt Preserver 4L

Covering around 5m² per litre, this Ultimate Preserver from Cuprinol helps to preserve garden wood against rot, decay and blue stain. The paint formula can provide UV resistance and general protection using waxes and resins. Plus, active ingredients improve the efficacy by penetrating deeper into the wood.


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