If your garden fence is looking a bit dull, and in need of a lift, it's time to dig out the fence paint! As well as giving your fence a fresh look, fence paint can protect your wooden and metal garden features from the elements by preventing cracks, rusting and fading.


With such an array of fence paint options on offer - from rich and dark mahogany colours, to light and gentle pastels - it can be tricky deciding on a colour. To make your task a little easier, and to help you spruce up your garden (and impress the neighbours), we've put together a list of the best fence paints. Whether it's a quick touch up job, or a whole new fence makeover, we've got you covered with a selection of weatherproof, colourful and eco-friendly options.

Fence paint can also be used for sheds, dog kennels and furniture, so you're bound to get through a pot or two!

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The best fence paint for 2023

Ronseal Garden Paint, Black Bird, 750ml

Ronseal Garden Paint Black Bird

Opting for a black, or very dark, fence paint is the perfect way to add a contemporary twist to an outdated garden in need of a shake up! This black bird colour from Ronseal's Garden Paint range - which has a subtle, bluey tinge - is sure to create a sophisticated and modern vibe. You can use this paint on brick and stone as well as wood, and create a whole new garden look. You can even use it to paint your favourite terracotta plant pots.

To break up the dark colour, and create a stylised contrasting look, pastel roses would look gorgeous, and a climbing rose along the fence would look stunning.

This fence paint claims to be rain proof in just one hour, so it should be a fairly quick gardening job!

Farrow & Ball Exterior Eggshell, Vert De Terre, 2.5L

Farrow and Ball paint pot, Vert De Terre

If the interior of your house is painted head to town in Farrow & Ball, or you're a huge fan of the popular paint brand, you'll be pleased to know they have an outdoor paint range. This outdoor paint has a formula that fights flaking, peeling and fading, so your fence can stay in pristine condition as the seasons change.

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This soft green colour has a blue undertone, so it's not overly warm, but still has a welcoming and countryside feel. It also has a satin and silk finish, so you can expect a nice glisten on a sunny day. This gives it a professional look too for a smart looking fence.

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Johnstone's Garden Colours, Spring Rosemary, 2.5L

Johnstone's fence paint

This lovely spring rosemary colour has a soothing and relaxing nature, so it's perfect if you want to create a peaceful surrounding, where you can enjoy a cracking book and glass of wine. It's a pleasant mix of blue and green, and a nice alternative to grey and brown if you're after a pop of colour.

This fence paint is part of the Woodcare range so it's suitable for exterior wood - whether it's a fence, summer house or shed - and offers fade resisting qualities. There are loads of colours to choose from, including wild bluebell and steel smoke.

One coat should be enough, but you might want to double up on cracked or rough timber, and it has a drying time of two hours.

Little Greene, Hollyhock, 1L

Door painted with Hollyhock, Little Greene

If you enjoy browsing gorgeous colour palettes, you won't be disappointed with Little Greene's beautiful paint collection.

Their Intelligent Exterior Eggshell range is suitable for exterior woodwork, and offers a low sheen finish. It protects against weather and mould, and you can apply this paint onto new timber and bare wood without an undercoat thanks to its self-priming nature.

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a colour, and you might need a few days to decide! Hollyhock is a water-based, pale and neutral fence paint that would look gorgeous paired with a vibrant pop of pink. You could have fun matching your Hollyhock fence to funky garden furniture, or a brightly coloured kid's playhouse. It's far warmer than a simple white, but plain enough to function as a blank canvas for your favourite flowers, garden accessories and furniture. You could even plant your own hollyhock flowers along the fence!

Little Greene's water-based paints have the industry's lowest eco-rating, and they're free of unpleasant smells.

  • £38

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Little Greene, Hidey Hole, 1L

Door painted with Hidey Hole, Little Greene

We couldn't choose just one favourite colour from Little Greene, so here's another charming option. Little Greene work with the National Trust to create paints inspired by special and historic destinations, so you can add a slice of history and meaning to your garden fence colour. Hidey Hole is inspired by playwright George Bernard Shaw's tranquil garden hut in Hertfordshire. Hidden amongst the trees, it's thought he used the small and peaceful hut as a writing spot.

Hidey Hole is a pale green colour that's ideal for adding light to a space, so it would work well in a shady garden in need of brightening! Or of course you could paint a garden hut and create your very own creative writing space!

  • £38

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Sadolin Woodshield, Black, 2.5L

Sadolin Woodshield, Black, 2.5L

For a cool and chic look, a solid black fence is the way to go. This high pigment black wood stain from Sadolin offers 10 years of protection, so you shouldn't have constant touch ups, or fading, to worry about.

You can have fun choosing flowers with a black fence. Purple foxgloves would look lovely, but really all kinds of plants and colours look fabulous against the dark backdrop!

A black shed can also look striking, especially with a contrasting and pale coloured - such as white, yellow or pink - window frame. So if you want a fashionable space you can show off to guests, a pot of black fence paint is an ideal starting point.

Cuprinol Ducksback Matt Shed and Fence Treatment, Silver Copse, 9L

Silver fence paint

This matt fence paint has a silver finish, and a non-drip formula for easy, faff-free application. The weatherproof paint offers up to five years of protection, so if fence painting is not your favourite garden task, this could be one to consider.

A dark silver is an elegant choice and if you fancy livening it up, colourful hanging baskets, cute garden lights and a climbing support would all work a treat!

Hammerite Metal Paint, Black, 1L

Hammerite Metal Paint, smooth black

Of course not everyone's fence is wooden, and you may have a metal fence in need of freshening up. This black fence paint offers eight years of protection and functions as an undercoat, primer and top coat all in one, so you don't have to worry about purchasing lots of different products.

You can apply this paint directly onto rusty metal, and give your tired looking furniture, railings, and even garden balconies, a new sleek and glossy look.

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Ronseal Fence Life Plus, Slate, 5L

Ronseal Fence Life Plus+, slate

Extreme weather can often damage the appearance and state of your fence, so this Ronseal fence paint protects against sun, rain, frost and snow. So whether you're hosting summery drinks, or huddling around a firepit, your fence can be guest ready, all year round. This fence paint offers five years of protection, and it can be applied to rough spawn, smooth planed fences and even damp wood.

Slate is an easy and lovely colour choice that works well for both summer and winter décor, and it's a nice change from a traditional brown. After painting, it's rainproof in just one hour, so you shouldn't have to tiptoe around your handiwork for too long!

Osmo Country Colour, Fir Green, 2.5L

Osmo Country Colour, Fir Green

A dark green fence can look really effective, particularly when paired with brass and gold outdoor accessories. This is an oil-based paint suitable for exterior wood. It aims to protect against cracks, peeling, flaking and blistering.

It's worth noting, this paint has a drying time of 12 hours, and two coats are recommended. After your hard work, you can sit back and admire the opaque and satin finish.


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