As we attempt to make our gardens as green as possible, an easy change we can make is ditching the single-use plastic, and opting for eco plant pots. We're a bit spoilt for choice these days with recycled, bamboo and biodegradable options all available, and there are some really stylish as well as practical designs to consider.


We've gathered 11 lovely eco plant pots, from striking statement pots to add to your patio, to small coir pots you can plant straight into the ground. So whatever and wherever you're growing - herbs in the greenhouse, a fern for your hallway or strawberries on your balcony - go eco-friendly with your choice of plant pot.

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Best eco plant pots for 2023

Recycled plant pots

Muddy Hands Plant Pot

green eco plant pot

Made from recycled plastic and leftover wood chippings, this eco pot offers a straightforward yet pleasing design that's sure to slot it any style of garden. We like the soothing nature of the sage green, and the unique texture helps it stand out.

The pot comes with an inner liner for hassle free planting, and you can always place a few heavy stones in the bottom to prevent the lightweight pot from tipping over if necessary.

At a height of 26cm, this eco pot is a decent size that would work well for small trees - why not invest in two and place them by your door as an attractive and welcoming decorative feature?

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Pomo Recycled Planter

Sleek black plant pots are well suited to contemporary outdoor spaces filled with monochrome furniture and décor. These stylish eco plant pots - made from recycled metal leftover from the motor industry - are a super option.

Practical as well as eco-friendly, these plant pots feature both a drainage hole, and a plug stopper making this design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

With three different sizes to choose from, you can mix and match for a dynamic and eye-catching patio display.

Roma Recycled Self-Watering Plant Pot

Green self-watering planter

This recycled plant pot is UV-resistant and frost-proof to ensure it maintains a bold and even exterior, so it's ideal for planting outdoor flowers. As an added bonus, this design is self-watering, so it'll drain excess water, and draw water in when required.

If you're not a fan of the moss green, you can go for a classic clay or dark ash.

Elho Hanger

Black hanging basket

Elho offers a wide range of sustainable plant pots so it's worth a browse if you're looking to invest in a number of different pot styles. This hanging planter is made from recycled plastic, and we think it would be perfect for a balcony - an easy way to grow your own flowers even if you don't have access to a garden. Pink geraniums would look particularly effective, to contrast the black pot.

Measuring roughly 36cm in length, it's big enough to make an impact without taking up too much precious balcony space.

Origami Self Watering Eco Plant Pots

Origami self-watering eco plant pots

For something a little different, we love these funky origami eco plant pots from POTR pots. Made from recycled waste plastic, and featuring a self-watering cotton cord wicking system to help regulate your plant's water intake, they're a practical and pretty home accessory for your coffee table.

You get two in a pack, and you can choose your preferred colour and size. They arrive flat-packed in an envelope - a great gift idea if you'd like to surprise a loved one.

Bamboo plant pots

Recycled Bamboo Plant Pots

Colourful plant pots

While we may associate biodegradable plant pots as being natural in colour, there are some wonderfully bright options around too. These colourful reusable bamboo plant pots are perfect for greenhouses and window ledge gardens, and should biodegrade within three to five years. You get 10 pots in this fun and sustainable set.

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Bamboo Planters

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Add these stylish bamboo planters to an empty corner of your home for a relaxed, boho-chic vibe. There are two sizes available, so you can find the right fit, or double up and display as a pair. They'd work well in a hallway too if you're looking to add a bit of character to your space.

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Bamboo and Rice Pots

Bamboo and rice plant pots

These eco plant pots measure 15 x 15cm, so they're bigger than the tiny biodegradable seedling pots that are proving popular. This size of pot would do the trick if you want a compositable pot for larger plants. The bamboo and rice design is sturdy so should be solid enough to use year after year, and once you're finished with it, you can place it in your compost heap.

Biodegradable plant pots

Coir Pots

Biodegradable plant pots are a fantastic alternative to plastic seedlings trays as you can plant them directly into the ground. These biodegradable plant pots from New Leaf Nurseries are made of coir - a fibre extracted from coconuts - and natural latex, and they're a handy size for sowing seeds. Once planted, the pots should break down within a few months as the roots burst through - an efficient, tidy and eco-friendly way to grow. There are 10 in a pack, so plenty to get your veg patch off to a healthy start.

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Thick Coir Pots

Thick coir plant pots

Another coir option to buy from Etsy. Thanks to the thick walls and defined structure, you can use these eco plant pots as standalone plant pots. Bury once you're done, and they should break down after a year. Easy.

Biodegradable Plant Pot with Saucer

Plant Pot and Saucer

If you're looking for a biodegradable plant pot that's more robust than cardboard or natural fibres, this set of four pots and saucers could do the trick. The pots are designed to break down after 12 months in a home composting system, so no waste or clutter to deal with.

The saucer is handy for indoor use if you want to keep your shelves nice and clean. At such great value, you could use these eco pots for cuttings and gift to friends and family.


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