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Sustainable Garden Product of the Year Shortlist for Chelsea Flower Show 2022 revealed

Published: April 11, 2022 at 1:58 pm

A sheep's wool compost and a pot made out of recycled fishing nets have made it on to the shortlist for the RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year Award 2022

In 2021, Chelsea replaced the Product of the Year award with a competition to champion sustainability in the horticulture industry and to highlight the increasing awareness that consumers want more environmentally friendly products to choose from for their gardening needs.


The shortlist of ten newly launched products will be judged at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Judges include Dragon's Den investor Deborah Meaden and sustainability expert Chris Harrop OBE, who said, "It's been really encouraging to see such a broad range of products making the shortlist that are affordable and accessible for most people's pockets."

RHS / Luke MacGregor

Last year's inaugural winner, Ocean Plastic Pots, was chosen as the first durable plant pot to use polypropylene from recycled rope and fishing nets. They are shortlisted again for 2022 with their new range.

RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year shortlist 2022

Twool - Tree & Shrub Tie

Made from 100 per cent un-dyed British wool sourced locally from Dartmoor flocks, this durable twine can be used for heavier garden work due to its tensile strength. Over time this twine gives way, meaning that it doesn't damage trees and shrubs as they grow.

Oxley's Furniture - Casa Range

Colourful and personalised outdoor furniture made from scrap aluminium. Buyers can customise their design and colour and Oxley offer a 10-year buy back guarantee if they no longer need the furniture or want to change it.

More like this

Ocean Plastic Pots - Bloom

Manufactured in Scotland, Ocean Plastic Pots are made from rope and fishing net recycled in the UK. Having won the 2021 RHS award, founder Ally Mitchell has expanded with the Bloom range including six different coloured pots and saucers.

Niwaki - Kenzan

Niwaki's Kenzan tool allows florists to create floral displays without the need for unsustainable products like floral foam. The metal spike base is made from lead and brass meaning that it doesn't rust. It comes in various sizes and is used to hold woody and green stems in place to create neat displays.

GARDENA - Ecoline

A new range of gardening tools and accessories made from at least 65 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic.

Miracle-Gro - Performance Organics Liquid Plant Food

A high-performing alternative to synthetic plant food. This product is vegan and comes in a bottle made from 100 per cent recycled plastic which is fully recyclable.

GARDENA - Aquabloom

An automatic irrigation system that is solar powered and does not require a mains water supply. The system can water up to 20 plants and is much more efficient than regular watering, saving up to 70 per cent water when compared with a standard garden sprayer.

Dalefoot - Potting Compost

A nutrient-rich peat-free compost that is a blend of sheep's wool, bracken and comfrey. Dalefoot are based in the Lake District and are committed to creating peat-free products. Bracken, which is rich in potash, forms the basis of their composts and wool is added for improved water retention and slow release nitrogen.

Potting compost (Eden project)

Dalefoot - Wool Compost Double Strength

This is a fertiliser strength wool compost that can enable gardeners to reuse existing compost rather than throwing it away. With a naturally high concentration of nutrients, Dalefoot's Double Strength is great for top dressing, topping up pots and mixing your own potting medium. It is also peat-free.

Double strength

Dobbies Garden Centres - Peat Free John Innes Compost

A unique combination of loam, sand or grit with a mix of peat-free ingredients. A number of combinations were tested before identifying a series of mixes that will grow great plants and meet with the John Innes Manufacturers Association seal of approval.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show takes place 24-28 May 2022


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