Best flower subscriptions: at a glance


If you want to show someone you care, forget the stereotypical red roses. Buy a flower subscription and shower your loved one with seasonal, sustainable blooms all year long.

Fresh flowers can make all the difference to a room. They bring life, colour and fragrance into your home, and some studies have shown they even have the power to reduce blood pressure, pain and anxiety in those around them. Sending a joy-filled bouquet to a loved one on a monthly basis is a thoughtful way to show your heart-felt appreciation for everything they do - and a flower subscription takes care of that for you.

More and more businesses are offering convenient fresh flower deliveries as monthly subscriptions. And most champion seasonal British flowers and sustainable practices by sourcing stems ethically or locally and sending them in recyclable packaging. Whether you want flowers you can send through the letterbox or pre-arranged displays, simply choose a style and subscription that suits your budget.

We've already listed our favourite plant subscription services, so here we're focussing on the UK’s best flower subscription services. Whether you want to treat a loved one or give yourself the gift of filling your home with a regular supply of fresh blooms, take a look at the fantastic options below.

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Best flower subscription services in the UK

Appleyard London

Best for additional gifts

A bouquet of flowers in a vase and a flower subscription box on a wooden table.

Price: From £25 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6, 12 months or ongoing

Four bouquet options make up Appleyard London’s flower subscription packages: ‘Home’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Seasonal’ and ‘Romance’. All the stems come from Fairtrade farms dedicated to supporting the local community, so you can rest easy knowing your bouquets are ethically produced.

The longer the subscription you choose, the less you pay per month. Bouquets start at £30 per delivery for a three-month purchase, drop down to £27.50 for six-month orders and then to £25 for 12-month or ongoing subscriptions.

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Buy a flower subscription from Appleyard London

Arena Flowers

Best ethical option

A woman pulling a bouquet of flowers out of a box.

Price: From £20 | Rate: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly | Subscription Length: 3 months

For an affordable, flexible flower subscription, try Arena Flowers. You’ll pay £20 per delivery and you can skip, pause or change your preferences any time in your online account.

In fact, there’s a great deal of freedom when it comes to setting up your subscription. Choose whether to receive your blooms weekly, fortnightly or monthly, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. You can also opt for an ‘ethical’ or ‘pet-friendly’ arrangement.

Thanks to Arena Flowers’ focus on sustainability, the brand has been voted the UK’s top ethical flower company for six years running. It uses seasonal, British plants whenever possible, champions Fairtrade and avoids single-use plastics.

Buy a flower subscription from Arena Flowers

Bloom & Wild

Three bouquets in vases and three Bloom & Wild subscription boxes.

Price: From £20 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6, 12 months or ongoing

Bloom & Wild is one of the most well-known and popular flower subscription services in the UK, distributing letterbox-friendly parcels in 100% recyclable packaging. You can choose a three-, six- or 12-month subscription, or set up an ongoing monthly order.

Delivery prices vary between £19.58 and £26.66 per month, and you’ll pay less per bouquet the longer your subscription lasts. For an ongoing order, ‘Classic’ blooms come in at £20 per month, while the brand’s special ‘Seasonal’ option has a £25 price tag.

There’s plenty of customisation on offer with Bloom & Wild. You can choose which bouquet you receive next and select your preferred delivery date. You’ll even get the chance to add a different gift card with each bouquet. So each month they receive blooms from you, they'll receive a different personalised note too.

Buy a flower subscription from Bloom & Wild

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Blossoming Gifts

Best for seasonal blooms

Three floral arrangements on a wooden table

Price: From £25 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6 or 12 months, or ongoing

Rather than providing a selection of pre-set bouquets for customers to consider, Blossoming Gifts sends an arrangement of whichever flowers are in season at the time. So, you’ll always get fresh, beautiful blooms to keep in your home.

On Blossoming Gifts’ price plan, you’ll pay less per bouquet the longer your subscription length. Opt for a three-month plan and it’s £30 per delivery, but extend to a 12-month or ongoing contract for £25 bouquets.

Conveniently, you can skip deliveries if you’re out of the house, making this a convenient flower subscription service.

Buy a flower subscription from Blossoming Gifts


Best price range

A vase of flowers in front of a bouquet in a box on a wooden table.

Price: From £22 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6 or 12 months

Head to Bunches if you want more control over the number of stems you receive and the amount you spend. Blooms cost between £20 and £30 per delivery, but you can customise your order by choosing 10-12 stems (£22), 14-16 stems (£26), 16-18 stems (£28), 18-20 stems (£30).

Set up your subscription for three, six or 12 months, and Bunches will deliver your blooms in plastic-free, fully-recyclable packaging. There’s even a letterbox-friendly option, which is ideal if you know you’ll be out of the house on delivery days.

Buy a flower subscription from Bunches

By Bloom

Best single-variety bouquets

By Bloom Subscription Flowers bouquet in front of packaging

Price: From £35 | Rate: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly| Subscription Length: Flexible

In contrast to the many varied floral arrangements available to buy through subscription, By Bloom offers bunches of just one type of flower. Not only does this approach reduce waste, it also gives you a less fussy and more informal look, as if you’d just gathered the blooms from your garden.

The flowers come from growers across the UK and Europe, and they’re selected by the famous London-based florist Larry Walshe.

By Bloom is another brand to consider if you prioritise sustainability. It sends out all its arrangements in 100% recyclable packaging and aims to plant enough trees to offset its carbon footprint from production processes, packaging, deliveries and office operations.

Buy a flower subscription from By Bloom

Clare Florist

Best long-running online florist

People holding flowers and boxes

Price: From £79.99 (£26.66 per delivery) | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3 or 6 months

Having started out in 1978, Clare Florist has over four decades of industry experience. In fact, it’s been sending out deliveries for online orders since 1996, so it’s fair to say the brand knows a thing or two about keeping customers happy.

Clare Florist has developed a simple subscription model with four different options. Choose the standard or luxury bouquet, which arrives with a box of chocolates as a special gift, in either a three- or six-month subscription.

Whichever model you select, you’ll get a fresh seasonal bouquet every month - each one different from the last. Plus, they all come with a seven-day freshness guarantee.

Buy a flower subscription from Clare Florist


Best for specific occasions

A bouquet of flowers in a box on a doorstep.

Price: From £35 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

Interflora has been supplying beautiful blooms for almost 100 years now, and it’s developed a flexible subscription service priced at £35 for each monthly delivery. Packages range in length from three months (£105) to a year (£420), but always include fresh, seasonal flowers.

After your first order, which has a £7 courier fee, every delivery is free of charge.

Like many flower subscription providers, Interflora also sells one-off bouquets and house plants, but its easy-to-navigate website makes it particularly convenient to use. The brand categorises its blooms by occasion, so, if you want to surprise a loved one, you'll be able to find an appropriate bouquet in no time.

Buy a flower subscription from Interflora

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Most unique flower selection

Flowers in a cardboard box and vase next to a white card.

Price: From £18.20 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6 or 12 months

If you want to enjoy fresh flowers in your home without paying the large price tag associated with many subscription services, FlowerBe could be the perfect option for you. The small business sends out mini posies at £18.20 per monthly delivery and posts them through your letterbox. You can choose a three, six or 12-month subscription of ‘natural’ or ‘colourful’ posies starting at £54.60.

In your package, you'll get a bunch of seasonal flowers and herbs, including some rare varieties left out of bouquets from other retailers. You’ll also receive an A6, hand-illustrated card with instructions and advice on arranging and caring for your flowers.

Buy a flower subscription from FlowerBe


Best high-end option

Two vases of roses on a hall table.

Price: From £40 | Rate: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6, 12 months or ongoing

Flowerbx sits at the premium end of the scale when it comes to flower subscriptions. It offers high-end bouquets, as well as standalone plants, vases and home fragrances. So if you're looking for something extra special - perhaps for an anniversary - it's one to consider.

Subscription packages are split into several categories. There’s the ‘Classic’ (£40 per delivery) and the ‘Premium’ (£75). And the brand has also created a special ‘Rose’ subscription for anyone with a particular fondness for the variety (£55 per delivery). You can even upgrade your bouquets to a larger version.

Choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries, and enjoy a complimentary vase with a ‘Classic’, ‘Premium’ or ‘Rose’ subscription order.

Buy a flower subscription from Flowerbx

Flowers & Plants Co.

Best choice of delivery frequencies

Woman holding bouquet in a flower shop

Price: From £25.99 | Rate: Various rates from daily to every six months | Subscription Length: Ongoing

The impressive choice of delivery frequencies is what sets this brand apart from the rest. You can choose the rate to suit you, from every six months, all the way up to daily for a real treat.

There’s also a huge variety of seasonal bouquets available within a wide price spectrum, starting with the ‘essential’ at £25.99, and rising to the ‘aficionado’ at £125.99. You can either choose to have a slightly different set of blooms every week or lock in your favourites.

Buy a flower subscription from Flowers & Plants Co.

Flying Flowers

Best for beautiful packaging

A vase of flowers in front of a colourful box.

Price: From £20 | Rate: Monthly | Subscription Length: 3, 6 or 12 months

With 12 million deliveries already logged, this Jersey-born flower retailer offers a popular subscription service. It sells monthly packages, which can be posted through your letterbox.

The longer your subscription, the less you spend per delivery. Three-month packages start at £60, but you’ll pay £115 for six-month orders and £225 for year-long subscriptions.

As an added bonus, Flying Flowers only sells sustainably sourced blooms and makes sure all its packaging is environmentally friendly.

Buy a flower subscription from Flying Flowers

Freddie's Flowers

Best for flexible deliveries

Someone arranging flowers in a cardboard box.

Price: From £25 | Rate: Weekly | Subscription Length: Flexible

Despite being a relatively small business, Freddie’s Flowers has already accepted more than three million orders. The brand’s story began when Freddie started preparing flowers in a tent in his parents’ garden and delivering them locally in a yellow milk float.

If you sign up for a subscription, you’ll pay £25 per delivery and get some of the rarer flower varieties you don’t see in other branded boxes. You can also choose how frequently you receive your blooms and opt for an arrangement without lilies if you have pets or allergies.

Plus, Freddie’s Flowers bouquets are sent with sustainability in mind. They come in biodegradable packaging through carbon neutral deliveries. And you can recycle your box by leaving it out for the delivery driver to pick up when they drop off your next bunch.

Buy a flower subscription from Freddie’s Flowers

Moyses Stevens

Best themed bouquets

Moyses Stevens Flowers arrangements in vases

Price: From £40 | Rate: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly| Subscription Length: Flexible

Having created a selection of carefully considered bouquets, Moyses Stevens is on the premium end of the spectrum when it comes to flower subscriptions. The brand has been crafting its beautiful arrangements for almost 150 years and now arranges plants from all over the world in its London studio.

On the Moyses Stevens website, you’ll find different ranges for different types of homes: there are the English Garden and Modern Home lines (both shown above), as well as Scandinavian and English Foliage selections. You can also choose the seasonal option if you want to experience the flowers currently thriving.

Buy a flower subscription from Moyses Stevens Flowers

Prestige Flowers

Best quick and simple option

Prestige Flowers Subscription bouquets in vases

Price: From £64.99 (£21.66 per delivery) | Rate: Monthly| Subscription Length: 3, 6 or 12 months

If you’re after eye-catching displays with minimum input, try Prestige Flowers. You just choose one of three different bouquet styles for a three-, six- or 12-month subscription period. Then, you’ll get a different variety of blooms each month.

At the lower end of the price scale is the Seasonal range, full of timely flowers. From £69.99 you can get the Classic subscription, which includes some of the brand’s most popular arrangements. Then there’s the premium Haute line from £109.99, which makes a perfect gift for special occasions.

Buy a flower subscription from Prestige Flowers

Serenata Flowers

Best welcome gift

A vase of flowers in front of a cardboard box in front of a window.

Price: From £29.99 | Rate: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly | Subscription Length: Flexible

Serenata Flowers sells three different subscription packages: the ‘Happiness’ for £29.99 per delivery, the ‘Delight’ for £39.99 and the ‘Euphoria’ for £49.99. The ‘happier’ your pack, the more impressive your blooms will be.

When you set up a subscription plan with Serenata Flowers, you can opt to receive bouquets weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and you’ll get a free vase with your first order. Every delivery comes with flower food, a greetings card and instructions on how to look after your blooms.

Buy a flower subscription from Serenata Flowers


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