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Best gardening gift hampers and growing kits for loved ones

Published: November 1, 2021 at 12:55 pm

Treat your green-fingered friends and loved ones to a gift hamper packed with gardening goodies

If you'd like to show the keen gardener in your life how much you care, you can treat them to a range of hampers and growing kits designed to give them a rest from all their hard work, or provide some added inspiration for their green space.


Whether you want to set up a beginner gardener with a starter kit, or a surprise a seasoned planter with some curious trees and experimental veg, you can do so with our selection of the best gardening gift hampers and growing kits.

For more gift inspiration take a look at our list of the best gardening gifts ideas and – of course – treat them to a Gardens Illustrated magazine subscription here.

Best gardening gift hampers and growing kits

Plant Theatre Funk Veg Plant Seeds

Plant Theatre Vegetable Seeds

For the gardener who wants to experiment with their vegetable patch, this gift hamper contains everything they’ll need to grow a range of bizarre concoctions including purple carrots, stripy tomatoes, golden courgette plants and rainbow chard.

This gift set from the Plant Theatre Store also includes five growing pots, five peat discs and five markers, as well as useful tips on how to get these particular veggies growing.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this would make for a fun (and edible) treat for expert gardeners who want to try something new, or newbies who want to grow something fun.

Gardening Gifts Hamper

Gardening Gifts Hamper on white background

This gift set includes fun growing kits such as a red hot chilli starter pack, as well as a bonsai tree introductory pack, which can help them grow a variety of small trees. It comes with 10 pots, 10 soil pellets, 10 plant markers and even a pruning kit.

Additional treats include gardening tools and gloves, and a selection of biscuits and tea (with a mug to go with it) so they can take a well earned break after they’ve spent time on their greenery.

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Beets, Roots and Leaves Gift Seed Kit

Beets, Roots and Leaves Gift Seed Kit on white background

Create a rainbow meal with this kit that helps to grow beets, roots and leaves for a delicious and colourful salad. Featuring cucamelon seeds, beetroot rainbow mix, tomato yellow pear and other radiant ingredients, this kit also includes 12 starter pots as well as 450 grams of nutrient-compost to ensure they grow. 

Though the expert gardener won't need them, there are step-by-step instructions and growing tips if you have this in mind for a beginner.

Garden Themed Hamper Gift

Deluxe Garden Themed Hamper

Featuring everything a novice gardener needs, this large case of goodies includes tools, seeds and treats.

The hamper comes with a pair of all-weather gardening gloves and a wooden hand planter tool to help with the gardening itself, as well as a mix of dahlia seeds so they can begin to cultivate their green space. 

With treats for your loved ones including a blend of English teas and biscuits included, there’s also gifts designed to attract nearby birds such as a wild garden coconut feeder with sunflower seeds, and a birds peanut pack.

To personalise the gift you can also include a message in the hamper upon request.

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Lovewildbirds Gardening Hamper

Luxury Happy Christmas or Birthday present

For those who want to cultivate the bird life in their garden, you can make sure their feathered friends feel welcome with this gardening hamper specifically aimed at any hobbyist ornithologists. 

The kit includes a wide range of bird feeders, from hanging cups and hanging candles, to nutty log rolls that come with a container to keep them in. There’s also clean sheep’s wool to encourage birds to nest, so you can hopefully give your loved one the gift of birdsong.

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Birds, Bees and Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box

Birds, Bees And Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box on white background

Designed for the guerrilla gardener, these eco-friendly seed bombs can be dotted around a loved one’s garden to help encourage wildlife such as birds, bees and butterflies. The gift set includes four different seed bombs including Pollinator Beebom and Featherbom which contain a mix of wildflower seeds. 

The choice of seeds have been chosen specifically from the RHS selection of those that are perfect for pollinators, so you can be confident that they'll have the area buzzing with life. 

Suitable for garden use or a simple pot, these would make for a colourful and friendly gift for the keen gardener in your life. 

Grown Your Own Quirky Gardener's Gift Set

Grow Your Own Quirky Gardener's Gift Set on white background

Another one for the more experimental gardeners, this kit encourages the growth of quirky plants. These include a purple vegetable kit that will grow carrots, aubergines and sweetcorn, a bonsai kit to grow a selection of small trees, and a cocktail kit so they can relax with a drink when the work is done. 

This kit is 100% plastic free and includes 10 biodegradable bamboo pots, so would be a great choice for those who are equally curious and eco-conscious.

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Deluxe Garden Hamper

Deluxe Garden Themed Hamper Gift

A bumper kit for a loved one who spends all their time in the garden, this hamper includes everything they'll need to take care of their green space, and themselves. The gift set comes with a pair of all weather gloves that boast a good grip, as well as a trowel and a bumper pack of 25 bulbs. There's also a practical pack of garden waste sacks. 

When they need to take a well earned rest from work they can indulge in a cup of tea and cookies which are included, and when the gardening is complete they can cleanse themselves of the soil and sweat with the hair and body wash. There are even treats for the birds included, such as a coconut bird feeder. 

A Box Of Little Things Garden Gift Hamper

Garden Gift Hamper

Full of gardening essentials as well as treats, this is a green-finger hamper that aims to be both practical and relaxing for those who receive it. There’s plenty of handy equipment including gardening gloves, plant labels and a garden themed notebook and pencil to keep track of their green space, as well as top quality seeds with a packet for collecting them.

For those moments when it’s time to take a break, you can also choose from one of four mug designs that feature birds or bees, a chocolate bar and herbal tea. To wash the soil away there’s also a mini handmade bar of soap, and a scented candle as a final reward for when the work is done.


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